Texas Christian University (TCU) Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Admission

If you wish to apply for the incoming class of 2025 undergraduate admission at the Texas Christian University, then this article will give you detailed information on the TCU Acceptance rate 2021 and requirements to get in.

Firstly, the Texas Christian University undergraduate admission is open for both First-year students (Freshman Admission), Transfer Students, and International students for the class of 2025.

On this page, I will give you the needed information on the admission requirements, Test (SAT/ACT) score, GPA, and grades needed to get into TCU for the early action and early decision admission for the class of 2025.

Interesting Facts About TCU

Before I proceed, I will love to take you through some of the most important facts that will interest you about Texas Christian University. Texas Christian University is also known as TCU.

TCU is the biggest religious university. This University is associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and it has more than 20 religious organizations for students of any faith to join.

It is compulsory for all Freshmen and sophomores that are below 21 to live on campus, except they commute from a parent’s home.

Texas Christian University Admission Rate, Class Profile/Statistics

In this section, I will give you detailed information on the kind of students that get accepted at TCU, which students are not accepted, and the average GPA, SAT, or ACT scores of students that get in.

Texas Christian University (TCU) Acceptance Rate and Admission profile for incoming students

Admission Statistics

Below are the Texas Christian University Undergraduate admission statistics and class profile showing the admission distribution by gender.

Gender distribution:

Male students Stats:

  • Total male students that applied: 8,445
  • Number of male students accepted: 3,258
  • The acceptance rate for male students: 40%
  • Enrolled Male students: 884

Female students Stats:

  • Total female students that applied: 11,711
  • Number of female students accepted: 4,952
  • The acceptance rate for female students: 42%
  • Enrolled female students: 1,310

General Admission Statistics:

  • Total students that applied: 20,156
  • Number of students accepted: 8,210
  • Average Acceptance rate: 42%
  • Enrolled Male students: 2,194
  • Students in the top 25 percent of their high school: 75%

Accommodation Stats:

  • Students that live in college: 52%
  • Students that live off-campus: 48%

In the next section below, you will see the Texas Christian University acceptance rate, admission requirements, GPA, SAT/ACT needed to get in, application dates, and deadlines for the class of 2025 admission.

TCU Acceptance rate for 2021

Undergraduate admission at Texas Christian University is very selective. The chances of getting into Texas Christian University is average. The TCU Admission standard is very high and the applicant’s competition level is average.

What is the acceptance rate for TCU? The acceptance rate for Texas Christian University (TCU) is 42%. See more details below.

  • TCU Acceptance Rate is 42%
  • The TCU early acceptance rate is 62.2%.
  • Fall acceptance rate: 47% (estimated)

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Is TCU hard to get into?

With an acceptance rate of 42%, I will say that admission to TCU is competitive. As such, students that wish to apply and get in must be at the very top of their class and have a good ACT/SAT score and GPA of the range shown in the next section below.

TCU ACT/SAT Test Score Requirement to get in

Like I have emphasized already, a good test score is one of the most important admission requirements at TCU. Meanwhile, submitting the test score is also optional.

But, I will recommend all applicants to submit their test score along with their application to increase their chances. Below are the required SAT or ACT score needed to get into TCU.

What SAT score is required for Texas Christian University?

TCU Average SAT Score Requirements

25th percentile:

  • Reading: 580
  • Math: 570
  • Composite: 1150

75th percentile:

  • Reading: 660
  • Math: 680
  • Composite: 1340
  • Average SAT Score: 1250
  • SAT Range 1150 – 1340

What ACT score is required for Texas Christian University?

TCU Average ACT Score Requirements

25th percentile:

  • Reading: 26
  • Math: 25
  • Composite: 26

75th percentile:

  • Reading: 34
  • Math: 29
  • Composite: 30
  • Average ACT Score: 28
  • ACT Range: 26-30

Does Texas Christian University prefer SAT or ACT?

From analysis and the past TCU class stats, more applicants submit ACT than SAT. About 59% of applicants submit ACT scores while 41% submit SAT scores.

Texas Christian University Admissions Requirements

Below are the admission requirements and student information needed to get into Texas Christian University. These requirements and information are to be submitted along with the application to enable the school to make decisions.

  • Test Score (SAT or ACT) –optional
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • High School GPA
  • Demonstration of Competencies
  • High School Class Rank
  • Completion of a College Preparatory Program
  • Credits (AP or Dual Credit or Credit for Life Experiences)

What GPA is needed to get into Texas Christian University?

The estimated average GPA requirements to get into TCU is 3.68 on the 4.0 scale, with a typical high school grade of B+.

2021 Application Dates/Deadlines/Fee

  • Application deadline: February
  • Fall Application Deadline: Mar 1, 2021
  • Application fee: Fifty Dollars ($50).
  • Application Portal: https://admissions.tcu.edu/

Check for complete and accurate 2021 application dates and deadlines @ https://admissions.tcu.edu/apply/faqs/deadlines.php

What major is TCU known for?

Below are some of the top majors at Texas Christian University:

  • Health-Related Majors
  • Management
  • Business
  • Marketing, and Related Programs
  • Communication
  • Journalism, and Related Programs
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences

Disclaimer: Most of the data and stats that are shown on this page are estimated based on the TCU past years’ admission stats since most of the data for this year’s admission is not available for now.

As such, this information will be updated with time. So keep visiting this page to check for recent updates or visit the official Texas Christian University admission portal for more information.

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