NECO Result Out 2022/2023 SSCE, BECE & NCEE: How to Check on Portal

Candidates that partook in the just concluded 2021 NECO exam can now check the NECO Result 2021 via the result checker portal.

The complete steps and procedures on how to check the 2021 result will be seen below. With this guide, you will be able to access the result checking portal and check your own result using your phone or computer.

Note; NECO SSCE, GCE, BECE, NCEE Result for 2020, Result for 2019, Result for 2018, Result for 2017, Result for 2016, Result for 2015, Result for 2014, Result for 2013, Result for 2012, Result for 2011, Result for 2010, Result for 2009, Result for 2008, Result for 2007, Result for 2006, etc. can also be checked.

The National Examination Council which is simply known as NECO has opened its result checker portal for 2021 candidates and past years’ candidates to easily access the portal and check their result via the NECO website portal.

So if you took part in the 2021 NECO exam or you wrote your NECO exam in past years’, you are to follow the procedures outlined below to check your own result.

To be able to check your result, you will need a NECO scratch card. You will see approved centers and vendors to buy NECO scratch as you read. Please make sure you follow this guide attentively.

Is 2021 NECO Result Out?

There is no current information on that for now. But the National Examination Council (NECO) has given direction to all the 2021 NECO candidates to visit the result checker website portal to check their result.

NECO Result is out for SSCE internal & external, BECE & NCEE.

When will 2021 NECO result come out?

According to the NECO exam marking policies, results might take up to 60 days from the exam deadline, before it will be released. This is not very certain because it might be longer than this in most cases.

So candidates are advised to check their result via the result checker portal to confirm if theirs is out or not. Candidates that do not see theirs are to keep rechecking from time to time.

How to get/print Original NECO Result.

The original result cannot be printed online. You can only get your original Result at the school that you wrote your exam.

Therefore, the only result you can see on the result checker portal is the result notification (statement of result). You are to check and collect the Original result at the school you wrote your exam.

Follow the steps below to check your result online via the result checker portal using your phone or computer.

How to check 2021 NECO result Online with Phone

The following are the easy steps to check your result via the NECO portal. Both 2021 candidates and past years candidates are to follow the same procedures.

First Method;

  • Visit
  • Enter your Exam year in the first space
  • Select your Exam type (SSCE internal or external, BECE or NCEE)
  • Put your token number.
  • Enter your registration number (Exam No.)
  • Tap “CHECK RESULT” and your result will be shown to you.

How to check result Online with a computer.

Checking your result with a computer (Laptop or desktop) is the same procedure as using your phone. The only difference is the screen resolution and navigation.

2nd Method;

  • Visit
  • Choose “Examination Type” (SSCE internal or external, BECE or NCEE)
  • Select year of examination
  • Enter your card PIN No.
  • Fill in your Examination Number
  • Tap on “Check My Result” to see your result

How to check result without scratch card?

The new way to check your result is to buy the NECO tokens which you can use to check both NECO SSCE, GCE, BECE, or NCEE.

How to Check BECE Result

  • Go to
  • Select BECE in the “Examination Type” section
  • Chose Exam year
  • Enter your card PIN Number.
  • Type-in your Exam Number
  • Tap on “Check My Result” to see your result

How to Check NCEE Result

  • Visit the checking portal
  • In the “Examination Type” section, chose NCEE.
  • Select your examination year
  • Fill in your card PIN No.
  • Enter your NECO NCEE Examination No.
  • Tap on “Check My Result” to see your result.

Where to buy NECO scratch card.

Do you need a free NECO scratch card to card to check your result? A lot of candidates are asking if there is any way they can get free or check their results without a scratch card.

NECO result token/scratch card can be obtained from NECO approved vendors, banks, NECO branch offices, or online @

Candidates’ Important Questions and Answers on Result

Can I get my original NECO result from NECO office? Yes!!! Candidates can get their original results at the NECO office. But they can also obtain their result at the school they wrote their exam.

How can I check my NECO GCE result 2021?

  • Go to
  • Enter your Exam year in the first space
  • Select your Exam type (SSCE internal or external, BECE or NCEE)
  • Put your token
  • Enter your registration number (Exam No.)
  • Tap “CHECK RESULT” and your result will be shown to you.

How long does it take for result to be out? It takes about 45 to 60 days from the day the NECO exam ends. But it might take longer than this in some cases.

How much is NECO original Certificate? The Original result is One Thousand Naira Only (N1,000).

Does NECO certificate carry date of birth? Yes! The candidate’s date of birth will appear on their result.

Is NECO certificate accepted internationally? Yes! NECO certificate is accepted internationally for admission or work. But you must verify your result on WES here.

How much is NECO token? The NECO token or result card is three hundred Naira (N300) only.

Can I change my NECO name on result? Yes! But this can only be done within the NECO data correction period. But it may not be possible if the result is out already. Contact NECO for more details on this.

How can I pay my NECO bill? You can pay your NECO bill via the approved channels through vendors. Contact NECO office for more details.

How can I check my NECO result without scratch card? There is no way to check your result online without a scratch card except, the result has been released to your school.

Can NECO date of birth be changed in result? Yes, but this must be done before the result is out else, you can swear an affidavit.

NECO 2021 result released date? The result released date for 2021 has not been announced. Meanwhile, candidates should not wait for announcements but should visit the checking portal to check if theirs has been uploaded.

Where is Neco headquarters? For more questions and complaints, you can contact the NECO branch offices or headquarter via the following;

Telephone; 08069232760, 08052218069, 08052218070, 08126886938, 08126886939, 08189342653, 08189342754

Emails; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

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