NECO Syllabus for English Language 2020/2021, Textbooks Download pdf

NECO exam Syllabus

NECO Syllabus for English Language

Here is the recommended NECO English Language syllabus for 2020 which is also available for downloading in Pdf free.

This syllabus is recommended to all 2020 NECO candidates who want to prepare intensively, accurately, and smartly for the upcoming exam.

With this syllabus, you will know the NECO recommended textbooks for the English Language, and the topics to read for the exam (area of concentration).

All the topics that NECO will set 2020 NECO English questions from will be seen in the syllabus shown below.

This syllabus alone will even help candidates to know what they should read for the Exam and where they should be expecting questions from.

Aim of This Syllabus and Area of Concentration

Please: This syllabus is strongly recommended for all NECO candidates that are preparing for the NECO English language exam to use while doing their daily studies.

There is a lot that candidates will benefit from this syllabus. This syllabus is provided to help NECO candidates to;

  • Acquire skills & competency in answering English questions
  • Know the topics that NECO English questions will be set from.
  • Write any kind of letter
  • Know the key breakdowns and categories of the English language
  • Learn how to use English correctly.

As I said, the NECO English syllabus is the best, the simplest, the easiest, and the most reliable material that will give candidates insights into the topics that NECO will set questions.

This syllabus aims to provide detailed information on the subject matter, the topics to read, and the contents of each topic which will tell you the keynotes to take on each topic.

So, you must understand that this syllabus is designed as reference material that contains guides, areas of concentration, and topics to expect questions from.

NECO English Language Topics to read for the 2020 Exam

Below are the NECO English Language topics to read from the 2020 syllabus. Study and cover them extensively.

NECO Syllabus for English Language
NECO Syllabus for English Language

Essay and Letter Writing: The Essay writing and letter section of the 2020 NECO English examination will carry 50 marks.

Available Topics to study

  • Letter writing: Learn how to write both Formal and Informal letters
  • Writing a speech; Practice how to write an interesting speech
  • Narrative: Learn how to write a narrative
  • Making description: Learn how to make a proper description
  • Debate:  Learn how to present a well written argumentative essay
  • Report writing: Study how reports writings are presented.
  • Writing article. Learn how to write good articles.
  • Essay writing. Select some good topics and practice how to write an essay.
  • Writing of exposition.

SUMMARY: This involves summarising a reading passage.

What to practice.

  • Read and summarize reading passages in NECO past questions.
  • Your summary should not be less than the needed number of words.
  • Do not mix up points.
  • Let your summary not deviate from the topic.
  • Do proper paragraphing and punctuation.
  • Check out and correct writing & grammatical errors, and misspelling of words.


This section of the NECO English paper takes 40 marks. The comprehension section has two different paragraphs and the two are to be answered in 50 minutes. Each paragraph has over 300 words.

What to study?

  • Practice how to read with speed using past questions.
  • Practice careful reading.
  • Note points while reading and use them to answer the questions that will be set from the passage.

LEXIS and STRUCTURES: The following are the recommended topics to study under lexis and structures are; Cover them extensively.

  • Vocabulary
  • Idiomatic expression.
  • Collocation
  • Synonym
  • Antonym
  • Words and their meanings.
  • Sequence of tenses
  • Pronouns and matching of pronouns in sentences
  • Noun referents
  • Prepositions in sentences
  • Use of figurative
  • Conjunctions
  • Determiners

NECO Syllabus For Oral English

Oral English is paper 3. This section of the NECO syllabus is for Oral English (paper 3) of this exam. The following are the recommended topics to expect questions from.

Listening Comprehension: Candidates are advised to read the following topics extensively and expect many questions from them.

  • Test vowels and consonants
  • Intonation
  • Narratives
  • Stress and stress patterns
  • Clusters
  • Dialogues
  • Diphthongs and Monophthongs
  • Rhymes

CONSONANTS: Study and know Single Consonants, Consonant sounds, and clusters

VOWELS: Do well to study the following extensively;

  • Vowel system
  • Pure Vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • Monophthongs
  • Triphthongs
  • Sound contrasts

STRESS: Try and cover everything about STRESS.

  • Primary Stress
  • Emphatic stress
  • Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress

INTONATION: Study the following topics;

  • Intonation patterns
  • Tunes
  • Utterances
  • Pitch fall and rise patterns

Concord Rules in English: Please, spend time and study everything on this topic;

  • Verb and subject agreement
  • Rules and their application in sentences

Other topics to study;

  • Syllable Structure
  • Phonetic Symbols and transcription


  • Patterns in Sentences
  • Syllables
  • Phrases and Clauses

Recommended Textbooks

These are the NECO recommended textbooks for the English Language. Choose two or more of them and study with them.

  • Countdown English Language. The Author: Ogunsanwo, O. & Co. (Use the Revised Edition)
  • The Silent Teacher. The Author; Olatoye, S.
  • Intensive English for SS3. The Author: Oluikpe, B. O. & Co.
  • Objective Tests for School Certificate English. The Author; Tomori, S. H.
  • Catch up on English. Author; Ukwuegbu, C, Okoro, & Co.
  • Oral English for Secondary School by

If you want to pass your NECO English exam with flying colors, then I will strongly advise you to use this syllabus when studying and make sure to cover all the topics in the syllabus.

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