Why You Should Consider A Career In Management

career in management

Why You Should Consider A Career In Management- Management means the process of coordinating and administering of tasks in order to achieve set goals. It involves dealing with people, process and events in order to achieve some results. Having a career in management is actually a great one. And in the following paragraphs, we would show you why you should choose a career in management. You will also get to discover different career paths in management. Read along.

Why You Should Consider A Career In Management

1. It is an in-demand career

Having a career in Management is a good decision as it is an in-demand career. Virtually, all organizations/ businesses need personnels with managerial qualification and experience to help them run their affairs. So with a career in management, you can work in virtually any establishment. Some of the roles you could work in with a management degree include sales manager, services manager, production manager, human resources manager, marketing manager, etc.

2. You get to know about different disciplines

While studying management in college, you will be introduced to different aspects of management. On the long-run, you can choose what aspect you want to specialize

3. It will increase your worth career-wise

With a management qualification added to other qualifications you already possess, it is a boost to your career. This will make you stand out among your colleagues with similar educational background. Moreso, your chances of being hired are higher than those with no managerial qualification. So having a management qualification is a boost to your CV.

4. It is quite easy to acquire

A degree in management is quite easier to obtain than some other degrees. The program schedule is quite flexible. In fact, there are some of those programs that can run purely online.

5. It is an opportunity to advance your career

Going for a career in management is actually a step of advancement in your career. When your employer get to know you are pursuing a degree or already has one , he/ she would note you down. And whenever there is an opening that arise in your establishment for a leadership/ managerial role, you will be recommended. Also , if you want a change of job or desire promotion, then a career in management will be good for you.

6. You are equipped to own your business

While studying management as a course, you will get to touch different aspect of management such as finance, human resources, services, etc.  These knowledge will be relevant when you need to start and run your own business. Moreso, while studying you will learn different skills such as communication, time management, etc which all will be relevant when running your own business.

7. You will acquire in-demand skills

There are some skills that employers always seek for their employees. If they don’t find such, they would want to recruit people with such skills. Going for a career in management will help you acquire some of these skills. Examples of such skills include:

  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Business Ethics
  • Decision making
  • Supervision
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork, etc.

8. You become balanced career-wise

With a career in management, you have good understanding of the market place and competition that works there. You are equipped with adequate knowledge to function as a business person or an executive in the corporate world.

Career Path In Management

If your aim of studying management in college is actually to specialize in the management career, then you can decide to specialize in any of the following. There are different career paths to explore in management field: Human resources, Risk management, Finance management, Project management, Marketing management, etc.

1. Marketing manager

They play a vital role in brand awareness, promotion of products and services of a company. They determine what product should be placed in the market and how it should be done. Some of the specific roles of a marketing manager include:

 Roles Of A Marketing Manager

  • They plan and create marketing strategies for the company
  • They provide leadership for the marketing team of the company
  • They identify market opportunities and strategize to seize such opportunities
  • They seek to acquire new customers and manage the existing ones.
  • Marketing managers can get to work in healthcare, finance, retail, hospitality, IT, etc.

Skills Needed By A Marketing Manager

  • Strong business acumen
  • Leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Negotiation
  • Analytical

2. Sales Manager

A sales manager has the basic role of managing and supervising the activities of the sales unit of an establishment. He/She provides leadership for the sales team of an organization.

Roles Of A Sales Manager

  • Design sales strategies & campaign
  • They maintain good relationship with clients, customers and business partners.
  • They work with the product development and marketing team to set up a campaign that will create brand awareness and drive sales massively.
  • They set targets for the sales team
  • Offer trainings to their team members to enable them meet their target.

Skills Needed For A Sales Manager

  • Leadership skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Team building skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational skill
  • Leadership skill
  • Delegation skill

3. Computer and Information Systems Manager

They are usually in charge of computer and technology in a company . They manage the IT needs of the organization. They are also known as IT managers.

Roles Of Computer and Information Systems Manager

  • They manage and monitor the technology-related activities of an organization
  • They oversee budgets and information security and integrate new technology into the system
  • They see to the technological needs of an organization        

Skills Needed For Computer and Information Systems Manager

  • Highly skilled in IT
  • Be current with latest technology trends
  • Strong mathematical skill
  • Indepth knowledge and experience in software , cybersecurity , internet operations
  • Leadership
  • Project management

4. Public Relations Manager

Their role is to create and maintain a good public image of their organization/employer/client. They write press releases, speeches, articles, newsletter for the organization. They handle and deal with an PR-related issues.

Roles Of A Public Relations Manager

  • They create a positive image of their client/organization to the public.
  • They write articles, speeches, press releases for their clients/ organization.
  • They handle and manage PR-related issue

Skills Needed To Be A Public Relations Manager

  • Degree in Journalism, Communication or Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time-management
  • Media understanding

5. Human Resources Manager

The Human resources manager serve as the link  between the top management executive of a company and the staff members. They manage the employees (human resources) of an organization.

Roles Of A Human Resources Manager

  • They ensure the smooth running of the human resources of an organization
  • They recruit and train new staffs
  • They monitor and evaluate employee performance
  • They develop training programs from time to time for the staffs
  • They boost employee morale and productivity.


Having a career in management will open you up to different career opportunities. It is also a boost to your current career and one that can aid in setting up your business if you want to. Lastly, management is an in-demand career, one that would make you earn well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top career path in management?

Below are the top career path in management
Marketing manager
Financial manager
General manager
Sales manager
Public relations manager
Human resources manager
Computer and Information systems manager

What are the major roles of management?

Planning, leading, organizing and controlling

Is a career in management a good one?

Yes. It is a great career choice. It is a career that comes with much fulfillment and also financial gains

What is the highest paying management job?

Chief executive role is the highest management position. They work for long hours, seeing to the success of their companies.

What are the 3 major levels of top-levels of management?

Top-level management- they oversee all business operations
Middle-level management- they execute plans and policies
Low-level management- direct task execution and other deliverables


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