WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2022/2023 [OBJ & Theory Expo]

Free WAEC Biology Answers 2021 to WAEC 2021 Biology Questions for OBJ & Theory with free expo guidelines for 2021 candidates is now available on this page.

Our WAEC Biology questions and answers 2021 Materials have been provided to assist candidates to pass this WAEC exam in flying colors in one sitting.

This is why we have provided WAEC candidates with this free WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2021 expo solution guide. Our WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2021 solution guide is free for all subjects…

Check out the free WAEC questions and answers for Biology for paper 1 (OBJ), paper 2 (Theory & essay), and paper three (Practical) below. See Biology practical specimen for 2021 here

WAEC Biology Practice Questions and Answers 2021

Below are sample WAEC questions answers options for Biology. These questions are for practice. Check them out and keep checking back for the correct questions and answers for 2021.

Examination OMR

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Exam Pattern:

WAEC Biology exam comes in theory, OBJ, and practical papers. It has paper one, paper two, and paper three. Paper 1 is the Objective paper (OBJ), Paper 2 is Theory (essay), paper 3 is the practical paper.

1. What is another Name for larva?

  1. Nymph
  2. Maggot
  3. Caterpillar
  4. Chrysalis

2. Which source of energy do plants need to produce food?

  1. Photosynthesis
  2. Chlorophyll
  3. Sunlight
  4. Microorganisms

3. Which of the following is the major difference between animal and plant nutrition?

The plant has the ability to synthesize:

  1. Food for plants and animals
  2. B Water for plants
  3. Water for animals
  4. Food for plants only.

4. The process of converting starch into maltose is known as____?

  1. Hydrolysis
  2. Condensation
  3. Translocation
  4. Photosynthesis

5. What Causes the ascent of water in a tall tree?

  1. Adhesive forces
  2. Transpiration pull
  3. Root pressure
  4. Cohesive force

6. Which of these substances digestion will be affected if the duodenum of a patient is removed surgically?

  1. Starch and protein only
  2. Starch and lipids
  3. Starch, protein, and maltose
  4. Starch, protein, and lipids.

How to Answer WAEC Biology Theory Questions [Paper 2].

Answering WAEC Biology theory questions can be very intimidating especially when you don’t have self-confidence.

But the advice I will give you if you want to pass this Exam is to always make sure you eliminate fear first before going for the Exam. To Answer any WAEC Theory question, make sure you follow these steps below↓

Waec answer 2 300x300 1

  • First, read and understand the instructions and format that Question and Answer must follow and obey before you start answering it.
  • Read a particular question and understand what the questions are looking for. Read like two or three times before you give start providing your answer
  • Your Answers should start by quoting the question if it is an essay question.
  • Make sure to go through entire Answers to make sure that all your answers, writings, and spellings are presented accurately in the required format.
  • Make sure you follow the Theory Answers Structures. Below is the complete WAEC theory answers Structures to take note of↓

Helpful WAEC Materials:

WAEC Biology Theory Answers Structures

Whenever you are answering WAEC theory or Essay questions, always make sure you take note of the following answer structures and make sure you present your answers as stated here:

When the Question says:

  • “Describe”: This means you should say what you see – no need for reasons. You can give a detailed account, using examples
  • “State”: This means you should Provide a factual report with no explanation or opinion.
  • List”: This means you should write down listed points, not paragraphs. Keep it brief.
  • Explain”: This means you should give reasons
  • Outline”: This means you should give a brief summary
  • Analyse”: This means you should go into detail
  • Compare”: This means you should state similarities and differences?
  • Contrast”: This means you should state the differences?
  • Calculate”: This means you should use numbers given to work out the value of something
  • Define”: This means you should give the meaning of something.
  • Evaluate”: This means you should consider both sides – pros and cons
  • Justify”: This means you should use evidence to explain something.
  • To what extent”: This means you should Judge the importance or success of something –Tell both the abilities and disabilities of that thing.
  • Argue”: This means you should present a case with evidence or reasons.
  • Assess”: This means you should Weigh up / give an informed judgment.
  • Comment on”: This means you should give your opinion on something.
  • Debate”: This means you should give a different perspective

General WAEC Biology Expos 2020

  1. When you notice that your time is far spent and you are about to submit while you still have so many Difficult Questions to attempt, then you may have to stop cracking your brain and use our prediction method as explained above. BUT,
  2. Don’t ever leave any Answers space blank. Don’t fail to answer any questions. Just choose an option if you don’t know the correct answers. That is better than leaving a question blank.
  3. Ask your neighbor for an answer if possible.
  4. Read and Understand what each Question is asking for before making an attempt of giving an answer.
  5. Evaluate each answer option: After you might have finished reading and understanding a question, make an attempt of identifying the right type of answer that will answer the question even before looking at the options.
  6. Eliminate each clearly wrong Answers. If you’re asked Questions like “what gender Is your father”? You don’t need an Oracle to tell you that the correct option will be “male”.
  7. If every other option here fails, then guess like a magician. You may guess and get it correct.

Secrets to WAEC Biology Exam 2020

WAEC Biology Exam has both Objective and theory Questions. So you need to acknowledge the following:

  • Be smart and also recognize and recall all that you have been reading.
  • You have to be smart and conversant with all WAEC Question formats like questions of facts, sentence completion, true-false questions, analogy, multiple-choice, matching questions, etc..
  • The theory part always requires more detailed writing and Explanations.
  • The objective Questions have one, and only one correct answer. So don’t pick more than one answer for any question.
  • This WAEC Exam requires strict preparation and memorization. So read and memorize what you read.

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