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NECO Physical Education Essay Answers 2021(Expo)

This are sample questions and answers from the previous Physical Education NECO examination. The main answers for 2021 will be loaded in this page 2 hours to the exam time.

Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.

-In tabular form-
-Intramural competitions-
(i) It means that the activities which are performed within the walls or within the campus of an institutions are called
(ii)These activities are organised only for the students of a school or an institution.
(iii)No student of other school can participate in these activities.
(iv)There is mass participation

-Extramural competitions-
(i)It means that the activities which are performed outside the walls of an institution or school.
(ii)It means that the activities which are organised by an institution/school and the students of two or more schools can participate in them.
(iii)In extramural competition, the students of other schools can also participate in sports related activities. It is also called inter-school
(iv)There is no mass participation

(i)Warming up helps the body to deliver oxygen to the exercising muscle groups.
(ii)Warming up increases body temperature, which reduces the chance for muscle and tendon injuries.
(iii)It helps to increases blood flow to the exercising muscles.
(iv)Warming up increases the suppleness of the muscle, thereby enhancing the mechanical
efficiency and power of the exercising muscles.

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