Scholarships for People With Asthma

Scholarships for People With Asthma

There are actually many asthma-related associations, foundations, and related groups that offer scholarships precisely for students who have asthma. While having the condition is of course a requirement for such programs, each asthma scholarship has its own additional application requirements, as well as a unique monetary award and deadline.

If you are a high school or college student living with asthma, you can check to see if you qualify for an asthma scholarship, as it can help you pay for tuition and other costs of your higher education such as living expenses and books.

Scholarships for People With Asthma

You can apply to one of the asthma bursaries listed below to reduce your tuition costs.

Asthma patients need a comfortable environment to study plus a clean atmosphere to stabilize their air intake. On this page, I have compiled “scholarships for people with asthma”. There are also other opportunities such as asthma scholarships for high school seniors, college students, and athletes.

So, let’s get right into it.

Asthma Scholarships Programs

Several organizations offer asthma scholarships. It takes time and effort to find scholarships and to apply for them. But seeing that scholarships often offer hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the investment is often considered more than valuable.

You can search for asthma-specific scholarships by browsing the websites of professional associations, universities, support groups, pharmaceutical companies, and others who are working on improving the lives of people who have asthma, raising asthma awareness, and supporting future researchers.

You can also talk to your school counselor about your interest in scholarships, as they might be aware of some programs you aren’t. If you have attended an asthma camp, that could also be a way of identifying asthma scholarships.

This list is a good place to start when doing your application research.

Scholarship For People with Asthma

1. The National Garage Door Atlanta Asthma and Allergy Scholarship

They offer one scholarship valued at $1000 to any university student with asthma based on grades and an essay application.

This $1,000 bursary is for a high-achieving university student or a student already enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program at a US college or university who has asthma or allergies.

National Garage Door Atlanta recognizes the importance of community involvement. This is why they created a scholarship program for asthma patients.

They have assisted and will continue to assist hardworking students with asthma in achieving their goals.

  • Source: National Garage Door Atlanta Company.
  • Course: first or second cycle.
  • Eligibility: University student with asthma or allergies.
  • Cash price: $ 1,000.

2. The Texas Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Scholarship Memorial Foundation Asthma Scholarship Award

The TAAIS Memorial Foundation is on a mission to enhance the quality of life of students in Texas who suffer from asthma, allergies, and immunodeficiencies.

This program is open to high school students in Texas who are asthmatic and want to attend university after high school. A maximum of three eligible and worthy Texas high school students with asthma will each receive a $ 1,500 reward.

  • Source: Texas Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society (TAAIS) Memorial Foundation
  • Course: several courses
  • Eligibility: seniors in high school
  • Cash price: $ 1,500

3. The Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Associates of Tampa Bay

The AAIA of Tampa Bay Prize – annually awards a $500 scholarship to two asthma patients who have been their patients for over a year. The award is available to American citizens and high school graduates who have been admitted to a Florida state college or university.

Applicants are required to submit their high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, and an essay on a provided topic.

  • Source: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates of Tampa Bay.
  • Course: Curriculum.
  • Eligibility: Seniors in high school and be a patient of AAIA for one year.
  • Cash price: $ 500.

4. The Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers (CCAC) Asthma Scholarship

Four $1000 annual scholarships are awarded to academically high-performing students who are current patients of the CAAC clinic. The program is open to high school seniors, college undergraduates, and graduate students.

  • Source: Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers (CCAC)
  • Course: Curriculum
  • Eligibility: Seniors in high school and be a current patient of CCAC.
  • Cash price: $ 1000

5. AAAAI Scholarship Application

To honor their pledge to the future of the specialty, AAAAI and the AAAAI Foundation have awarded almost $ 1 million in awards for allergy/immunology research projects in 2021. The Grant Application Cycle for 2021 is over. The 2021 price cycle will open on July 15, 2021. On this date, the available prices will also be announced.

  • Source: American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Foundation (AAAAI)
  • Course: several courses
  • Eligibility: AAAAI members
  • Cash price: varies

6. The AAFA-Texas Kareem Bacchus Memorial Scholarships

The Texas Chapter of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America is accepting applications for its Memorial Scholarship. The program is open to seniors with asthma, a high academic level, and financial needs. The foundation will have a value of 3 prizes. Max. The amount is $ 1500 for each prize.

  • Source: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Texas Chapter (AAFA-TX)
  • Course: several courses
  • Eligibility: Seniors in high school in the state of Texas.
  • Cash prize: $ 1500

7. Google Lime Scholarships

Google offers scholarships of $10,000 to students for college. To be eligible, students must have a disability and must be planning to major in computer science or a related field. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for this award, on the condition that they are full-time students.

Students are required to demonstrate leadership ability, strong academic promise, and complete an application before the deadline. Students must submit demographic information, educational history, three essays, two letters of reference, transcripts, and a resume as part of the application process.

  • Source: Google Lime.
  • Course: Computer science or IT-related field.
  • Eligibility: Anyone with a disability.
  • Cash prize: $5,000.

8. Schering-Plough Will to Win Asthma Scholarship

This award is given exclusively to students with asthma who are in their last year of high school. To be eligible, students must hold at least a 3.5 GPA, be a citizen of the United States, submit a completed application (this includes letters of recommendation, high school transcripts, a brief story, and any awards), and have been accepted into a college or university.

  • Source: Schering-Plough Will to Win.
  • Course: Several courses.
  • Eligibility: High school students in their last year of high school.
  • Cash prize: Varies.

9. Business Plan Scholarship

Have you written a business plan for a class, competition, or to further your own entrepreneurial ventures? If so, they invite you to apply for the Business Plan Scholarship from Fit Small Business. The scholarship is open to students with any type of disability. Any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at any accredited American College, University, or Trade School with a documented disability may apply for the scholarship.

  • Source:
  • Course: Undergraduate or graduate degree program.
  • Eligibility: Any undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Cash prize: $1,000.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

You might also qualify for scholarships programs that are available for students with disabilities even if they don’t exactly apply to asthma. Depending on the guidelines of a given scholarship, your asthma diagnosis might make you a candidate. If you are not sure if you qualify, consider contacting the scholarship administrators to check their requirements.

Some national resources you can use to find financial assistance and other support for students with disabilities include:

The U.S. Department of Education.

The U.S. Department of Education has resources for students that include details about your rights as a student with a disability.

The National Center for College Students With Disabilities (NCCSD)

This is a federally funded program where you can find information about accommodations and programs that may be available for you.

Tips for applying for scholarships

Tip 1: Applying

As you put your applications together, be sure to include all the required information so your scholarship application won’t be disqualified for being incomplete.

You may need to answer some questions, provide a letter from a doctor that verifies that you have asthma, write an essay, or make a video to apply for a scholarship.

Tip 2: Talk about your strengths

Make sure you highlight your strengths and show that you are determined to work hard as you pursue higher education. If you already have ideas about what you want to do in your future, don’t hesitate to share your ambitions. And most importantly—be yourself and be creative.

Tip 3: Ask for help

You can always ask your parents, high school counselors, and/or teachers to review your scholarship application if you want feedback.


As someone living with asthma, you work to overcome health obstacles on a regular basis. It can be challenging but you can continue to achieve great things despite its challenges. A number of organizations want to honor this and help you on your path to achieving your educational dreams by granting scholarships to help with the financial aspects of your higher education.

These scholarships do not impose any confines on the recipients’ area of study. Generally, scholarship money is directly paid to your college, but sometimes the funds can be given to the student.

Keep in mind that some organizations might offer a scholarship annually, while others only offer it in certain years. Some of the asthma scholarship programs select one student per application cycle, while some offer scholarships to more than one student in an academic year.

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