Royal Holloway Term Dates

Royal Holloway Term Dates

Are you looking for term dates for next year at the Royal Holloway University of London? Well, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll provide you with the term dates for the 2022–2023–2024 academic year, as well as information on how to register for courses. So be sure to bookmark this page and check back later for updates!

Royal Holloway Term Dates

Royal Holloway Term Dates

The Royal Holloway University of London has announced that its 2022/2023 term dates are as follows:


Autumn TermMonday 19 September to Friday 9 December 2022
Spring TermMonday 9 January to Friday 24 March 2023
Summer TermMonday 24 April to Friday 9 June 2023
Winter GraduationTuesday 13 to Thursday 15 December 2022
Summer GraduationMonday 10 to Monday 17 July 2023


Autumn TermMonday 18 September to Friday 8 December 2023
Spring TermMonday 8 January to Thursday 28 March 2024
Summer TermMonday 29 April to Friday 7 June 2024
Winter GraduationTBC
Summer GraduationTBC


Autumn TermMonday 23 September to Friday 13 December 2024
Spring TermMonday 13 January to Tuesday 4 March 2025
Summer TermMonday 5 May to Friday 13 June 2025
Winter GraduationTBC
Summer GraduationTBC


Looking for term dates at Royal Holloway, University of London? We’ve got you covered! Here you can find the full term dates for all faculties and departments at Royal Holloway, as well as other useful information such as campus maps and accommodation options.

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