WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 [Solved Expo]

This is for 2021 WAEC Candidates searching for free WAEC Mathematics questions 2021 and correct WAEC Mathematics answers 2021/2022 before exam.

What you will see here today is the solved  WAEC 2021 Mathematics Questions and Answers expo for theory (essay paper 2), and OBJ (objectives paper 1).

Note: This WAEC 2021 mathematics expo is free for all candidates writing this exam. Please take this seriously and make good use of it.

WAEC Mathematics Expo Runs 2021/2022

If you have been curious about getting answers to questions like, where can I get WAEC maths questions and answers before the exam or the best/legit WAEC expo website, then this will especially be for you!!!

With this, candidates will no longer have to search for the WAEC mathematics runs website because our free material will help you to score at least B if not A.

All you need to do now is to follow the solved questions below and take note of them in case you see them in the exam that you are about to write.

WAEC Mathematics Exam/Paper Formats 2021

Before I give you the solved WAEC Mathematics questions and answers for 2021, I kindly want to orient you on the exam pattern and the format in which the exam will be administered.

WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers. Maths Expo for Theory & Objective (OBJ) PDF: Free & correct expo Solved Solutions

Download WAEC Maths Syllables

WAEC 2021 Mathematics Exam Scheme, Format/Pattern:

The 2021 WAEC Maths exam has two papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2). Paper 1 is Objectives (OBJ) with 60 multiple questions while paper 2 is the theory (essay).

2021 WAEC Maths Paper 1 (objectives OBJ)

  • Exam Type: Mathematics I Objectives
  • Paper Type: Paper one
  • Number of Questions: 60 questions
  • Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes
  • Examiner: Not Stated

Details for WAEC Maths Paper 2 (Theory and Essay)

  • Exam Type: Mathematics (II) Theory
  • Paper Type: Paper Two
  • Number of Questions: Selected questions
  • Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes
  • Examiner: Not Stated

Needed Materials for WAEC Maths Exam 2021

  1. Pencil (The recommended pencil is HB)
  2. Pen
  3. Calculator (your WAEC Exam Calculator only)
  4. Ruler (inside your maths set)
  5. Math Set (the one that comes with your WAEC Calculator)
  6. OMR (this will be given to you by the examiner)

Examiners Instructions:

  1. Shade your OBJ Answers with HB Pencil only
  2. Do not open your question paper until you are told to do so.
  3. Read all the Exam’s instructions on the first page of the Question paper.

What to Do in the Exam hall immediately you enter.

When you enter your Exam hall, locate your exam seat, and sit down there: Your Exam seat is the sit that has your Exam Number written on it. Then on your answer booklet (answers sheet), write your;

  1. Exam Number
  2. Center Number
  3. Full name (Starting from your Surname, Firstname, and Middle Name).
  4. In the same way, Shade your Name, Exam Number, and Center number accordingly, on the OMR (OBJ answer booklet)

Solved WAEC 2021 Maths OBJ Questions and Answers

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Solved Mathematics sample Questions and Answers: below are our solved sample past questions to practice with before the exam.

1. Which of these numbers is not less than -2?

  1. -1,
  2. -3,
  3. -4,
  4. -5.
  5. -6

Solution Solving: -2 is greater than -2, -3, -4, -5, -6 and so on. But -1 is greater than -2.

The Correct Answer is A): Because it is greater than -2.

2. -6 is greater than -2 but less than -7? True or false

  1. True
  2. Both
  3. False
  4. None of the above

Solving for the solution: -6 is greater than any number from -7 to the negative infinity but less than any number from -5 to the positive infinity.

The Correct Answer is C): Because -6 is not greater than -2 and it is not less than -7.

3. Add 26b + 12a + 16a – 4b

  1. 22b + 28a
  2. -22b + 28a
  3. 22b – 28a
  4. -22b – 28a

Solution Solving for Questions 3: Firstly, you have to Collect like terms. Therefore, we have;

  • 26b – 4b + 12a + 16a.
  • Next, we have 26b – 4b = 22b
  • And 12a + 16a = 28a
  • Therefore, we have 22b + 28a

The Correct Answer is A): 22b + 28a

4. Multiply this equation: (x – 6)(2x + 7)?

  1. 2×2 + 5x – 42
  2. 2×2 – 5x – 42
  3. 2×2 – 5x + 42
  4. 2×2 + 5x + 42
  5. -2×2 + 5x – 42

Solving for question 4 solution: Here, we start by removing the bracket

Thus; 2×2 + 7x – 12x – 42

Hence, 2×2 – 5x – 42

The Correct Answer is B): 2×2 – 5x – 42

5. Factorise the following: 5×2 – 15x – 20?

  1. 5(x+4)(x+1).
  2. -2(x-4)(x+5)
  3. -5(x+4)(x-1)
  4. 5(x-4)(x+1)

Solution Solving to question 5: Firs find the L.C.M of 5, 15 and 20 = 5(x2 – 3x – 4).

  • = 5(x2 – 4x + x – 4).
  • = 5{x(x – 4) +1(x – 4)}.
  • = 5(x-4)(x+1).

The Correct Answer is D): 5(x-4)(x+1)

We may likely drop the answers if any is available. So keep visiting and refreshing this page to check if we have dropped it. Please, don’t miss out.

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Rules for shading OBJ Answers on OMR (OBJ Answer Booklet)

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition is the answer sheet given to you for your OBJ answers.

You must be very careful when shading your answers on OMR, else, the machine may not be able to mark your exam sheet.

  • The machine online marks where it sees black spots. So shade your answers thick but not across the frame.
  • Don’t shade more than one option on a particular question.

WAEC Theory Questions and Answers for Mathematics 2021

How to Answer WAEC Mathematics Theory Questions 2021: Mathematics theory questions for 2021 WAEC needs brain work and accuracy.

So for you to pass this 2021 WAEC Mathematics Exam, you must be very smart and when carrying out your calculations, you must/should look out for the following format/procedures

  • Ensure to cross-check your calculation twice or thrice to eliminate calculation errors.
  • Use calculators to calculate all answers and avoid doing guesswork (except when familiar with such a question).
  • Endeavor to apply suitable formulas for each question.
  • Make sure to use a ruler when ruling lines to maintain accuracy (Do not do free-hand line drawing)
  • When constructing angles, make sure you measure all sides to be accurate.
  • If you have enough time for questions that can be solved in more than one method, then solve with the other methods to see if you will still arrive at the same answer.
  • Avoid too much cancellation.
  • Do not try to erase your mistakes but rather, cross any mistake you make.
  • Each answer to a question should be properly labeled (indicated). Do not mix up questions.

That is it!!! I am sure you have learned more than enough from our free WAEC Mathematics questions 2021 and sample WAEC Mathematics answers 2021/2022?

Follow all the information above will really help you to score very high in this exam without waiting for WAEC 2021 Mathematics questions and answers expo.

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