WAEC Syllabus for Biology 2021/2022 & Textbooks in Pdf Download

I am want to make it easier for WAEC candidates by providing them a free WAEC Biology Syllabus for 2021/2022.

WAEC candidates are free to view and download our free WAEC Biology Syllabus for 2021 with the recommended textbook and area of concentration.

The area of concentration covers all the and topics that WAEC will set 2021 Biology questions from. So there are topics to read for WAEC 2021 Biology Exam.

Note: This WAEC syllabus is free for all candidates preparing to write the upcoming 2021 WAEC Biology Exam and it is the best material to help candidates pass without expo.

Topics to read for WAEC Marketing Exam 2021

This WAEC syllabus is designed to meet the requirements of the upcoming exam and help candidates to achieve the best they can from this course.

As a result of the importantness of this, it is highly recommended that all candidates that are preparing for this exam should get this WAEC Biology Syllabus 2021 and use it effectively.

Here are the summary topics to read for the WAEC Marketing exam 2021. Download the syllabus at the bottom of this page in PDF to see the complete breakdown of the topics.

1. Living Things: This is the study of the concept of living and Non-living things

  • Organization of life

2. Cells: Study the forms structure and functions of cells.

3. Supporting systems in plants and animals: Study about the tissues and supporting systems in plants and animals.

  • Skeleton and tissues and so on

4. Human systems in Mammals and their functions: Study the following systems and know their functions

  • Transport System.
  • Respiratory System
  • Excretory Systems
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system
  • Reproduction system

Hormonal Coordination

  1. Nervous Coordination
  2. Sense Organs: Structure and function of the

Plant and Animal Nutrition

  1. Plant Nutrition
  2. Animal Nutrition

Ecological System

  1. Ecosystem
  2. Ecological factors
  3. Measurement of Ecological Factors.
  4. Food webs and trophic levels
  5. Ecological Management
  6. Ecology of population


Man and health

  1. Variation in Population
  2. Morphological variations
  3. Physiological Variations
  4. Biology of Heredity (Genetics)
  5. Genetic terminologies
  6. Traits
  7. Genes
  8. Transmission of characteristics in organisms.



The basics of heredity

  • Hybrid formation
  • Linkage and transmission of characters.
  • Principles of heredity
  1. Adaptation for survival and Evolution.
  2. Behavioral Adaptations in Social Animals.
  3. Evolution.
  4. Cell Biology
  5. Life Processes in Living Things
  6. Diversity of Living Things
  7. Interactions in Nature Soil
  8. Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology
  9. Humans and their Environment
  10. Evolution

Biology in other fields

  1. Biology and Industry
  2. Biology and water industry
  3. Biology and fishing industry
  4. Biology and food industry:

4.Biology and agriculture


  1. Biological fuel generation
  2. Concept of Living

1 .Cell theory

  1. Excretory Systems
  2. Sense organs.
  3. Reproduction
  4. Population Studies by Sampling
  5. Energy transformation in nature:
  6. Nutrient Cycling in Nature
  7. Ecological Management.
  8. Habitats
  9. Biology in Agriculture.
  10. Microorganisms
  11. Man and Healthy environment.
  12. Evolution
  13. Adaptation for survival in plants and animals

Download WAEC Biology Syllables in PDF

WAEC Area of Concentration For Marketing 2021

The purpose of this syllabus is to help WAEC candidates to;

  1. acquire computational skills to tackle any subject.
  2. develop precise and formal reasoning skills to problem tackling any subject.
  3. prepare the candidates effectively for the exam by giving them an idea of where to expect Questions from.
  4. Test their achievement abilities on the course objectives.
  5. demonstrate and provide sufficient knowledge of the concepts of the subject matter of these Subjects.
  6. Apply the principles and concepts of this subject to everyday life.
  7. Get relevant information regarding each subject Objectives,
  8. Have knowledge and access to the Topics WAEC Will set Biology Questions from
  9. Know the Contents of Each of the topics that are listed on the WAEC Syllabus.
  10. Be able to get short Notes and Recommendations regarding the area of concentration
  11. Know the Recommended Textbooks needed for effective studies for this WAEC Biology Exam.
  12. Download and use the Syllabus for free.


Download free 2021 WAEC Syllabus for all Subjects PDF Here

How to Use this Biology Syllabus for A better Result

As a WAEC Candidate, you may not have to go through all textbooks you see and start reading them line-to-line and text-to-text.

There are some techniques that you can put in to help you speed up your studies.

So if you have four subjects to write and four Syllabuses to cover each in two months, you will realize that spending more than two weeks on a particular subject’s syllabus will put you to a position where you will end up not touching some subject.

Almost all WAEC candidates always try to complete the syllabus even when there is a shortage of time.

But the guides below will give you some of the basic ideas and methods to cover your syllabus in a very short time.

With the guide below, you can easily cover up your WAEC Biology syllabus in less than 2 weeks.


  • Go through the entire syllabus thoroughly.
  • Collect related study materials from different sources including textbooks.
  • Visit different websites and textbooks to make contribution studies.
  • Make notes on every topic you read. This will help in various ways.
  • Make important points and remember those points. Also, make sub-points of those main points and store them up.
  • Form Abbreviation for yourself and use them to memorize.

Other Materials to use along


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