WAEC Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Expo Runs

It pleases us to share the WAEC Literature Questions and Answers 2021/2022 expo runs with the 2021 WAEC school candidates that are about to write this exam.

The content of this page has all the hints to the WAEC Literature in English Theory questions and answers, along with the WAEC Literature OBJ questions and answers for 2021.

If you wish to get free WAEC Literature in English questions and answers 2021 expo hints some hours before exam, then here is the best material for you to go with.

Correct free expo guide for WAEC Lit-in-English essay [theory], OBJ [objective] Drama Poetry & Prose.

WAEC Literature Expo 2021 Tips

If you want to write this WAEC Literature in English exam and obtain a full mark, then use these tricks.

  • Make sure you get all the recommended Literature Novels for 2021 WAEC and read them. See WAEC Literature recommended Novel for 2021 here.
  • Identify all the keywords and key concept in each novel.
  • Take note of the themes of each novel, poem, or prose listed for the exam.
  • Study and take note of the statements made by major characters.
  • Keep note of the names of the Authors, the Poets or writers of each text that you read.
  • Finally, make sure you know the content of each of the text and also be able to narrate each text.

Literature in English OBJ Questions and Answers Practice

1. What does this lines illustrate “Oh spite! Oh Hell!! I see you are all bent” in Literature

  1. Apostrophe
  2. Epitaph
  3. Allusion
  4. Epigram

The correct answer is: A

2. In Literature, it is recommended that a play must be ___________ before performance.

  1. Scripted
  2. Recited
  3. Applauded
  4. Auditioned
  5. Rehearsed

The correct answer is: E

3. The Main Character in a play is called a ____________?

  1. Playlet
  2. Character
  3. Antagonist
  4. Protagonist

The correct answer is: C

4. Which figure of speech is expressed in this statement, “He is my beloved enemy”

  1. Oxymoron
  2. Personification
  3. Metonymy
  4. Synecdoche
  5. Litotes

The correct answer is: A

5. Which dramatic performance involves only the movement of the body without speech?

  1. Burlesque
  2. Farce
  3. Slapstick
  4. Mime

The correct answer is: D

6. Diction is known as the writer’s choice of ___________?

  1. Rhythm
  2. Style
  3. Words
  4. Syntax

The correct answer is: C

7. What kind of play in Literature moves the audience to pity and fear?

  1. Tragedy-Comedy
  2. Comedy
  3. Tragedy
  4. Farce
  5. Pantomime

The correct answer is: C

8. What function does a cast performs at the end of a play?

  1. Intermission
  2. Musical
  3. Curtain Call
  4. Introduction
  5. Announcement

The correct answer is: C

WAEC Literature Theory Questions and Answers Practice.

Candidates might not see a better WAEC Literature in English Expo 2021 than this listed below. To study and fully get prepared for the exam, follow these expo hints;

Study tips for to use 3 Weeks before the Literature Exam Date

  • Read each text twice or thrice before the exam date.
  • Take note and jots each time you study for the exam.
  • Use hints or acronyms to represent phrases that are important for memorization.
  • Take note of the role of each character in the text.
  • Make a summary note for each text that you have completed and use it for summary in the night before your exam.
  • Before the day for the exam, make sure you remind yourself and refresh your memory on the things you have studied so far.
  • Re-read all the recommended texts 2 days before the exam.
  • You can also visit other candidates to discuss your ideas with them so as to help your brain absorb more things.
  • After a long study, try to practice and solve WAEC Literature past questions and answers papers.
  • Finally, review all your notes using the last 3 days before your exam before going for the exam.

How to Answer English Literature Questions Easily

  • Read each question carefully with a clear mindset.
  • Pay close attention to the basic key words in the question and that will help you to know what the answer should be
  • Suggest a possible answer in mind before heading to checking the options.
  • After answering a question, do well to return to it later and re-read it before submitting.

We will continue to share more WAEC Literature Questions and Answers 2021/2022 expo runs and that will be updated soon for all the 2021 WAEC  candidates.

  1. Please i need to know the literature books to read for this examination.
    And also poems that might likely appear in the questions.

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