Top Eagle Scout Scholarships for Students in 2022

Top Eagle Scout Scholarships for Students
Top Eagle Scout Scholarships for Students
Top Eagle Scout Scholarships for Students
Top Eagle Scout Scholarships for Students

Every boy scouts in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) knows that the highest rank you can receive is the Eagle Scout. Becoming an Eagle Scout demands a lengthy review process and the completion of an Eagle Scout project.

Being an Eagle Scout is a great way to demonstrate leadership and service, and it can come in handy during a scholarship and admissions process. One such scholarship option is the Eagle Scout Scholarship.

Eagle Scout scholarships are available to students who have attained the highest rank in Boy Scouts.

Some scholarship opportunities are available from the BSA, and some outside the Boy Scouts of America also sponsor these awards.

This article will provide information about Eagle Scout scholarships, including eligibility, award amounts, and deadlines! We will also show some of the colleges and universities that give scholarships to Eagle Scouts.

National Eagle Scout Association Scholarships

The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) is an organization that aims to connect and support Eagle Scouts and Eagle Scout alumni. The NESA offers scholarships for students in three areas: academic, merit, and NESA World Explorer.

Academic scholarships

The NESA Academic Scholarships support Eagle Scouts who are academically gifted in the classroom. Students are awarded scholarships from $25,000 to $48,000 for four years. There is even a separate STEM Scholarship for an Eagle Scout who plans to study in a STEM-related field. The Academic Scholarship is worth $50,000 over four years.

To be eligible, students must be Eagle scout and have a minimum SAT score of 1290 or ACT score of 28.

Merit scholarships

The next kind of scholarship that the NESA offer is merit scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to Eagle Scouts who have strong academic performance, have done some community service, and have been involved in their school and Scouting communities. The Merit Scholarship is worth $2,000 to $5,000.

To be eligible, students must be Eagle Scout members. The student can either be a current high school senior, college freshman, a college sophomore, a college junior, or have a year left at a vocational or trade school.

Students can also apply for these scholarships multiple times. Some students start at the beginning of their senior year in high school and then continue applying through junior year in college.

NESA World Explorer

The third type of Eagle Scout Scholarships is the NESA World Explorer scholarship. This scholarship help fund NESA World Explorer field trips that occur around the world! The amount awarded isn’t specific, but it covers the cost of travel, lodging, and registration for NESA World Explorer research trips.

To be eligible, students must be between the ages of 18 and 35. Just like the Merit scholarships, students can apply multiple times.

You can always check their website here to see the full list of all available scholarship options for Eagle scouts.

Private scholarships for eagle scouts

There are numerous private scholarship options for Eagle Scouts awarded by private, civic, and religious organizations. Here are some of them.

National Jewish Committee On Scouting Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is available for Eagle scouts who are high school seniors and active members of a synagogue. Applications must be submitted between October 1 and January 31. The winner can receive up to $3,500.

Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship

This scholarship is for high school seniors who are active in the BSA at the Eagle Scout level and are younger than 19 years old. Applicants must be U.S citizens or permanent residents and be registered in an active Eagle Scout Unit. The winner can receive up to $14,000.

VFW Scout Of The Year Scholarship

This scholarship is for active Boy Scout Troop, Sea Scout Ship, or Venturing Crew members who have received the Eagle Scout Award, Quartermaster Award, or the Venture Silver Award. Applicants must be between 15 and 18 years of age and still in high school. Winners can receive up to $3,000.

Emmett J. Doerr Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for high school seniors who are active in Scouting and are practising Catholics. Applicants must have the Eagle Scout/Silver Award, Ad Altare Dei, or Pope Pius XII Religious Award and show outstanding leadership. The winner can receive up to $12,000.

Hall/McElwain Scholarship

This scholarship provides awards of up to $5,000, which is based on school and Scouting participation and community service. Applicants must be an Eagle Scout and a graduating high school senior or an undergraduate college student. Students attending any of the U.S. military academies are not eligible.

Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to an Eagle Scout who has shown academic performance, financial need, and active participation in school and Scouting activities. There are two types of the Cooke Scholarship. One is up to $48,000 ($12,000 per year for four years), and the other is $25,000 ($6,250 per year for four years)

Eagle Scout Scholarship Conditions

These are the conditions that are attached to the Eagle Scout Scholarship. Being familiar with the conditions can increase your chance of being awarded a scholarship.

  • Any Eagle Scouts may apply for NESA scholarships, starting in their senior year of high school through their junior year in college.
  • Applicant must be an active member of the National Eagle Scout Association for each award period.
  • Applicants will register, maintain, and provide NESA with proof of full-time status at his or her selected college/university during the duration of the scholarship.
  • All funds will be paid directly to the applicant’s selected college/university for tuition, board, room, and books during the duration of the scholarship, which is four consecutive years.
  • Applicants must attend a four-year college/university that is accredited by recognized accreditation agencies and that offers at least a bachelor’s degree upon completion of the course of study offered.
  • NESA will submit payment to the selected college/university upon receipt of an itemized bill and college transcript verifying the awardee’s full-time status.
  • The scholarship is paid either in semester installments like the larger Cooke Scholarship awards, or as one-time payments at the discretion of NESA.
  • Applicant must have and maintain a GPA that places you in the upper third of your class.
  • Applicant must use the scholarship in the academic year awarded. Scholarships cannot be deferred.
  • Applicant will submit a short video report (2 to 4 minutes) to NESA at the beginning of the school year that shows the importance of the scholarship to your academic success
  • Recipients may receive a NESA scholarship one time only.
  • NESA scholarships are available to Eagle Scouts attending four-year colleges or universities, vocational trade schools, and other approved programs.
  • NESA scholarships are not available to students attending any of the U.S. military academies.
  • NESA scholarships are not available to graduate students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.

How Much Money Can You Get For An Eagle Scout Scholarship?

The amount that each scholarship pays differs. Academic scholarships provided by the Boy Scouts of America range from $25,000 to $50,000. At the same time, the merit scholarships pay between $1,000 and $5,000.

There are many other private scholarship options, each with its scale for awarding financial aid to Eagle Scouts. For instance, there is the Eagle Scout of the Year Award, which is granted by the American Legion, with an award for $10,000. Three runners up receive $2,500 each.

What Are The Requirements For An Eagle Scout Scholarship?

To be eligible for an Eagle Scout scholarship, you must be a National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) member and have good grades. Though, each scholarship comes with its own set of other criteria. For instance, the NESA STEM Scholarship, a $50,000 award, is given to Eagle Scouts whose chosen field of study is STEM-related.

So, areas within science, technology, engineering, or math. Another one is the Cooke Scholarship, still from NESA. To be eligible, you need to have at least an SAT score of 1290 or an ACT score of 28. But the starting point is to be a member of NESA and have good grades.

Does Being An Eagle Scout Help With College Admissions?

Being an Eagle Scout might help with college admissions. After all, it is a prestigious award and rank to earn. While it is not an excuse for having poor grades, many colleges weigh a candidate using other criteria. This may mean taking a deeper look at your extracurricular activities or assessing your leadership qualities. So, by being an Eagle Scout, you got that covered.

What University Give Eagle Scout Scholarships?

Some universities offer scholarships for Eagle Scouts.

The University of Mississippi offers the Eagle Scout/Gold Award to entering first-year students. They can receive $6,000 ($1,500 / year) in funds. While new Community College Transfer students can receive $3,000 ($1,500 / year) in funds.

Another college that offers Eagle Scout Scholarships is the Florida Institute of Technology. The scholarship is for any new first-year student who earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Girl Scouts with the Gold Award can also apply. It is called the Panther Fund Scholarship, which awards $2,500 per year. You need to be a full-time undergraduate there.

Hampton Sydney College offers Eagle Scouts scholarships as well. It is worth $5,000 per year, totalling $20,000. These scholarships value an Eagle Scout’s leadership, character, honour, and service.

Conclusion for Eagle Scouts Scholarships

The Eagle Scout rank is a great honour for students and a great way to show community service and leadership abilities. Your Eagle Scout rank and Eagle Scout project are great things to highlight in your applications to any university or scholarship. You can always check their website here to see the full list of all available scholarship options.

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