Why You Should Consider A Career In Music

career in music

Why You Should Consider A Career In Music- Music is a critical part of the entertainment industry that is fast growing and also loved by many. It is now possible to build a career in music and make a fortune out of it. Having a career in music does not necessarily mean you are going to stand in front of a crowd to sing. There is a whole lot you can do. In this post, we would show you why you should consider a career in music and different career path to follow in music.

8 Reasons You should Consider A Career In Music

#1   You earn good and reliable income

The music industry is generally acceptable to many. This implies that if you build a career in music, you wont go hungry. Not only will you earn good income , you would do so without expending as much effort as you would on some other jobs. Once you are talented and creative enough, the sky is your starting point.

#2   You can have multiple streams of income

With a career in music, you can easily have multiple streams of income. There are so many career path in music that you can run simultaneously and such will give you some great income. For instance, as a musician, you can earn from shows/ performances, waxing record labels, teaching music lessons or even writing a book on music. The opportunities are so vast in the music career.

#3 You can easily keep in touch with clients, customers and fans

With a career in music, you can easily get to keep in touch with your clients and fans and also get feedback from them. You can take advantage of different social media platforms to interact with your clients. With feedbacks from people you are reaching out to, you can easily get to improve and stabilize your career in music. Some of the social media platforms you can use to keep in touch with your clients and fans include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Whatsapp, etc.

#4 It is a career that allows for much flexibility

With a career in music, you can get to work with a flexible schedule. Most especially if you are a musician, your work schedule would most likely be different from someone on a 9-5 job. You may have to work most times at your most productive times. It could be early in the morning, in the afternoon or late at night.

#5 It is a fun-filled career

With a career in music, the fun never ends from visiting interesting places to meeting new people, the fun never ends. Music as a career affords you the opportunity to travel to different places, mix with different cultures. If you are a lover of adventure, then you may want to consider music as a career.

#6 Rising to fame is not difficult

If you are talented enough as a musician and you put in some hardwork, people will soon start noticing you. Recommendations will roll in, collaboration offers and so on.

#7 It is a career that boosts your mental and physical alertness

Research has shown that creating music will help alleviate stress, enhance brain function, increase concentration, reduce blood pressure, etc. Making music gives you the opportunity to exercise your body . Also some mental issues such as anxiety, depression are taken care of.

#8 It is an opportunity to earn in your area of passion

If you are passionate about music, then you may want to consider a career in music. This is because when you pursue a career in your area of passion , there is a higher tendency to succeed and earn a fortune.

Career Path In Music

Now, let us get it straight . Going for a career in music does not necessarily mean you will end up a musician. I understand it is not everyone that wants to hold a microphone and stand to sing in front of a crowd. There are other interesting paths you can pursue in music. Now let us begin:

  • Music producer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Artist Manager
  • Music Teacher
  • Composer
  • Tour Manager
  • Session Musician
  • Music publicists
  • Instrumentalists
  • Sound Technician
  • Song writer
  • Music journalist
  • Voice over artist
  • Music supervisor
  • Talent manager
  • Concert promoter
  • Music Arranger
  • Record producer
  • Conductor

Music producer

A music producer has a good understanding of the creative and commercial side of business. He creates an enabling environment for artist to be able to express themselves. He is also involved in assisting the artist in recording projects. He builds and maintain relationships between musician and record label. It is a career path that can earn you between 25, 000 and 1,000,000 dollars or even more.

Record Engineer

A recording engineer is involved in capturing and manipulation of sound in the studio. He organize recording sessions, technical problems using different tools and technologies.

Artist manager

The artist manager stands to handle the business side for a music artist. He helps the artist build his musical career. Some of his job roles include planning, organization and directing. He works behind the scene to see to the success of the artist. It is a good career to follow in music.

Music Teacher

Another career in music that is great is that of a music teacher. You could teach music in a school or work as a private instructor. You can decide to teach music theory or how to play some instruments. This career path allows you work as a free lancer. It implies that you can have as many clients as possible.


It is another interesting career to follow in music. Here, you can write different music for films, TV, video  games, etc. To start out in this career path in music, you must have a good grasp of music and also know how to play some musical instrument.

Tour manager

This career path is a behind-the-scene role. As a tour manager, you will be involved in logistics aspect of a band, ensuring things run smoothly. Accommodation , scheduling, finances involved in a tour would be handled and managed by you.

Session Musician

You will be backing up and performing on another musician’s album. In short, you act as a back-up singer. It is a career that if you take serious enough can lead to you starting your own career.

Music publicists

These ones work in the media aspect of music. They ensure their musicians’ concerts, releases and announcements are well covered by the media. They help to publicise the artist in every positive way.

How Do I start A Career In Music

  • Decide the career path you want to major in
  • Learn to play at least 1 musical instrument
  • You may need to take some music lessons
  • Practice regularly
  • Join a musical group to further sharpen your skills
  • Record your music

Final Word

There is a whole lot to benefit when you go for a career in music. You get to earn well even while you tread the path of your passion. Song writing, music production, composing are some other career path you can tread in music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can music be considered a career?

Yes. Music is a career and there are so many career paths in music. The most common being singers and musicians

Is music a great career?

If you are passionate about music, then a career in music will be a great choice for you. So if you are passionate about music with some creative mind, then music career will be great for you.

What is a career in music like?

There are so many things being done in the music industry by different job roles. But as a musician (which is the most common career path), you will be involved in writing, recording and music performance. You may also have to learn how to play some musical instruments.

What skills do I need for a career in music?

To have a great career in music, you should have the following skills:

Ability to work as part of a team
Great flexibility
Willingness to work at odd times


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