NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Theory & OBJ Expo

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Sample NECO Marketing OBJ Questions and Answers 2021 for paper 1.

Below are Sample NECO Marketing OBJ questions 2021 and their answers for paper 1 that NECO candidates should practice with. Please use them for study purposes only.

1. Which of the following process is used to test the packaging, pricing, positioning, branding, advertising, and distribution budget of a new product?

  1. Test marketing
  2. Price marketing
  3. Product marketing
  4. Concept testing
  5. Positioning

The correct answer is A. Test marketing

2. _____ is a kind of cost that does vary with production/sales levels?

  1. independent costs
  2. variable costs
  3. standard costs
  4. fixed costs
  5. Change cost.

The correct answer is D. fixed costs

3. The analysis methodology used for identifying the macro-economic conditions in a marketing environment is known as ______?

  1. PEST Analysis
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Post Analysis
  4. Sales Matrix
  5. Conjoint Analysis

The correct answer is A) PEST Analysis

4. Which of the following is the main marketing objective at the maturity stage of a Public Limited Company (PLC) ___?

  1. Maintaining brand loyalty
  2. Harvesting
  3. Differentiating
  4. Deletion
  5. Affiliating other companies

The correct answer is A) Maintaining brand loyalty.

5. ______ is a trading method where a manufacturer agrees to reduce the product price for a retailer with the aim that the retailer should feature the manufacturer’s products.

  1. Rebate
  2. Wholesales pricing
  3. Premium
  4. Allowance
  5. Discount.

6. The right of a customer includes the following, except_____?

  1. Right to safety
  2. They have the right to make a choice
  3. Right to receive value for their money
  4. They have the right to use violence for their right
  5. Right to choose between alternatives

The correct answer is D. They have the right to use violence for their right

7. A letter of inquiry is a letter written by a ___ to a ____ asking for information about a product.

  1. Buyer to a manufacturer
  2. Manufacturer to a buyer
  3. Seller to a consumer
  4. Advertiser to a consumer
  5. A wholesaler to a retailer.

The correct answer is A) Buyer to a manufacturer

8. Which of these is not a commercial document?

  1. Debit note
  2. Receipt
  3. Quotation
  4. Cash paper
  5. Delivery note

The correct answer is D. Cash paper

9. Cash sales involve the transferring of goods from the_____ to the ____ on a cash basis.

  1. Buyer to the seller
  2. Seller to the buyer
  3. Seller to a manufacturer
  4. A wholesaler to a retailer.
  5. Advertiser to a consumer

The answer is B. Seller to the buyer

10. Which of the following is not a reason for forming a Cartel?


  1. keeps up the price of their products
  2. ensure higher profits for members
  3. regulates outputs.
  4. allocates quotas to members.
  5. issue business certificate to members

The correct answer is E. issue business certificate to members

Possible NECO Marketing Theory Questions 2021 and Expo solutions.

These are possible NECO marketing answers 2021 to theory questions and expo solutions for paper 2 that NECO candidates should practice with. Please use them for study purposes only.

possible NECO Marketing Questions and Answers expo sheet for paper one and two answer sheet for theory & Objectives

1. Define the term “Entrepreneurship”

1.a) Entrepreneurship can simply be defined as the basic business concept involved in the development and management of a business venture.

Second definition: The term “entrepreneurship” can be defined as the willingness of a person to start a business with consideration to factors that will enable the business to make a profit.

2. What are distribution Channels?

Distribution channels are the outlined channels in which goods or services are moved or transported from the manufacturers to the consumers.

3. List and explain all distribution Channels you know

  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Consumer

Wholesaler: A wholesaler is the first stage of distribution. A wholesaler is anyone that sells goods in bulk and at wholesale price to a retailer

Retailer: A retailer is sometimes referred to as a “middleman”. A retailer is someone that buys goods in bulk from a wholesaler at wholesale price and sells it to a consumer in small quantity at a retail price.

Consumer: A consumer which is sometimes called “final consumer” is a person that buys goods from a retailer in small quantity for consumption purpose only.

NECO Marketing Expo Runs website 2021

There is no trusted NECO 2021 marketing expo runs website that is recommendable for NECO candidates to rely on.

Meanwhile the NECO Expo is malpractice and it is against the National Examination Council exam’s policies. So don’t allow a website to scam you.

Below are simple guidelines to answer NECO marketing theory questions 2021! The Marketing Questions and answers guidelines below explain various hints to answering theory questions with detailed explanation.

Whenever a 2021 NECO marketing theory questions ask you to;

  • Describe: You should give a detailed account, including some  examples
  • State: Give out a factual/exact report without adding your own explanation or opinion.
  • List: You should just list out points without explanation.
  • Explain: Give detailed information/explanation
  • Outline: Just give a brief summary.
  • Analyze: Do a detailed explanation.
  • Compare: Give the similarities and differences between them.
  • Contrast: State the differences?
  • Calculate: Use numbers to work out the mathematical value of something
  • Define: Give a definition of something.
  • Evaluate:  Consider the pros and cons of something.
  • Justify:  Explain with evidence.
  • To what extent: Tell the obviousness of something including its abilities and disabilities.
  • Argue: This means, candidates should present facts with evidence.
  • Assess: Weigh up to arrive at an informed judgment.
  • Comment on: Give your opinion on something.
  • Debate on: Give the opposite view.

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