Why Education Is Important For Farmers

education important for farmers

Why Education Is Important For Farmers- The agricultural sector is a very vital part of the economy of any nation. Any nation that do not want to experience hunger must take this sector very serious. Despite the significance of this sector, farming has over the years being left to the uneducated and unskilled. An average student is not aspiring to take up farming as a profession, but rather going for the juicy careers such as medicine, engineering, law, etc.

And the result has actually been like someone playing gamble: one year the harvest would be bumper while some other year, harvest is a total wash-out. A country whose agricultural sector is running on a trial and error basis is inviting food scarcity, hunger and inflation. There is an urgent need for educated and trained personnels to handle our farms. I don’t mean having people with degrees but rather people with knowledge of what to do on the farms.

In this post, we would expantiate more on why education is important for farmers.

Why Education Is Important For Farmers

When we say education is important for farmers, we do not necessarily mean farmers will have to go through the walls of a formal school. Rather the education we mean here are in form of seminars, trainings, short courses. All with one sole aim: to boost agricultural productivity.

Below are some reasons education is important for farmers:

#1 Increased availability of food locally

Farmers need to have the right education so they can be able to provide quality and adequate food for the teeming population. In the farmers’ education, farmers learn some of the following which would eventually help in better agriculturally productivity:

  • Improved way of planting crops
  • How to prevent pests and diseases in plants
  • How to  maintain their crops even when there are  no rains
  • How to get better yield of crops, etc.
  • Improved way of rearing animals
  • Preventing animal pest and disease, etc.

#2 Farmers education will enhance economic development

When farmers get the right education, there is increased productivity on the farm. Increased productivity will translate to increase in food supply, more raw materials for industries, more income to the farmer, etc. All this will contribute to economic development .

#3 It brings about poverty alleviation

With farmer education, there is adequate food supply , industries have raw materials to work with and unemployment rate will reduce. All this will eventually bring about poverty alleviation.

#4 Farmer is equipped with basic agricultural skills

Education is important for farmers because such education equips them with basic agricultural skills needed for maximum productivity. Some of the skills include technical skills, , time management skills, organization skills, etc.        

#5 Farmers income is increased

Education is important for farmers because education will bring about increase in farmer’s income. This is because farmers have already being taught how to increase productivity on the farm.

#6 Farming is easier and enjoyable

Farming is easier and enjoyable with modern and sophisticated equipment and tools. This is another reason education is important for farmers. In farmers’ education, farmers are taught how to apply modern technology and modern equipment. These tools and methods make farming enjoyable.

#7 Better food security

Farmers learn better ways to  plant crops and rear animals . Farmers also learn crop preservation , etc. All these will result to better food security.

#8 Farmers learn to maximise resources

In farmers’ education, farmers learn how to better put to use available resources to enhance productivity e.g how to use fertilizers, how to recycle wastes, conserve water, etc.

#9 Improved health and safety

Farmers are taught how to handle equipment and dangerous chemicals in farmers’ education

#10 Better land use

Educated farmers are able to put to good use land. They understand and know how to protect the environment  and preserve natural resources for the future.

#11 Improved market opportunities

Improved market opportunities is another reason education is  important for farmers. Educated farmers are able to identify and take advantage of different market opportunities and sell their produce at profitable prices-

#12 Improved access to important information

With the right education , farmers can access the information that can make them better at farming . They can keep up with latest research and trending innovations in the agricultural field.

#13 Enhanced community development

With farmers’ education, there is increase in food supply , more jobs , increase in income of farmers. All this will lead to better community development.

#14 Food quality is improved

Farmers’ education teach farmers how to produce better crops and rear quality animals.

#15 Increased resilience and adaptability in the farmers

With farmers’ education, farmers learn how to adapt varying environmental conditions e.g climate change, natural disasters. They also learn how to respond and adapt to different market conditions

#16 It promotes gender inequality

Farmers education is open to both men and women.

Practical Examples Of How Education Helps In Farming

#1 Better technology for farming

Educated farmers can adopt better and modern technology in farming. This in turn saves time, money and improves productivity.

#2 Precision farming is also made possible.

GPS can be used in precision farming . Here, satelites and drones gather information regarding climate, vegetation, etc.  This helps save time, minimize wastage and prevent pollution.

#3 Crop production can be effectively managed.

With satellites and drones, farmers can determine exactly the amount of sunlight , fertilizer, etc to apply to their farms.

What Comprises Farmers’ Education?

In farmers’ education, farmers are taught :

  • Different farming methods
  • Career development

Farming methods

Here, farmers learn different farming practices that bring about maximum yield and reduces negative consequences in the environment. Also farmers get introduced to alternative and interesting methods of farming. Some of the topics taught include:

  • Crop rotation
  • Cover cropping
  • Poly culture
  • Pest management
  • Natural pest predators
  • Irrigation
  • Preservation of natural resources
  • Recycling
  • Hydroponics
  • Biotechnology

 Career development:

The goal of career development is to:

  • Expand career opportunities
  • Equip farmers with management skills
  • To prepare farmers for the marketplace

Some of the topics taught include Agricultural economics, leadership development, marketing, farm management, Agricultural-related career opportunities  and farm management .

Importance Of Agriculture

As I wrap up this article on why education is important for farmers, let me quickly show you why agriculture is important generally.

  1. Agriculture takes care for the 3 basic needs of man: food, shelter and clothing
  2. Raw materials is made available for industries e.g hides and skin for leather industry
  3. Source of income to farmers
  4. It boosts international trade
  5. It provides employment e.g farm labour and workers
  6. It contributes to national revenue
  7. It enhances food security
  8. Some crop plants serve as medicine to treat certain diseases
  9. Agriculture brings about economic development
  10. Provides food for livestock

Last word

When our farmers are better educated on best farming methods and management skills, it would translate to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased source of income
  • Enhanced food security
  • Economic development

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is education in farming?

It helps farmers acquire skills that will enhance better output/ result
It increases farmers’ income
It increases local food availability

What is the meaning of farmer education?

These involves trainings/ teachings given to farmers with the sole aim of boosting agricultural production. These trainings help improve farmers decision making skills and also equip them with some technical skills that will enhance greater productivity.

How does education affect agricultural crop production?

Education helps farmers produce better crops that are diseases and pest free, more nutritious and of higher value.

Do farmers require education?

If as a farmer, you have a bachelor’s degree in agric related courses, it is a plus to you .However, it does not imply that an individual without bachelor degree cannot do farming. However, for better productivity , it is important that a farmer goes through some key training.

What comprises agricultural education?

Agricultural education adopts a 3-circle model of instruction. They include:
Classroom and laboratory teaching
Leadership development
Experiential learning


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