WAEC C.R.S/C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020/2021

Available WAEC C.R.K/C.R.S Answers 2020: This is Studentmajor online Solution for WAEC Christian Religious Studies (C.R.S or C.R.K) Questions and Answers 2020 Expos for WAEC candidates in 2020:

This has been made a concern to us to help all WAEC candidates looking for WAEC C.R.S Questions and Answers 2020 Solutions.

WAEC C.R.S OBJ Questions and Answers

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WAEC C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Solutions!

We created this page for WAEC C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020 Solutions so as to help our candidates with solutions to all WAEC CRS Exam problems.

WAEC C.R.K Exam Tutorial 2020.

Have you ever wondered how you can write this WAEC C.R.S Exam and come out with a good grade?

If your Answers is yes, then here is the best WAEC C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020 Solutions I will ever recommend to all WAEC Candidates.

WAEC C.R.K Exam sheet

Some of the Most asked Questions we keep on Receiving from our Candidates include:

  • How will the WAEC C.R.K Exam 2020/2021 look like?
  • Can I pass the WAEC C.R.S Questions Exam without Expo?
  • How can I answer the WAEC C.R.K Questions easily without mistakes?
  • What will appear on my WAEC C.R.S Question paper?
  • What are the secrets I can use to pass this WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Exam?
  • Where can I get WAEC C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Solutions before Exam?

Don’t worry because this post will answer all the above questions.

How to Write WAEC C.R.K Exam and Pass without Expo

Like I said before, this tutorial today is for the candidates that are looking for WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Solutions. Please, I will advise you to take your time and follow this step by step guide because it will really help you to pass this WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Exam right now.

WAEC C.R.S/C.R.K Expos 2020/2021

Below are the best WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Expos that will help you get your WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Solutions for free without.

The first thing to do immediately you get to your WAEC  Centre:

The first thing you should do is to locate your exam hall and take note of the paper you are writing today.

Before you leave your house, make sure you eat and get bellyful. But eat only light food that may not cause you to sleep.

Leave your house very early so as to arrive at your Exam hall before your Exam Invigilator comes.

How to Start Answering your WAEC C.R.K Questions?

When you get to the exam, the first thing you should do immediately you get your Exam paper should be to pray. After praying, make sure you provide your Exam details (Exam Number, your name, your Center number, and all other details) in the provided spaces.

How Many Questions will you have to answer during the WAEC Exam?

Your Question will come in two papers. That will be paper 1 & Paper 2. Paper 1 is Objective Questions while Paper 2 will be theory Questions. You are to answer all questions in Paper 1 (One option for each question) and a selected number of questions for Paper 2.

WAEC C.R.S Exam Time range

You have just 2 and a half  hours (2½) to answer all the Questions in both Paper 1 and Paper 2.



Things  “to bring” and things “not to bring” to your WAEC Exam Center/ Hall?

All WAEC Candidates including you are to come to the Exam Center/Hall with all the materials you will use to write your Exam. Candidates should never come with Phones, bags, Textbooks, or any other material that is not needed for the Exam into the Exam Hall.

How to Predict Correct WAEC C.R.S Objective Answers 2020

Before I begin, below are some awesome tips for picking the correct OBJ Answers in this WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Exam 2020.

WAEC C.R.K Exam marking scheme for paper 2

  1. There is no point in wasting time when you get to any question that you are not familiar with. Just Proceed to other questions.
  2. It is advisable to attempt the questions you are familiar with first before proceeding to attempt more difficult, advance, and difficult questions so as to help you save time.
  3. Sometimes, two options may look right. So be very careful in choosing an option when two options are alike. These kinds of questions are usually set to test the candidate’s abilities to know if they actually know what they are doing.
  4. How to Guess your answers: If it seems there is no more option for you, it is better to make a wise guess for any question you don’t have answers to instead of wasting your whole time on it. Let your guess be based on a positive option. On several occasions, positive options are usually true if there are no negative ones attached.
  1. Pay attention to these words like: “ not, sometimes, always, and never”. Answers that contain words like “always” must be irrefutable.
  2. Answers to questions with “All of the above” and “None of the above”: When you encounter “All of the above” and “None of the above” options, then it is advisable not to select “All of the above” if you are not very sure that any of the answers provided is incorrect. The same is applicable to Questions with “None of the above” options. Don’t always choose options with “none of the above” If you are not very sure if any of the answer options is correct.
  3. The Correct Option always carries information Relating to the Question (sometimes contain a phrase from the question”. It has been observed that the correct answer always contains more relating information than the other options that may not be correct. This is a very good hint for you when guessing an answer.


What did David do when he was told that the child Bethsheba born for him had died?

  1. He seeks Nathan’s counsel on what to do.
  2. David Anointed himself and worshiped the Lord.
  3. He Wept throughout the day.
  4. David Tore his robe and went to his house.

Who assisted Zerubbabel and Joshua when they began to rebuild the house of God in Jerusalem?

  1. Zachariah and Haggai
  2. Gods prophets in Jerusalem
  3. Mithredath & Tobael
  4. The men of God in Jerusalem

Where was the first place that the disciples were called Christian?

  1. Samaria
  2. Caesarea
  3. Antioch
  4. Ephesus

Who baptized Jesus Christ and where was he baptized?

  1. Mathew in River Jordan
  2. John in the River of Jordan
  3. Jeremiah in the River of Babylon
  4. Mary Magdalene in the Red sea.

Jerusalem was taken away by David. Who did he take it from?

  1. The Philistines
  2. The Edomites
  3. The Ammonites
  4. Jebusites

What was the main consequence that brought about the division of David’s kingdom?

  1. Solomon’s forced labor
  2. Absalom’s revolt
  3. Jeroboam’s revolt
  4. Rehoboam’s unwise decision

How to Answer WAEC C.R.K Theory Questions [Paper 2].

Answering WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K theory questions can be very intimidating especially when you don’t have self-confidence.

WAEC C.R.S - C.R.K Exam expo

But the advice I will give you if you want to pass this Exam is to always make sure you eliminate fear first before going for Exam.

To Answer any WAEC Theory question, make sure you follow these steps below↓

  • First, read and understand the instructions and format that Question and Answer must follow and obey before you start answering it.
  • Read a particular question and understand what the questions are looking for. Read like two or three times before you give start providing your answer
  • Your Answers should start by quoting the question if it is an essay question.
  • Make sure to go through entire Answers to make sure that all your answers, writings, and spellings are presented accurately in the required format.
  • Make sure you follow the Theory Answers Structures. Below is the complete WAEC theory answers Structures to take note of↓

WAEC C.R.K Theory Answers Structures

Whenever you are answering WAEC theory or Essay questions, always make sure you take note of the following answer structures and make sure you present your answers as stated here:

When the Question says

  • “Describe”: That means You should say what you see – no need for reasons. You can give a detailed account, using examples
  • “State”: That means You should Provide a factual report with no explanation or opinion.
  • List”: That means You should write down listed points, not paragraphs. Keep it brief.
  • Explain”: That means You should give reasons
  • Outline”: That means You should give a brief summary
  • Analyse”: That means You should go into detail
  • Compare”: That means You should state similarities and differences?
  • Contrast”: That means You should state the differences?
  • Calculate”: That means You should use numbers given to work out the value of something
  • Define”: That means You should give the meaning of something.
  • Evaluate”: That means You should consider both sides – pros and cons
  • Justify”: That means You should use evidence to explain something.
  • When the Question asks you “to what extent”: That means You should Judge the importance or success of something –Tell both the abilities and disabilities of that thing.
  • Argue”: That means You should present a case with evidence or reasons.
  • Assess”: That means You should Weigh up / give an informed judgment.
  • Comment on”: That means You should give your opinion on something.
  • Debate”: That means You should give a different perspective


General WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Expos 2020

  1. When you notice that your time is far spent and you are about to submit while you still have so many Difficult Questions to attempt, then you may have to stop cracking your brain and use our prediction method as explained above. BUT,
  2. Don’t you ever leave any Answers space blank. Don’t fail or refuse to answer any question on any subject. Just Choose options randomly and just submit it even if you don’t think they are correct answers. That is better than leaving it completely blank.
  3. Ask your neighbor for an answer if possible.
  4. Read and Understand what each Question is asking for before making an attempt of giving an answer.
  5. Evaluate each answer option: After you might have finished reading and understanding a question, make an attempt of identifying the right type of answer that will answer the question even before looking at the options. You can do a quick evaluation of the answers, choose the correct option, and move ahead.
  6. Eliminate each clearly wrong Answers. If you’re asked Questions like “what gender Is your father”? You don’t need an Oracle to tell you that the correct option will be “male”.
  7. If every other option here fails, then guess like a magician. You may guess and get it correct.


Secrets to WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Exam 2020

WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Exam has both Objective and theory Questions. So you need to acknowledge the following:

  • Be smart and also recognize and recall all that you have been reading.
  • You have to be smart and conversant with all WAEC Question formats like questions of facts, sentence completion, true-false questions, analogy, multiple-choice, matching questions, etc..
  • The theory part always requires more detailed writing and Explanations.
  • The objective Questions have one, and only one correct answer. So don’t pick more than one answer for any question.
  • This WAEC Exam requires strict preparation and memorization. So read and memorize what you read.

How and Where to Get Free WAEC C.R.S – C.R.K Questions and Answers.

You can get free WAEC C.R.K Questions and Answers 2020 here on Studentmajor.com So if you are looking for Free WAEC C.R.K Questions and Answers for 2020, then use the Comment box below to send us a request and we will send you Free WAEC C.R.S Questions and Answers for 2020 anytime we have it.

Why do Candidates Fail WAEC Exam

Many candidates fail WAEC because of the following:

  1. Failure to, or Provision of wrong candidate’s details on Answer booklets.
  2. Having the same Exam number and name on more than one Answer Booklet on the same subjects.
  3. Candidate or Exam Center indulgent in Exam malpractice.
  4. Failure to follow Exam instructions as presented on the Question papers.
  5. Failure to shade answers appropriately as required on the OMR (OBJ Answer Booklet).
  6. Shading objective Answer sheets with a pen instead of using an HB pencil.
  7. Mix up of details or using Mismatching details.
  8. Missing Exam. And so on…

How WAEC Exams are being marked?

The marking of WAEC Candidate’s scripts is handled by selected WAEC examiners and Officials. WAEC Exam Markers are usually educationists who have been well trained and have familiarity with student abilities and classroom situations.

Download Free 2020 WAEC Syllabus for all Subjects below. Select each Subject below to view and download its free syllabus for 2020/2021

  3. Download WAEC BIOLOGY SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  4. Download WAEC CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  7. Download WAEC COMMERCE SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  9. Download WAEC ECONOMICS SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  12. Download WAEC FURTHER MATHS SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  13. Download WAEC GENERAL MATHS SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  14. Download WAEC GEOGRAPHY SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  15. Download WAEC GOVERNMENT SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  16. Download WAEC HISTORY SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  18. Download WAEC MARKETING SYLLABUS 2020/2021
  19. Download WAEC PHYSICS SYLLABUS 2020/2021

Download free 2020/2021 WAEC Syllabus for all Subjects PDF Here

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