WAEC Computer Studies/Science Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Expo

WAEC candidates can now get free WAEC Computer Science Questions and Answers 2021 and solved WAEC Computer Studies Questions and Answers 2021.

Note: This WAEC Computer expo 2021 is free for candidates. Stay calm and check out below to see the solved WAEC Computer Studies Questions and Answers 2021 solution below.

WAEC Computer Theory (Essay) OBJ (Objective) Papers

Below are the sample WAEC Computer Science expos 2021 that will help you get free your free solutions to the theory and OBJ papers.

Things To Bring Exam Hall/Center 2021:

All WAEC Candidates including you are to come to the examination center/hall with all the required exam materials needed for the exam.

Any other material that is required for the exam should never be brought to the exam Hall or even near the exam center.

WAEC Computer Studies Answers 2021 Solutions Expo

Below are some free WAEC Computer Studies Questions and Answers sample questions from past years WAEC Computer Exams.

Kindly Know that these are not the real WAEC Computer Science Questions for 2021. But they are questions that may likely appear in this year’s WAEC Computer Studies Exam.

  1. The process where data are manipulated into useful information is called?
  • A) organizing
  • B) transmission
  • C) storing
  • D) processing
  • E) deletion
  1. The smallest & basic unit of storage In computers is called?
  • A) byte
  • B) bit
  • C) megabyte
  • D) kilobyte
  • E) Newton
  1. Which of the following keyboard shortcut is used to print a document in a computer with windows?
  • A) Shift Ctrl+ PP
  • B) Shift + P
  • C) Alt + P
  • D) Ctrl + P
  • E) Fn + P
  1. A computer keyboard is an example of _________ device?
  • A) software
  • B) input
  • C) processing
  • D) output
  • E) storage
  1. CDs or DVDs are Examples of _______ devices?
  • A) output
  • B) software
  • C) storage
  • D) input
  • E) processing
  1. The First Web browser in the World was?
  • A) WorldWideWeb
  • B) Netscape Navigator
  • C) Safari
  • D) Chrome
  • E) Internet Explorer

Hints to WAEC Computer Science Theory Questions and Answers 2021

The WAEC Computer Studies theory/essay paper 2 has essay and theory questions. All the questions in the paper requires written answers.

So candidates need to be very smart in this particular paper. As such, candidates are advised to acknowledge the following:

  • Computer paper two require smartness and ability to recall what you have been reading.
  • The theory paper requires a very detailed and writen answers with proper explanations.
  • All theory questions are to be answered in context with the question.
  • Lastly, this paper requires proper preparation and memorization.

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