NECO Physics Practical Specimen Answers and Questions 2020/2021

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The National Examination Council popular known as NECO always provide Specimens for Physics practical.

These Specimens are always labeled alphabetically by the NECO Examiner for easy identification.

Neco physics practical specimen

All the NECO Physics Practical Questions and Answers 2020/2021 will be gotten from this Physics Practical Specimens that will be given.

Here on, we have made it very easy for NECO Candidates to have access to the NECO Physics Practical Specimen Answers and Questions 2020/2021 for past years so as to give them an idea of what they will do during the NECO Physics Practical Exam.

So if you don’t want to be stranded and frustrated during this NECO Physics Practical Exam 2020, then follow this NECO Physics Practical Specimen Answers and Questions 2020/2021 guide as if there is no tomorrow.

Our wish to all NECO candidates reading this post is to make them pass their NECO Physics examination at ease. So that is the reason why Studentmajor has provided this material online for NECO Candidates to study ahead of the coming NECO Physics practical exam.

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GOODNEWS!!! NECO Physics Practical Specimen Answers and Questions 2020/2021 will be made easy as ABC for you with this guide.


Neco Physics Practical Specimens Samples

Disclaimer: The NECO Physics Practical Specimens Listed Below has no confirmation of being the actual NECO Physics Practical Specimen for this year ………. The specimens below are sample specimens gotten from last year Exam.

There are provided here to help you make finding and study them in case they come up again in this year’s exam.


For Question 1

  • Retort stand and clamp
  • Pendulum bob
  • Thread
  • Stop watch (stop clock)
  • Meter Rule
  • Split cork.
  • Rectangular glass prism
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing papers
  • Four optical pin
  • Four thumb pins
  • Resistance box
  • Voltmeter (0-3V)
  • 2V accumulator
  • Plug keys
  • Connecting wires

For Question 2

  • Ray box with illuminated objects (cross wire)
  • Convex lens(f = 15cm)
  • Screen
  • Metre rule.
  • Lens Holder.

For Question 3

  • Battery
  • (2)Two dry cells(2×1.5v)
  • Resistor labeled R = 2Π
  • Key
  • Resistance box labelled R
  • Seven connecting wires.

Neco Physics Practical Exam Precautions


Practical Exam is not like the Normal theory and Objective exam. NECO Physics Exam needs extreme carefulness.


Make sure you study each Specimen carefully and get familiar with them. Also learn how to draw or use each of the apparatus accurately without mistakes.


All candidates must follow the Examiner’s instruction as stated in the question paper.


All Specimens are to be carefully observed. Also Endeavor to go through your Question paper to check and observe if there is any error. If there is any, then report to your Examiner.


Each Specimens and apparatus are to be duly identified. Their functions (uses), diagram and labeling may be required.


No candidate is permitted to start the NECO Physics Exam before the stipulated time. Doing this may attract penalization.

So candidates must not start until they are instructed by the examiner to start.


Each candidate must be on his or her own each candidate is to carry out their practical personally.


No loitering or Noise making will be tolerated during this NECO Physics Practical Exam. Any candidate found making noise or loitering will attract a serious penalty to his or herself.


In addition, all form of malpractice is not smiled upon. Any candidate found cheating by any means will be penalizing in accordance with the National Examination Council (NECO) Examination code of conduct.


Each candidate is strictly advised to write their NECO Physics Practical Exam and any other Subject by themselves. Bringing an External body to write your Exam for you is against the exam’s rules and it attracts a serious penalty.


You are not permitted to ask your fellow candidate any question. All Questions are to be directed to the Examiner.

Additional Precautions and instructions will be communicated to you during the exam by your Examiner.

Other Physics Exam Solutions 2020

How to Carry Out Your Neco Physics Practical and Pass Well

Neco physics practical questions and answers


Arrive at your Exam Center very early (at least 30 minutes or even one hour before the exam time.

You always advise candidates to arrive at their respective Exam center as early as possible. Rushing to exam hall may cause poor performance and reduce your score.

Another bad aspect of it is that, it may cause missing out or unawareness. But if you make yourself available at your exam venue as early as possible, then you will not miss out from getting any information.


Do not rush when your are supplied with Exam Materials. Wait to hear what the examiner will say and the instructions that you are to follow in writing your exam.

Participate actively in all the activities that the examiner will recommend the candidates to carry out.


Time is very precious especially in exam. There is a time range given for the exam that you are about to write. So you must manage the time well and make sure you complete everything within the range of this time.

The examiner will never assign a special extra time for you just because you have not finished. So avoid anything that may distract you and consume your time.


For Examiner to catch you violating the NECO Exam policies and instructions is a big offence that may cause a very big damage to your result.

So if you want to see your result complete and very impressive, and then do what do only what your examiner ask and obey all the exam rules and instructions.

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