Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities in Germany

Image showing Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities in Germany
Image showing Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities in Germany

All German Universities will no longer charge tuition fees for undergraduate study as of October 2014. Some States Universities charge a per-semester cost (around 50 euro) or administration charges (about 50 euros).

You should always check this page to see the most current information about tuition fees in Germany’s different federal states. Non-EU citizens are charged EUR1,500 per semester tuition fees by Baden-Wurttemberg, for Master’s, Bachelors, and Diploma programs.

Unlike undergraduate study, most Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Germany are fee-based. Postgraduate studies cost more than the enrollment and confirmation fees. There are many scholarships available for Masters’s and Ph.D. studies in Germany.

German National Scholarship Programme

Germany Scholarship (which is also known as German Scholarship Program) provides material and financial aid for highly motivated and dedicated students across the globe who want to receive a no-cost scholarship. Germany Scholarships are available to students who are highly qualified at all the universities of Germany.

The scholarship does not take into account income from parents or personal assets. It is also unrelated to one’s nationality. 

The monthly scholarship payout is 300 EUR and can be granted for at most two semesters. However, it may not be extended beyond the normal period of study. You can find the Germany Scholarship on the interactive map in Germany.

DAAD Scholarship Programs

DAAD is an association that is a mix of German higher education institutions responsible for promoting international academic relations, principally through exchanges of academics, students, and researchers.

 DAAD German scholarship contains monetary funding and scholarship opportunities for international students, graduates, and scientists seeking financial assistance for their studies, research, or teaching in Germany. 

This database contains not just all the scholarships provided by DAAD but also a variety of programs offered by a range of institutions.

DAAD Grants and Scholarships offered in Germany for Development-related Postgraduate Courses.

Scholarship Level: Masters/Ph.D. Degree

Deadline: Aug-Oct 2021 (annual)

Study in:  Germany

The next course starts AY 2022/2023

Germany Foundations Scholarship Programs

Many German religious and political foundations offer scholarships for international students with diverse backgrounds, preferences, and qualifications. They are all found on

Friedrich Naumann Scholarship for International Students 

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation scholarship is open to international students pursuing their first degree within Masters or Ph.D. programs in a state-approved or national institution of higher education located in Europe’s continent, Germany, Switzerland, or within the European Union.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is a foundation in Germany. The foundation is located in Germany. It is a foundation in the Federal Republic of Germany devoted to the advancement of liberal ideals and the education of politicians. The mission of the foundation is to promote the ideals of freedom and equality to every person in all aspects of life, both in Germany and internationally.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Masters/Ph.D. Degree

Deadline: 31 Oct/30 April (Annual)

Study in: Germany, Switzerland

The course starts April/Oct 2022

OPENS:1 OCT 2021

The application process opens in the fall for scholarship opportunities in Germany for students coming from Africa and other developing nations every year. They are either full or partial fees for master, undergraduate, or Ph.D./doctoral degrees.

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