NECO CRS/CRK Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay & Objectives)

NECO CRS/CRK Questions and their Answers for 2021/2022 (Essay and Objectives).

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Today’s NECO CRS OBJ Answers:







NECO 2021 CRS Theory questions and answers 


Pharaoh’s fear of Israel’s growing strength and power drove him to

  • (i)  expel the Israelites from Egypt.
  • (ii) put a heavy weight on the Israelites.
  • (iii) Submerge Israelite infants in the Nile
  • (iv) hunger as a punishment for the Israelites

ANSWER: (i) expelling the Israelites from Egypt


In a dream, where did Solomon see the Lord?

  • (i) Horeb
  • (ii).Gibeon
  • (iii) Gath
  • (iv) Jericho

(ii) IS THE ANSWER (Gibeon)


David’s kingdom was divided as a direct result of this.

  • (i) Absalom’s uprising
  • (ii) Jeroboam’s uprising
  • (iii) Forced labor by C. Solomon
  • (iv) Rehoboam made a poor decision.

ANSWER: (iv) (Rehoboam’s poor judgment)


The Israelites, according to Amos, have turned justice into a game.

  • (i) injustices
  • (ii). poison
  • (iii) wormwood
  • (iv). anguish

(iii) IS THE ANSWER (wormwood)


And he said, “Cast it on the ground,” as if to say, “Cast it on the ground.”

  • (i) persuade Pharaoh to close his eyes.
  • (ii) demonstrate God’s awesome power
  • (iii) free the Jews from servitude
  • (iv) convert the snake to a rod

(iv) IS THE ANSWER (change the snake into rod)


The Spies dispatched by Moses were rewarded when they discovered pomegranates and figs in Eschol.

  • (i) stamina
  • (ii) wishful thinking
  • (iii) disillusionment
  • (iv) dread

(ii) IS THE ANSWER (hope)


Because of this, Joshua was chosen to succeed Moses.

  • (i) Moses was an elderly man.
  • (ii) had now turned his back on Moses.
  • (iii) Moses was tasked with appointing a successor.
  • (iv) Joshua was surrounded by God’s spirit.

ANSWER(I) (Moses was very old)


As part of his battle preparations against Sisera, Barak chose troops from the tribe of

  • (i) Issachar and Judah
  • (ii) Naphtali and Zebulun
  • (iii) Dan and Benjamin
  • (iv) Gad and Asther


“Yet his sons did not follow in his footsteps, but instead turned away from ajier gains.” The “son” was

  • (i)Jonathan and Abinadab, for example.
  • (ii) Phinehas and Hophni
  • (iii) Asahel and Joab
  • (iv) Joel and Abijah


At Ziph, David predicted that Saul would die by one of the following methods, excluding

  • (i) Being enthralled by God
  • (ii) passing away naturally
  • (iii) being killed in a battle
  • (iv) committing suicide

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