NECO Syllabus for Physics 2020/2021 & Textbooks Download in pdf

This 2020 NECO Syllabus for Physics will help you as a NECO candidate to prepare excellently for this upcoming NECO 2020 Exam.

Using this NECO Physics Syllabus 2020 will help you to have the basic idea of the necessary and important topics NECO physics questions will be set from.

The best part of this syllabus is that it also contains all the NECO recommended Textbooks for Physics in 2020 which are the best for candidates to do their studies with.

This free NECO Physics syllabus for 2020 is also available in pdf where candidates can easily download to their device and use it offline at any time.

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Aim of this Syllabus

NECO Syllabuses are usually released year after year. The syllabus is mostly updated on yearly basis depending on, whether there are changes in curriculum or not.

The main purpose of the syllabus is to give candidates the basic information and outline of the subject’s objectives and the topics that they should read for that very subject.

NECO syllabus is the best and comprehensive material for getting easy access to the NECO area of concentration for each subject.

Therefore, NECO candidates who use this NECO Physics syllabus will be able to;

  • Know the topics physics questions will set from for the 2020 NECO exam
  • See the breakdown and sequence of each topic.
  • Know the important topics they should read.
  • Have access to NECO Physics area of concentration for 2020
  • Discuss the objectives of this subject
  • Know the Recommended Textbooks to use for studies.

2020 NECO Syllabus And Important Topics To Read

Like I said up there, NECO Physics Syllabus is the most excellent material for NECO candidates who are preparing for the 2020 NECO Exam.

The NECO Physics Syllabus that you will download below contains important topics to read for the NECO Physics Exam.


  • Fundamental units & quantities
  • Sub-multiples & multiples of units
  • Derived units & quantities and
  • Dimensions of quantities

Measurements Tool

  • Metre rule
  • Vernier Calipers
  • Micrometer screw gauge

Measurements of Quantities

  • Length
  • Time
  • Mass
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Degree of accuracy


  • Types of motion
  • Concepts of a straight-line motion
  • Relative motion
  • Parameters of motion
  • The equations of motion
  • Uniform and non-uniform motion and their graphical presentation
  • Velocity-time graph
  • Gravitational motion
  • Uniform circular motion
  • Causes and effects of motion Force


  • Forms of energy
  • Concepts of work
  • Concept of energy
  • Conservation mechanical energy
  • Power
  • Force-distance graphs

Heat Energy

  • Heat and temperature
  • Effects of heat
  • Measurement of temperature
  • Kinetic molecular theory
  • Thermal expansivity of liquid and solid
  • Change of state
  • Heat transfer


  • Electric charges
  • Production of charges
  • structure of matter
  • Distribution of charges
  • Conductors and their properties
  • Insulators and their properties
  • Semi-conductors and their properties


  • Definition of magnet
  • Explanation of magnetic materials
  • Properties of magnets
  • Patterns of magnet
  • Induced magnetism
  • Theory of magnetism
  • Magnetisation & demagnetisation
  • The magnetic properties of metallic objects

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