WAEC Examiner/Marking Form 2021, Date | Invigilator Registration Portal

Have you ever wondered how to become one of the 2021 WAEC examiners or exam markers or do you want to apply and become one? If yes, then this article will guide you on how to apply for WAEC 2021 Examiner or Exam Marker.

This is very important information on WAEC Examiner Form for 2021/2021 and how to register for the 2021 WAEC Examiner via the Registration Portal for those who are interested in applying.

This recruitment is for those who will be interested in invigilating the 2021 WAEC examination as invigilators and those that want to partake in marking the 2021 WAEC Exam.

How to Become a WAEC Examiner/Exam Marker in 2021

WAEC examiners are picked randomly from different schools. They are mostly graduate teachers in secondary schools, and some lecturers in universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education.

Image showing the steps to apply for WAEC Marking Examiner and invigilator

Who are the officials that conduct the WAEC exam? The WAEC examination has three (3) categories of officials that supervise the exam which are:

  • Supervisors,
  • Invigilators and
  • Inspectors

Supervisors: they are the body of teachers that are nominated by various State Ministries of Education. They are the ones that are responsible for conducting the exams at respective Exam centers and they are known as examiners.

Invigilators: They are usually a body of teaching staff that is nominated by their school principals to act as assistance to their supervisors at the examination centers.

Inspectors: These are WAEC staff members that are assigned to go from one exam center to another during exam hours.

How to Apply for WAEC Marking 2021 Register/Examiner/invigilator

After registration, you will be able to login into the portal to see more detailed information. Follow the steps and procedures below to register.

Visit the registration portal @ http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/Users/UsersView

  • There are four options to select from the menu
  • Option 1 “Prospective Examiners”
  • Option 2 “Current Examiner”
  • Option 3 “Marking Venue”
  • Option 4 “Control Panel”
  • Select the option that you want to use and proceed to complete your registration.
  • People that have already gotten an account should click on “Already have registered” to check their profile status.
  • Tap on “check eligibility” to see the subject eligibility

WAEC Examiners form 2021 and Login Portal

The examiner’s form is to be obtained online. All application is to be carried out on the WAEC examiner’s registration portal. Interested persons are to create their account by registering on the portal following the registration procedures shown above.

After then, they are to login to the registration Portal using their invigilator login details and complete the online form and submit it online. WAEC will then get back to them by sending them a notification.

The WAEC examiner form can be obtained online via the registration portal @ http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/Users/UsersView. Users that have an account already should log in @http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/Examiner/Login

Requirements/Eligibility for WAEC marking Examiners

The following are the requirements and eligibility for anyone that wishes to apply as WAEC marking examiners.

  • A minimum of two (2) years of teaching experience. Mostly teachers at Senior Secondary School level.
  • Must have thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject or subjects he or she wishes to mark.
  • Carry credentials to the marking center for sighting and attach photocopies to the completed application form;
  • Must have a minimum of 1st degree or equivalent in a discipline that is related to the subject he or she wishes to mark.
  • Attestation letter from employer.
  • Must be of high integrity

WAEC Marking Date 2021

WAEC start marking their exam a few days after the conduction of the exam. All exams are marked, cross-checked, and summarized within ….. days. The marking date will be disclosed to the markers only.

Who Mark WAEC Exam scripts?

WAEC Exam scripts are marked by qualified markers appointed by WAEC. They are usually educationists who are familiar with the classroom situation and their identities are not usually to be disclosed to the public.

How much does WAEC pay for marking the Exam?

WAEC pays the officials that mark WAEC the sum of……….. Importantly, WAEC markers are also paid base on how many scripts they can mark within the stipulated time. See how WAEC pays for marking here

Only those who meet the above requirements and eligibility will be selected as a WAEC marking examiner for the marking exercise. Supplying invalid, wrong, and inaccurate information, details, or Biodata during registration will attract automatic disqualification.

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