What Is The Importance Of Education

importance of education

What Is The Importance Of Education- When a child is born, one of the key advice given to the parents is; ensure this child has good has education, don’t joke with his/her education, etc. As a result, you see children every morning in different uniforms trooping to school. Even a toddler as young as 2 years old is also dressed in uniform and heading for school. It is that serious! In the following paragraphs. I would be discussing the importance of education and why you need to get quality and sound education.

Importance of Education

Education is simply the act of passing knowledge to others or receiving knowledge from another person. Education is of 3 types: formal, informal and non-formal education.

Formal education

It is a kind of education that takes place in an organized setting , usually a school. The imparting is usually done by trained personnel known as teachers while those receiving the knowledge are known pupils/students.

In formal education, teachers use a syllabus to teach the students. Syllabus usually contains a set of topics with learning objectives for a given subject. Students usually receive a certificate at the end of the formal education.

Informal education

This is a kind of education that is neither structured nor planned . This kind of education happens everyday. Such kind of education is open to all age groups. This kind don’t have particular syllabus, no learning venue, no fees and no certificate. In fact, you can’t graduate from this kind of education.

Examples of informal education includes:

  • A toddler learning how to brush teeth
  • Teenage girl learning how to cook and keep the home cleaning
  • Children learning how to respect their elders

Non-formal education

It stands between formal and informal education. It is not as structured as formal education. It is also known as semi-formal education.

Examples of Non-formal education

  • Vocational trainings
  • Fitness clubs
  • Sports clubs
  • Adult Education

11 Critical Importance Of Education

Now lets consider 12 importance of education. We can also call them benefits of education:

#1   Education prepares you for the future

One very vital importance of education is that it prepares you for the future. You are prepared to be better citizens in the country, better person at the work place and better prepared for life generally.

#2   Education enhances your communication skills

This is also another vital importance of education . Education makes you better at communication. The truth is this:  A man that can not express himself will be far behind in life, people would also cheat such persons. Education not only teaches us good grammar, but how to better express ourselves.

#3   Education increases your options in life

Because you can effectively communicate, you will be able to make the right demand. You wont just be settling for what you are given but what you rightly deserve. When you can effectively communicate, your options will increase in life than an uneducated person that cannot communicate.

#4   Better job

With education, you can be able to get better job that would take care of your needs and afford you the opportunity to live better lives.  An uneducated person will always scramble for low jobs.

#5   You have a better mindset with proper education

Another importance of education is that it puts in you the right mindset. When you check your environment , it is much easier to tell the educated from the uneducated. The thinking, action, decision of an educated person is usually different and way better than uneducated ones.

#6   Higher comfort is achievable

Education opens you up to higher lucrative jobs which would translates to higher comfort.

#7   Education boosts your confidence

When you can effectively communicate , your confidence gets boosted. Your approach to your life , people, issues are quite unique . This confidence is built over time through the rigours of classwork, assignment, projects while in school.

#8   Education makes you an answer to unique society problems

Once of the critical life skills education put in you is that of problem solving. A number of problems in the society have been solved through some learned fellows . For example transport problems (with uber and co), banking issues (with POS), power problems (with solar, power bank,) etc.

#9   Education is a portable form of wealth

One thing the Jews will never deny their children is sound and quality education. They ensure their kids have relevant education in the relevant fields . The Jews believe that with the right education, their kids can do well anywhere in the world. This is one of the reasons the Jews are at the fore front of anything good , in the world of science, academia, business, etc.

#10   The world is a safer and better place to live

The more the population of the educated in a society , the safer the society . A number of times,  children that are out of school have idle minds that gets filled up with different negative vices. The more these kids are kept in school, the safer the society will be .

#11   Education brings about growth and development

In a society where education is promoted and the leaders are elite, there is growth and development.The roads we ply , the cars we ride, electricity we enjoy, the smartphones we surf, the TV, etc, are all products of some educated minds.

Education In The 21ST Century: Striking The Balance

It is no news again that the rate of unemployment in some black countries is alarming! One then begin to wonder, is education really the right way?  In fact, one popular black artist sang the; “School is scam”. Well, this is my answer, school is not scam. Rather two things can be wrong:

  1. People are not getting the right education and skills

It is not enough to go to school, you must get the right education , study the right course . This is why the Jews are outstanding all over the world. The Jews will never study any-how course but rather, they will study one with high economic relevance.

2. Lack of enabling environment

The environment we find ourselves are poorly governed. No concrete plans for the youths, no companies to employ people after graduation, labour market are saturated. This is beyond the scope of any individual  and we can only hope for a better environment. .

But there is something you can do for yourself; get right education, get relevant education. Don’t just go to school , be sure to study the right course.

The 21st century education is what we need right now.  The 21st century education is one that provides students with skill and competencies they need to survive in the society . This kind of education produce learners that are critical learners and problem solvers.

Last Word

The importance of education is obvious all around us, in our daily activities . Being without education is like walking through a dark bush without light , you may stumble or get bitten by some reptiles. Education is really light!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is education important?

Education prepares young ones for life, work and how to be good citizens.

What are the different stages of education?

Early childhood education
Secondary education
Primary education
Tertiary education

What degrees are relevant to the 21st century?

Digital marketing

What are types of education?

Formal education
Informal education
Non-formal education

Who is termed the father of education?

John Amos Comenius is the father of education. He lived between 1592 and 1670.


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