Why You Should Consider a Career in Home Economics

Why You Should Consider a Career in Home Economics
Why You Should Consider a Career in Home Economics

Why You Should Consider a Career in Home Economics- In a decades-long trend of women dominating secondary education and the workforce, fewer women seek careers in cooking, sewing, and homemaking. With men becoming increasingly outdated as primary homemakers, we’ve now reached a point where women make up 98% of all cooking professionals. Fortunately, this means that more opportunities have opened up for interested men eager to enter the field.

With the tides beginning to turn, it is essential to understand what opportunities are left for men in traditional careers such as cooking and sewing. It’s important to keep in mind that many of the common careers, like being a chef or a fashion designer, are not only very physically demanding (expect long hours of standing) but also ethically questionable, as you will be working with meat and fur, respectively. If these things aren’t a concern for you, then rest assured that there is still hope for you in this field!

Home economics may not be seen by outsiders as being an exciting career choice, but we have many advantages over those on the outside looking in.

Why You Should Consider A Career in Home Economics

Job Opportunities:

There is a staggering amount of demand for men in this field. While previous generations of women struggled to find gainful employment, the opposite is true now. With so many women going into secondary education and careers, the work force has become severely short-staffed of men. As a result, we’ve seen an estimated 150% increase in job openings for men in the field of home economics.

Financial Security:

The gender income gap, something men have spent decades being concerned about in fields like business and sports, has completely reversed itself in cooking and sewing. Women are now making 82 cents for every dollar a man will make over the same time period.

With home economics having such a large imbalance in the labor force, it also means that you will have more leverage when it comes to negotiating your salary. You can command an excellent salary with minimal effort, as companies will be willing to pay you handsomely to fill the position.

Employment Security:

Being an adult male human comes with many occupational hazards. With cooking and sewing dominated by women, the men in this field are not only needed but appreciated for their services. Many companies have noted that the presence of men in their workplaces makes women much more comfortable, leading to increased productivity and higher employee retention. Having a man around can also act as a sort of “male role model” for younger employees, which is something that is desperately needed in today’s society.


Many believe that cooking and sewing are automatically unhealthy careers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Working in an office or retail exposes you to all kinds of airborne toxins. You are also vulnerable to sun damage while doing outdoor work like construction.

High Demand:

The demand for home economists has been growing at a staggering rate. The average age of the field is just over thirty years old, which means you’ll have a relatively high likelihood of employment as your skills improve with time. That’s not to say you’ll never be out of work, but it will be much harder to find yourself jobless in this field than in others.

Women Prefer This Career:

But why do women get into the field? In short, it’s because they want to. While there are strong financial and career incentives for women to go into home economics and sewing, there are no incentives for men to go into these fields. As a result, an overwhelming number of women dominate most of these careers.

High Entry Level:

The entry-level job market for home economists is substantially higher than it is for many male-dominated fields. While it may not be in single digits, it is still substantial and lets you start relatively quickly. Initial entry into a career like this will be easiest if you are a young woman who has completed her secondary education.

A Career Path for Home Economists

The home economics career is mainly associated with home economists. Although interior decorators are the most skilled and, basically, the most paid in this field, There are still some other professions in this field. Some of which are:

Human Nutrition:

Human nutritionists search to find the quality of food and the best ways to eat it. They also train and advise on healthy diets.

Home Management:

Home management is another field that deals with the day-to-day practical issues of home life. A home manager may be employed full-time in such a role or a part-time consultant whose services are used by interior designers, real estate agents, and some families.

Home economists are home managers who help families and individuals with domestic, homemaking, and household tasks. They do not usually design or decorate homes but advise making them more comfortable and convenient for daily living. This can involve the installation of kitchens in rented accommodation, advice on basic diet and exercise, changing floor coverings or clothing patterns to suit individual needs, or decorating rooms according to national style.

Design and consumer economics:

Design and consumer economics are relatively new fields. It is currently growing in popularity. Design or consumer economics offers its practitioners a broad range of options in the private, public, and academic sectors, allowing them to work in education and research and find roles in the media and marketing sectors.


Home economics is a vast field with many jobs that can be done. It depends on which area of the field one selects to specialize in. There are still more careers in this field that have not yet been mentioned. Thus, one can say that there is no specific career path in the home economics field except for the fact that there are a lot of fields to choose from and it all depends on what you want to be when you grow up.

Home economists have a very broad job description. They have to have knowledge on subjects such as consumer behavior, household management, nutrition, fashion and design, and consumer science. They also need skills such as budgeting money and time, organizing crafts and parties, and following sewing tutorials, among many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main reason why we should study home economics?

They can teach the proper ways to select, prepare, and cook vegetables. Learning how to cut meat in different ways and styles and how to prepare them can improve health and also help keep the budget in check as well. Home economics helps in the skills for life.

What is a career in home economics?

They ensure nutritious and safe meals are available at all time. Food Service personnel: People in this career can work as catering managers, supervisors, stewards etc. depending on their qualifications. They work in hotels, hospitals, schools, airlines etc.

What is the main point in home economics?

At its core, Home Economics is about home management. This covers many subjects, such as human development, personal and family finance, housing and interior design, food science and preparation, nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues.

What are the career opportunities in economics?

With a background in economics it seems anything is possible. Other common economics careers and roles include auditor, stockbroker, insurer, business manager, retail merchandizer, pricing analyst, statistician, financial consultant and salesperson.

Is economics a good career path?

Economics majors are successful in a wide variety of careers. Although various roles in businesses are most common, economics majors are successful in law, medicine, government, non-profits, and international relations, as well as in academic roles.


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