WAEC Commerce Questions and Answers 2021/2022 [Theory & OBJ]

This is for all the candidates that have been signaling us to send them WAEC Commerce questions 2021 with free WAEC Commerce answers 2021 before the exam.

Because of that, I have provided some WAEC 2021 Commerce questions and answers samples that cover paper 1 and paper 2, theory and essay show-working questions, and the solved OBJ/objective questions that will be good for you.

Use what I am about to show you for proper preparation and treat them as very important and make sure you memorize them because a lot of them are what you will see in this paper.

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Possible WAEC Commerce OBJ Questions and Answers 2021

Below are the likely and Possible WAEC Commerce Questions 2021. Note: These questions are WAEC Commerce’s past questions that might likely be repeated.

Free Theory & Objectives WAEC Commerce Questions and Answers 2021 Solutions Expo guide for paper 1 (obj) & paper 2 with sample questions

1. A Limited liability company is known for one of the following identifying characteristics? It can;

  1. Receive as many proprietors as possible
  2. Can sue and be sued
  3. Accommodates multiple partners
  4. Has very limited resources

The Answer is B) can sue and be sued

2. One of the functions of advertisement in business is to ____ buyers?

  1. Ship Goods
  2. Deliver
  3. Package
  4. Brand
  5. Persuade

The answer is E) Persuade

3. The common name given to the trade that involves exchanging goods for other goods is?

  1. Exportation
  2. Sales
  3. Trading
  4. Trade by barter
  5. Foreign exchange

The answer is D) Trade by barter.

4. A______ limited company’s shares are not easily transferable?


  1. Federal
  2. Public
  3. Private
  4. Corporative

The answer is C) Private Limited Company

5. The shifting of goods from one country to another is known as___?

  1. Importation/Exportation
  2. International sales
  3. Foreign exchange
  4. Foreign trade

The correct answer is A) Importation/Exportation.

6. Shifting of goods from one country to another is best-done through____?

  1. Water transportation
  2. Air transportation
  3. Land transportation
  4. Motors and Vans

The correct answer is A) Water transportation

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WAEC Commerce Theory Questions 2021

Please take note of this WAEC Commerce Questions 2021 for paper 2. There are the possible WAEC Commerce Theory Questions that might likely be repeated. SO practice them and well and make sure you can answer all of them by yourself.

  • Explain the team “distribution”.
  • Mention 3 Channels of distribution that you know.
  • Explain the term, sole proprietorship.
  • List three advantages and disadvantages of a sole proprietorship business.
  • Explain three important points to consider before establishing a business.
  • What roles do business managers play in companies?
  • Explain two advantages and disadvantages of a trade by barter.
  • What happens if demand is higher than supply? Explain in detail.
  • Discuss the benefits of an advertisement in a business.
  • How does someone that buys shares from a company benefit from it?

Testimony: How to pass WAEC Commerce Exam Without Expo 2021

WAEC Commerce Past Questions and Answers are the best material to obtain WAEC 2021 Commerce Sample questions and answers from. 90% of WAEC 2021 Commerce questions that you will see are repeated questions from past year exams.

So, there is no need to wait and hoping on WAEC 2021 Expo when you can study and make a score “A” by yourself. It is very simple to do that. To pass your 2021 WAEC Commerce exam without expo, follow these steps:

  • Get the WAEC Commerce Past questions and answers for the past five years (starting from last year)
  • Study with WAEC 2021 Commerce syllabus. The syllabus contains the topics that WAEC will set Commerce questions from and the area of concentration that students should read. Download Commerce syllabus pdf.
  • Use the WAEC recommended textbooks for commerce. You will also see the WAEC recommended textbooks in the syllabus. Download Commerce syllabus pdf.

WAEC Commerce Past Questions and Answers

1. Problems with defective goods have caused an increase of _______?

  1. Patron protection.
  2. insurance.
  3. mail order.
  4. persuasive advertising.

2. Which of these isn’t always a function of a retailer?

  1. displaying of goods
  2. grading of goods
  3. production of goods
  4. supplying of goods.

3. Industry, commerce, and direct services are all needed for manufacturing because

  1. They’re established on each other.
  2. they exist to create specialization.
  3. they provide services to each other.
  4. they sell goods to each other.

4. Division of labor in a corporation leads to

  1. dis-economies of scale.
  2. longer running hours for the personnel.
  3. standardization of products.
  4. the group of workers being multi-skilled.

5. What does the word commerce describe?

  1. aids to change and direct services
  2. direct offerings and enterprise
  3. enterprise and change
  4. change and aids to alternate.

The correct WAEC Commerce Questions and Answers for 2021 is 100% loading…….. Check back in a few minutes.


Many candidates fail WAEC because of the following:

  1. Enter your correct details on the answer booklets.
  2. Never you have the same exam number or name on more than one answer booklet.
  3. Don’t cheat or indulge in exam malpractice.
  4. Follow the instructions on the question papers.
  5. Shade all answers appropriately on the OBJ answer booklet
  6. Do not shade your objective answer with a pen. Use an HB pencil only.
  7. All your details should match.
  8. Go to your exam venue one hour before the exam starts.
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