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WAEC Agricultural Science OBJ Answers to Sample Questions 2021

1. What is the name of the device that regulates heat in an incubator?

  1. A Thermometer.
  2. A hygrometer.
  3. An insulator.
  4. A thermostat.

2. One of these statements is wrong about crop production?

  1. Crops like Onions are grown in the rainforest.
  2. Yam, cassava & cocoyam are well grown in savanna and rainforest.
  3. Urban centers are used to grow Some foreign vegetable crops.
  4. savanna and moist vegetation belts are commonly used in growing Carrots.

3. One of these is the disadvantage of surface irrigation?

  1. Water lost is Surface Irrigation is high.
  2. The Water in Surface Irrigation is evenly distributed over the farmland
  3. Surface Irrigation is cheap.
  4. Surface Irrigation is suitable for paddy rice cultivation.

4. Which of this is used to produce Fine soil tilt?

  1. A Harrow.
  2. A Plough.
  3. A Ridger.
  4. A Mower.

5. Which of this is not a problem of farm mechanization in West Africa?

  1. Farm drudgery reduction.
  2. Low farm holdings.
  3. Low Capital and poverty.
  4. Bad Soil topography.

WAEC Agric Theory Questions and Answers Samples

(1) Explain the use of the following terms in animal production:

  • (i) debeaking
  • (ii) Dry cow;
  • (iii) Culling;
  • (iv) Quarantine

(b) Give the description of the life cycle of (Ascaris lumbricoides) roundworm

  • (c) What is farm mechanization?
  • (d) List out 4 tractor coupled implements

(2)(a) List out 6 factors that hinder farm mechanization in West Africa.

  • (b) List out at least 6 possible ways to promote farm mechanization in West Africa.
  • (c) List out at least 4 simple methods of identification in cattle Farming.
  • (d) Define the word “debeaking” in poultry farming?

(3)(a) Mention 2 processes that usually release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

  • (b) Mention 4 pests that attack stored crops.
  • (c) List out at least 2 functions of Potassium in crops.
  • (d) Discuss how the following biotic factors affect productions in Agriculture Science:
  • (i) parasites;
  • (ii) Soil organisms.
  • (e) List out 4 advantages of zero tillage.

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