WAEC CRS/CRK Questions and Answers 2022/2023

In this update, we bring our candidates the latest WAEC CRS questions and answers 2021 for candidates looking for the WAEC CRK questions and answers expo for 2021

This studentmajor online solution is for WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions and Answers 2021 expo for the CRK/CRS papers.

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WAEC CRK Questions and Answers Expo 2021

All the WAEC CRS questions that you will see during the exam are questions that are set from what you were thought in class according to the scheme of work.

The best materials to use in preparing for this exam is using the WAEC CRK syllabus here and then use your Bible to cover each topics.

Additional materials will include the sample questions and answers listed below and the this WAEC success tip here.

More helpful tips:

WAEC CRS Questions and Answers 2021 Samples

WAEC CRS questiCorrect WAEC CRK/CRS questions and answers expo for Theory and OBJ

1. What did David do when he was told that the child Bethsheba born for him had died?

  1. He seeks Nathan’s counsel on what to do.
  2. David Anointed himself and worshiped the Lord.
  3. He Wept throughout the day.
  4. David Tore his robe and went to his house.

2. Who assisted Zerubbabel and Joshua when they began to rebuild the house of God in Jerusalem?

  1. Zachariah and Haggai
  2. Gods prophets in Jerusalem
  3. Mithredath & Tobael
  4. The men of God in Jerusalem

3. Where was the first place that the disciples were called Christian?

  1. Samaria
  2. Caesarea
  3. Antioch
  4. Ephesus

4. Who baptized Jesus Christ and where was he baptized?

  1. Mathew in River Jordan
  2. John in the River of Jordan
  3. Jeremiah in the River of Babylon
  4. Mary Magdalene in the Red sea.

5. Jerusalem was taken away by David. Who did he take it from?

  1. The Philistines
  2. The Edomites
  3. The Ammonites
  4. Jebusites

6. What was the main consequence that brought about the division of David’s kingdom?

  1. Solomon’s forced labor
  2. Absalom’s revolt
  3. Jeroboam’s revolt
  4. Rehoboam’s unwise decision

How to Answer WAEC CRK/CRS Theory Questions [Paper 2]

Whenever you are about to answer WAEC CRK theory or WAEC CRS Essay questions, kindly make sure you take note of the following structures and formats;

When the Question says

  • “Describe”: Make sure you give a detailed account of what you see using examples
  • “State”: Make sure you provide a factual report.
  • List”: Make sure you write down your points in listing format.
  • Explain”: Make sure you describe with reasons
  • Outline”: Make sure give a brief summary of the event.
  • Analyse”: Make sure you give your answer in detail.
  • Compare”: Make sure you state the similarities and differences.
  • Contrast”:  State only the differences.
  • Define”: Head straight to give the meaning.
  • Evaluate”: Make sure you give answers that consider both sides.
  • Justify”: Make sure you use evidence to explain.
  • Comment on”:  the answer should contain mainly your opinion.

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