NECO English Language Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Expos

Using our expo on NECO English questions 2021 and NECO English language answers 2021 will help all candidates to score A or B in this subject.

Our NECO English Language questions and answers for 2021 is the best NECO 2021 English material to use for this exam.

This material covers the English expo solution for paper 1 (which is objective or OBJ), paper2 (which includes theory, essay, or letter writing), and paper 3 (Oral paper or use of Oral English).

Please, kindly follow this material carefully. This material is the actual, truthfully, and corrects NECO English exam information for the 2021 NECO candidates writing this exam.

NECO Questions and Answers for English Language 2021/2022

I am about to go into a detailed breakdown of the NECO English language questions 2021 and the possible NECO English answers 2021 expo for papers 1, 2 &3 (theory, essay, OBJ, letter writing, objective and oral paper)

NECO English Language Questions and Answers paper 1, 2 and 3 solution

The secret to Pass NECO With “A”

Exam Scheme and Format:

Paper 1 is OBJ. There are 50 possible objective questions (multi-choice questions) accompanied by different options as, A, B, C, D, or E. Paper 2 is a theory, essay, and letter writing.

Letter writing: Candidates will be asked to write an informal or formal letter. Paper 3 is the use of oral English. All questions in paper 3 are multi-choice questions.

2021 NECO English OBJ Questions and answers Samples.

1. Which of the following skills are required of students when the lesson is going on in the class?

  1. Reading and writing
  2. Writing and speaking
  3. Listening and writing
  4. Speaking and listening
  5. Talking and distracting

The correct answer is C. Listening and writing

2. Who is the subject in this sentence, the teacher speaks fast___?

  1. The
  2. Teacher
  3. Speaks
  4. Fast
  5. None

The correct answer is B. Teacher

3. Verbs that help other verbs to form different tenses are known as_____?

  1. Auxiliary verbs
  2. Finite verbs
  3. Infinite verbs
  4. Transitive verbs
  5. Intransitive verbs

The correct answer is A. Auxiliary Verbs

4. “Ugo is very beautiful”… Which of this is true about this sentence__?

  1. “Very modifies the adjective beautiful”
  2. “The sentence is incomplete”
  3. “Ugo is the object in the sentence”
  4. “The sentence has no adjective”
  5. “Very modifies the verb beautiful”

The correct answer is A. “Very modifies the adjective beautiful”

5. A prefix comes_____?

  1. At the center of the main word.
  2. After the main word
  3. In the middle of the main word
  4. Before the main word

The correct answer is D. Before the main word

6. Two West African countries that use the English Language as their official Language are ____and___?

  1. Gabon and Ghana
  2. Nigeria and Ghana
  3. Cameroon and Nigeria
  4. Sierra Leone and Niger republic
  5. South Africa and Cameroon

The correct answer is B. Nigeria and Ghana

7. A group of letters that appears at the end of a word that changes the meaning of the word is_____?

  1. Prefix
  2. Infix
  3. Affix
  4. Suffix
  5. Homophone

The correct answer is D. Suffix

8. Either John or Mike _____ 8 years old

  1. are
  2. were
  3. is
  4. aren’t

The correct answer is C. is

9. Samson is my ______ brother

  1. Senior
  2. Elder
  3. Big
  4. Junior

The correct answer is B. Elder

NECO 2020 Oral English Paper Questions and Answers

Below are similar NECO English past questions and answers that you should practice before going for this exam.

1. It _____ the best idea to pay for those tickets by credit card. It was too risky?

  1. may not have been
  2. may not be
  3. might not be
  4. must not have been

2. They _____ in the basement for three months?

  1. were made sleeping
  2. were made sleep
  3. were made to sleep
  4. made to sleep

3. We’ll never know what might have happened _____ the email earlier?

  1. if he sent
  2. had he sent
  3. if he has sent
  4. did he sent

4. If success _____, we need to prepare ourselves for every possible scenario?

  1. is to be achieved
  2. is achieved
  3. will be achieved
  4. is due to achieve

5. ______ gifts to the judges?

  1. It’s not allowed offering
  2. It’s not permitted to offer
  3. It’s not permitted offering
  4. It’s not allowed to offer

NECO English theory, essay, and letter writing.

Letter writing (informal or formal).

NECO English objective/OBJ, theory/essay, letter writing & Oral papers solution sheets

Download English Syllabus for NECO

Write a letter to your brother in Enugu telling him how you will spend your next holiday. This kind of letter is an informal letter. So all you need to do is to start with your address, salutation, body of the letter the complimentary close, and your name


An example of English Informal and formal letter writing for exam

No.24 Ababa Street,

Lagos state,

12th December 2021.

Dear Bola,

     I am very glad to write this letter to you to inform you how I will love to spend my next holiday. Firstly, I am sure you are doing very well.

The third term of the 2021/2022 session is almost rounding up and there is so much in mind concerning my holiday. At first, I thought of spending the coming holiday with you in Lagos………………..

I am sure you will be happy to read this. Thanks and my regards to Vivian, Juliet, and Miriam.

Yours affectionately,


Formal Letter Writing has two addresses which one is the writer’s address (at the right-hand side) including the date and the other is the receiver’s address (at the left-hand side).

Followed by the salutation, caption (the heading of the letter), the body of the letter, complimentary close (Yours faithfully), signature, and name.

Instructions to follow:

  • Be very smart
  • Recognize and recall all you have studied.
  • Get conversant with sentence completion, questions of facts, true or false questions, and matching questions, etc.
  • Let your essay, theory, and letter writing be detailed but within the required words.
  • Do not pick more than one option for the OBJ questions.
  • Always read and memorize what you studied.
  • Cross-check your Candidate’s Reg. No./Center number to be sure there are accurate.
  • Never you submit more than one answer sheet on the same subjects.
  • Follow the exam instructions written on the first page of the question paper.
  • Shade your answers appropriately with HB pencil only.

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This is the best NECO English questions 2021 and NECO English language answers 2021 material that will give you the correct English expo solution for paper 1 (objective or OBJ), paper2 (theory, essay, letter writing), and paper 3 (Oral paper or use of Oral English).

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