Pilot Jobs/Salary in Nigeria 2022 (Job Opportunities and Positions)

As you read down to the bottom of this page, you will see the best Pilot Jobs and Pilot Salary in Nigeria 2021 with their Job requirements and qualifications.

If you also want to know more about the Job opportunities and Job positions for Pilots in Nigeria, then this article will list them out.

Every important information about pilot jobs in Nigeria and the best salaries earned by pilots in Nigeria have been shared below.

How Much Does a Pilot Earn Monthly in Nigeria?

A qualified and certified Pilot in Nigeria earns monthly salaries between N350,000 to N800,000 for Local flight and about N1 million Naira for pilots that work for international airline companies.

Note: pilot salary in Nigeria can start from Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira and the salary range are based on job positions, qualifications or ranks.

Requirements to Get Employed as a Pilot After Graduation

To be declared a qualified pilot in Nigeria, you must meet a 40 hours FAA required standard for flight time training for becoming a private pilot, and 1500 flight hours for an airline pilot.

But if you want to become or to pick an airline job, then you will need 4,000 hours of experience.

Job Positions/Opportunities for Pilots in Nigeria

The job opportunities available for pilots in Nigeria is basically on Local or international flights while the job positions for Pilots in Nigeria depends on ranks and qualifications.

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Pilots are easily identified by the number of stripes on their uniforms. The number of stripes on a pilot uniform entails the rank of that pilot.

Ranks in Pilot (stripes): Job positions are base on the following ranks:

  • Training Captain
  • Captain
  • Senior First Officer
  • First Officer
  • Second Officer
  • Cadet/Trainee

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Pilot Job Positions and Required Certificates/Qualifications

The pilot certificates of aviation are issued based on specific purposes. The list of the available pilot certificates required to become a full-time fledged aircraft pilot.

Private Pilot Certificate: obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate qualifies the pilot to fly solo in a plane in Nigeria and such pilot must be 17 years old or above.

Instrument Rating: acquiring an instrument rating certificate qualifies a pilot to use the instruments found in a cockpit for navigation during bad weather.

Flight Instructor: This certificate certifies a pilot to take flight hours experiences while the pilot can still teach and instruct others.

Commercial Pilot Certificate: obtaining this certificate will qualify the pilot to become a commercial pilot, i.e., flying for the Air Transport Pilot (ATP) airline companies.

Finally, the highest paying pilot job positions is ‘Major Airline Pilots’. Meanwhile, the lowest paying pilot job positions includes; airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers.

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