Notre Dame Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class |Admission & Enrollment

Welcome to this page that will enlighten you on the Notre Dame Acceptance Rate 2021 for the class of 2025. It is very necessary for students seeking admission to know the University of Notre Dame admission rate before applying.

Apart from knowing the Notre Dame admit rate, it also very important to know the basic admission requirements needed to get into the University of Notre Dame for the class of 2025 applicants.

From the Notre Dame Class profile shown on this page, interested applicants will be able to know what Test score (SAT or ACT), GPA, grades, and additional documents that they need to gain admission at the University of Notre Dame.

The information on this is for Freshman (first year) applicants, transfer students, and international students that wish to apply for admission into the various Notre Dame undergraduate programs for the class of 2025.

Notre Dame Admission Rate (Admit rate/Stats)

Let’s start by looking at the University of Notre Dame admit rate. The  Notre Dame Admission statistics shown below covers the admission rate and the percentage of admitted applicants by gender.

Image showing University of Notre Dame admission rate, Statistics and acceptance rate

Admissions Stats

  • Applied: 22,200
  • Accepted: 3,515

Female Admission Stats

  • Females Applied: 11,006
  • Females Accepted: 1,688
  • Acceptance Rate: 15%

Male Admission Stats

  • Males Applied: 11,194
  • Males Accepted: 1,827
  • Acceptance Rate: 16%

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Percentage of students by Gender

  • Male Students: 51%
  • Female Students: 49%

Enrollment Profile

  • International: 7%
  • Out-of-State: 7%
  • First Generation students: 17%
  • S. Students of Color: 27%
  • Captains of a varsity sport: 44%
  • Headed a major student: 24%
  • Students Participated in community services: 87%
  • Percentage of Students Involved in music, fine arts, dance, or drama: 48%

Is it hard to get into Notre Dame?

Admission at Notre Dame is very competitive. The University of Notre Dame is one of the most selective and competitive private colleges/universities in the US.

If you must get in, you must at least, an average SAT score of 1445 or an average ACT score of 34 and a rough average GPA of 4. Notre Dame has a very low acceptance rate. So admission at Notre Dame is hard.

The next section below will give the complete details of Notre Dame’s acceptance rate, application fee, test score requirements, application dates and deadlines, and admission requirements.

Notre Dame Acceptance Rate 2021

What is Notre Dame’s acceptance rate? The University of Notre Dame Acceptance rate is 16%. See the application fee and other requirements needed to get in below:

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Test Scores Requirements to get in

SAT Math

  • 25th percentile: 720
  • 75th percentile: 790

SAT Critical Reading:

  • 25th percentile: 680
  • 75th percentile: 760

ACT Score Composite:

  • 25th percentile: 32
  • 75th percentile: 35


Notre Dame Admission Requirements

  • High School Transcript
  • Essay
  • One recommendation
  • Test Score (optional)
  • High School GPA
  • College Prep Courses
  • High School Rank

Application requirements:

  • Application Fee: Seventy-Five dollars ($75).
  • Admission and Application Portal:

Application Dates and deadlines:

Admission and Application Deadlines:

  • Fall freshmen deadlines: January, April
  • Early decision deadlines: November, December
  • Transfer admission deadlines: March, June.

Application Dates and deadlines:

  • Early Action: November.
  • Regular Decision: January
  • Confirmation Deadline: May

Top Majors at Notre Dame and Their Admit Rate

  • Science: 28%
  • Social Sciences, Arts/Humanities: 26%
  • Business: 24%
  • Engineering: 20%
  • Architecture: 2%

Application Modes

  • Offers Early Decision
  • Offers Early Action

Application methods:

Admission Office Address

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame.

Address: 100 Campus Distribution Center Notre Dame, IN  46556, United States.

Contact Phone: 574-631-5000

Finally, the University of Notre Dame Notre Dame admissions is very selective and competitive. Student who gets in has good academic records and documents. So, it is advisable to meet the admission requirements stated earlier before applying.

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