Princeton Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class Admission Stats By Majors

The Princeton University 2021 acceptance rate for the class of 2025, and its SAT Test score or ACT Test score requirements, GPA requirement, high school grade requirement, admission application fee, admission chances and the general admission requirement for the class of 2025 admission, it what you will see as you proceed.

If you wish to know the Princeton admission rate for transfer applicants, early decision, and early action or regular decision, (Undergrad freshman, in-state, or out-of-state and international students) and the admission rate by major, then here is a good page for you.

Princeton University 2021 Acceptance Rate for class of 2025 and Admission Statistics for early decision & action transfer & freshman by major

Princeton University has a very low acceptance rate which has remained the same over time. In 2019 admission for the class of 2023, Princeton Acceptance rate was as low as 5.5%. This has made Princeton University very selective as the competition is very high.

This simply means that only 5.5% of the total number of students that applied for admission at Princeton University were admitted and that is extremely low. The question now is, how can you work your way to be part of this 5 percent admission rates? you will get an answer to this under the Princeton Admission Rate, Chances, and Statistics section below:

Princeton Acceptance Rate 2021 for the Class of 2025

Drawing from the Princeton University class of 2024 admission, 32,836 applicants submitted applications, and 1,823 applicants out of the total applicants were admitted. Out of the total number of admitted applicants were 17% first-generation college students while 61% were U.S. citizens or permanent residents students. Applications came from students from over 10,897 high schools from 161 different countries.

What is the Princeton University acceptance rate? The Princeton acceptance rate is 5.5% as obtained from the 2020 admission statistics for the class of 2024.

Requirements: SAT, ACT, GPA, GRADE, etc

Average SAT Score Requirements: Range 1440 -1570

Breakdown 25th percentile:

  • Reading: 710
  • Math: 730
  • Composite: 1440

75th percentile:

  • Reading: 770
  • Math: 800
  • Composite: 1570

Average ACT Score Requirements: Range 32-35

Breakdown 25th percentile:

  • Reading: 34
  • Math: 30
  • Composite: 32

75th percentile:

  • Reading: 36
  • Math: 35
  • Composite: 35

Princeton Average High School GPA Requirements: 3.87

  • High School Grades: A

Other Requirements

  • Application fee: $75
  • Princeton’s Supplement.
  • Application Fee: or Fee Waiver.
  • Graded Written Paper.
  • Transcript.
  • Mid-year School Report.
  • SAT/ACT Test Score.
  • Two Recommendations from Teachers
  • Counselor Recommendation. For Common Application.
  • School Report (SR): Available at the Common Application website.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic scores. If you are not from an English Speaking High School.
  • A Completed Application. To be submitted online through the admission application portal:

Princeton Admission Rate, Chances, and Statistics

Well, there are no magical, special, or manipulative ways of gaining admission at Princeton. Admission at Princeton is just very competitive and the school has an elite admission standard. So all you need to stand a better chance of gaining admission at Princeton college is a good profile.

When I talk of a good profile, I mean both academic and non-academic profiles like a good Test score, good high school grade, a high GPA, with a non-academic profile like extracurricular activities, special talents, and the contributive ability for the academic growth of Princeton College.

The Princeton University 2019 admission Statistics for Applicants to the Class of 2023

  • Total Applicants: 32,804
  • Total Admits: 1,896
  • Total Enrolled: 1,343

Admission distribution

  • Females: 50.8%
  • Males: 49.2%
  • Children of Princeton alumni: 14%
  • First in their families to go to college: 16%

High School Attended: Admitted Students by high School in percentage

  • Public: 60.7%
  • Independent Day: 17%
  • Religiously Affiliated: 12.7%
  • Independent Boarding: 9.2%
  • Home School: 0.5%
  • Military : 0.1%

Annual  Average annual cost:

  • Before aid $74,150
  • After aid$9,749 (Aid available as Scholarship and grants)

All challenges and questions should be emailed to [email protected]. That was the basic information on the Princeton University Acceptance rate for transfer applicants, early decision, and early action or regular decision, (Undergrad freshman, in-state, or out-of-state and international students) and the admission rate by major. Check the school website for more information

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