WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English 2021, Text-books & Novel PDF

WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English 2021, Text-books & Novel PDF

This is the correct WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English 2021, Textbooks & Novel to Download in PDF for 2021 WAEC Art Students.

The West African Examination Council has provided this WAEC Literature syllabus for 2021 candidates to make it easier for the 2021 WAEC candidates to prepare effectively.

Therefore, this syllabus aims to help candidates study in the right way and to study the actual topics that questions will be set.

So, this means that the following 2021 WAEC syllabus for Literature-in-English comprises the complete WAEC Literature area of concentration.

With this syllabus, candidates will also get to know the WAEC recommended topics to read for the exam and the actual topics that the WAEC literature questions for 2021 will be set from.

After the breakdown of the syllabus, you will also see the WAEC recommended textbooks for the Literature exam in 2021 at the bottom and you are advised to study with them for a better result.

WAEC Literature in English Topics To Read For 2021

Like I said before, the contents of this WAEC Literature syllabus is the complete breakdown of the most recommended topics that WAEC Literature in English questions will be set from.

WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English 2021, Text-books & Novel PDF

Therefore, candidates are strongly advised to focus and read the following topics because there are topics to expect questions from:

Breakdown Of The 2021 WAEC Literature In English Syllabus

Papers 1. Paper one is the OBJ paper with fifty multiple-choice questions. The questions in this paper will be set from the following topics:

  • General Knowledge: In the Literature general knowledge section, about twenty questions will be drawn.
  • Prose: This will be a prose comprehension passage and five questions will be set from this it.
  • Poem: This will be a poem comprehension passage and five questions will be set from this it.
  • Text/Novel: There will be twenty questions that will be set in this section from novels by Shakespeare.
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Paper 2: The WAEC Literature paper 2 is the theory/essay paper and it has section A (African Prose) and section B (Non-African Prose)

Four theory questions in all will be set in this paper. Two questions will be set from section A (African Prose) and two questions will be set from section B (Non-African Prose).

You will see the recommended African Prose and Non-African Prose that will be used for the 2021 WAEC Literature exam as you read down.

Paper 3: The last paper which is the WAEC literature paper 3, will be a paper that contains questions on literature Drama, and Poetry.

Format: the questions on this paper will be set into 4 different sections. Section A will contain questions from an African Drama.

Section B will be from Non-African Drama, section C will be from African Poetry, and section D will be from Non-African Poetry.

Eight essay questions will be set from this paper. two questions will be set from each of the sections listed above.

You will see the recommended African Poetry, Non-African Poetry, African Drama, and Non-African Drama that will be used for the 2021 WAEC Literature exam below.

Recommended Textbooks and Text for 2021 WAEC Literature Exam

Since you have known the topics to read, the additional information that will help you to study effectively for this exam is the WAEC recommended textbooks and text for the Literature exam.

Studying with the textbooks and texts listed below will help you to get a better result and perform excellently in the exam.

Below are the recommended textbooks and text for the 2021 WAEC Literature exam. There are recommended novels, prose, poetry, and drama.

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PROSE: Recommended Prose To Read

African Prose: The recommended African prose to read are “Second Class Citizen” written by Buchi Emecheta and “Unexpected Joy at Dawn” written by Alex Agyei-Agyiri.

Non-African Prose: The recommended Non-African prose to read is Invisible Man” written by Ralph Ellison, “Wuthering Heights” written by Emily Brontë, and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” written by William Shakespeare.

DRAMA: Recommended Play To Read

African Drama: Here are the recommended African play to read “Let me Die Alone” written by John K. Kargbo and “The Lion and the Jewel” written by Wole Soyinka.

Non-African Drama: The two recommended Non-African Drama to read are “Look Back in Anger” written by John Osborne and “Fences” written by August Wilson.


African Poetry: Here are the recommended African Poetry to read “Black Woman” written by Leopold Sedar Senghor, “The Leader and the Led” written by Niyi Osundare, “The Grieved Lands” written by Agostinho Neto.

Other African Poetry to read include;

  • The Song of the Women of my Land: A poetry written by Oumar Farouk Sesay
  • Raider of the Treasure Trove: A poetry written by Lade Wosornu
  • A Government Driver on his Retirement: A poetry written by Onu Chibuike

Non-African Poetry: The list of Non-African poetry to read includes “The Journey of the Magi” written by T. S. Eliot, “Caged Bird” written by Maya Angelou, and “The Good-Morrow” written by John Donne.

Other Non-African Poetry to read include;

  • “Bat” A poetry written by David H.
  • “Binsey Poplars (Felled 1879)” A poetry, written by G.M. Hopkins
  • “Do not Go Gentle into the Good Night” A poetry written by Dylan Thomas.
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Use these recommended novels, prose, poetry, and drama (plays) to study for the sections listed above in the WAEC Literature syllabus, and also do well to use your notebooks as additional material.

WAEC Success Information For Candidates

Now, you have gotten the WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English, the Literature area of concentration, and the recommended textbooks to study with.

What Next?

All that is left for you is to study, study, and study… If you can study effectively with this syllabus and the materials listed below:

  • Literature solved questions and answers for 2021

Free Syllabus for other subjects:

That is the updated WAEC syllabus for Literature in English from the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for 2021 WAEC candidates.

Please, I will advise all WAEC candidates to study effectively and erase their hope of malpractices and expo.

If you study smartly, you will never hope for malpractices and expo. The best expo that you need to pass this exam is what we have given you so far.

So, use them every time you want to study and follow out hints appropriately and you will see yourself performing very well in this exam.

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