WAEC Syllabus for Marketing 2022/2023 & Textbooks Download in PDF

Why is the WAEC Marketing syllabus 2021 important for all candidates? WAEC candidates who wish to study effectively for the WAEC Marketing exam must not do without the WAEC Marketing syllabus for 2021.

The WAEC 2021 syllabus for Marketing is a simple PDF downloadable material that contains all the topics that WAEC will set Marketing exam questions from.

Additionally, the material also contains the WAEC Marketing area of concentration for 2021 and the WAEC Marketing recommended textbooks for 2021.

WAEC Area of Concentration for Marketing 2021

This material is a full and complete WAEC 2021 Marketing preparatory material for 2021 WAEC candidates writing this subject.

WAEC syllabus for Marketing 2021 is the best material that will entail all the necessary topics that WAEC candidates should read for the exam.

And those topics are the topics that WAEC will set the 2021 WAEC Marketing exam questions from.

So the content of this syllabus is the WAEC area of concentration for marketing for the 2021 WAEC candidates to follow.

Download WAEC syllabus for marketing in PDF with the scheme of work, recommended textbooks, area of concentration & topics to read for exam

Comprehensive Marketing Syllabus for 2021

Below are the topics that WAEC will Set Marketing questions from:

1. The genesis of Marketing

The breakdown of this topic include:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Meaning
  • Scope
  • Advantages and disadvantages and functions of marketing

Important terms to note: Know the definition of the following marketing terms;

  • Markets
  • Exchange
  • Demands
  • Needs
  • Products
  • Sales
  • Goods
  • Wants
  • Transactions
  • Adverting

2. Marketing Concepts: Read everything under this topic and take note of all the important terms like:

  • Societal marketing
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Selling

3. Marketing Mix: Candidates should study everything under the marketing mix.

At the end of your study, you should be able to give a good explanation of the marketing environment and how environmental factors like politics, culture, religion, economic, technology, and the social system affect marketing.

4. Products: At the end of this topic, candidates should be able to give a detailed explanation of products, how to classify them, and the differences between the different classes of products.

Note: Products can be classified into:

  • Industrial goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Mineral products-oil/non-oil
  • Services
  • Primary/secondary products

More Marketing Topics to Read for 2021

5. Market: Study all the concepts of a market. Also, know the meaning and classification of markets

6. The Consumer: Cover up everything on this topic including the decision process in a logical order and the consumers influencing factors.

7. Marketing Planning: Study all the procedures, steps, and the process involved in marketing planning

  • Study the importance and marketing research skills and techniques
  • Know the basic elements in marketing planning.
  • Also, study the Information required and the reasons for marketing planning and research.

8. Pricing: Study everything under this topic.

9. Advertising: Know the meaning, functions, uses, advantages, disadvantages, means, and types of advertisement.

10. Sales Promotion: Know the definition and functions of sales promotion.

Study and know the following important terms in sales promotion:

  • Merchandise incentives
  • Coupons
  • Price-off
  • Salesmen competition
  • Premium offers
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Trade-in-allowance
  • Training schemes
  • Sampling

Other important topics that you should cover up are:

  • Merchandising
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Market Unions
  • International Marketing/Trade
  • Technology in Marketing (ICT)
  • Entrepreneurship

WAEC Recommended Textbooks for Marketing 2021

  • Your SS1 to SS3 notes
  • Fundamentals of Marketing. The textbook is written by O.O. Shokan;
  • Commerce Textbook. The textbook is written by G.A. Saka and Co.
  • Marketing in Nigeria, 2nd Edition. The textbook is written by O.E Ogwo and Co.

Where to get and Download WAEC Marketing syllables in pdf for free.

The WAEC Marketing Syllabus for 2021 and the complete syllabus for other WAEC subjects can now be download online for free.

Each of the syllabus the topics that candidates are required to read and the recommended textbooks to use when reading.

Download this WAEC Marketing syllables in pdf

Also, Download Syllabus for other WAEC subjects here

Below are solved 2021 WAEC questions and answers samples for all subjects, Select the subject you want to view their solved WAEC questions and answers samples.

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  10. Commerce
  11. Chemistry
  12. Biology
  13. Agricultural Science
  14. Mathematics
  15. Animal Husbandry
  16. Civic Education
  17. Computer Studies
  18. Further Maths
  19. Marketing

No more excuses now that you have gotten the WAEC syllabus for Marketing 2021. I am sure you have known the topics that WAEC will set marketing questions from.

So use those topics as the WAEC area of concentration for marketing and prepare effectively for the exam if you want to perform better.

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