NECO Civic Education Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (Theory & OBJ)

The main aim of sharing this free NECO Civic Education questions 2021 and correct NECO Civic Education answers 2021 is to wholeheartedly help the candidates that have been long for the NECO 2021 Civic Education questions and answers.

Over the years, NECO candidates are always looking for free and legit NECO runs (runz) websites that will send them the correct NECO questions and answers for Civic Education before the exam.

Today, here is a free Civic Education expo for NECO 2021 candidates. This expo covers solutions and explanations to the sample NECO Civic Education theory and OBJ questions on this page.

All the sample essay and objective questions for the 2021 NECO Civic Education exam on this page are accompanied by solutions that you should practice with.

Samples of NECO Civic Education answers 2021 to OBJ questions (paper 1)

Practice the following NECO Civic Education OBJ sample questions and answers for paper 1. After practicing, try answering them by yourself and compare your answers to the ones here to see how good you are doing in this subject.

NECO Civic Education Questions and Answers 2020/2021 for paper one and paper two. Exam scheme and marking sheet

1. All except one, are scopes of Civic Education?

  1. Political
  2. Privacy
  3. Legal
  4. Social

The correct answer is B. Privacy

2. Which of the following is the right of a citizen?

  1. Right of owning anybodys property
  2. A right to break any law that does not favors the citizen.
  3. Freedom of winning always
  4. Right to vote and be voted for.

The correct answer is D) Right to vote and be voted for.

3. The right of a citizen to own his or her properties simply means ________.

  1. The citizen has the right to take and own anybody’s property
  2. citizen has the right to own the properties he or she buys.
  3. A citizen has the right to prevent the government from carrying out a project on land that he or she owns.
  4. The citizen has the right to own government property.
  5. Government properties can be taken by a citizen

The correct answer is B) A citizen has the right to own the properties he or she buys.

4. The simplest definition of responsibility is _______?

  1. Showing support to people
  2. Taking over peoples duties
  3. A State of handling profitable duties
  4. Working to feed the family.
  5. Making decisions

The correct answer is C) A State of handling profitable duties

5. All of the following are political leaders, except___?

  1. President
  2. Chairman
  3. Principal
  4. Governor
  5. Councilor

The correct answer is C) Principal

6. _________ is define as the way of life of people living in a common society.

  1. Community
  2. Village
  3. Culture
  4. Family
  5. Human right

The correct answer is C. Culture

7. Which of this is a function of a religious leader?

  1. Leading people to their destiny
  2. Guiding followers on religious and spiritual matter
  3. Teaching followers how to live above others
  4. Saving the community from sin
  5. Protect his followers from the dead.

The correct answer is B. Guiding followers on spiritual matter

8. What is the primary purpose of a court?

  1. For settling cases between citizens.
  2. Declaring partial judgment on citizens.
  3. Passing dead sentence on victims.
  4. Arresting criminals.
  5. Promoting security in communities.

The correct answer is A. For settling cases between citizens.

9. Which of the following is not ahead of an organization?

  1. Teacher
  2. CEO
  3. Proprietor
  4. Director
  5. General Overseer.

The correct answer is A. Teacher

10. The following factors promote good value, except;

  1. Commitment
  2. Integrity
  3. Trust
  4. Tolerance
  5. Social Life
  • Download NECO syllabus for Civic Education

Solved NECO Civic theory questions 2021 and answers solution.

The following are solved samples of NECO Civic education theory questions 2021 and answers solution.

Follow them gradually and make sure you understand each question and how we arrive at the answer and do well the practice them.

Free & correct expo runz for NECO Civic theory (essay) and Objective [OBJ] questions 2020 and answers 2020

1. Define the term “Citizenship”

Answer to question one: Citizenship is the right of membership of a nation based on laid down conditions.

2. Mention 5 Human rights in Nigeria that you know.

Answer to question two: 5 of the Human rights in Nigeria includes;

  1. Right to life
  2. Right to shelter
  3. Right to proper education
  4. Right to vote and be voted for
  5. Right to freedom of association
  6. Right to be protected under the law

3. Explain the three obligations of a citizen

  1. Economic/Finacial obligations
  2. Civic/political obligations
  3. Social obligations

Economic/Finacial obligations: The economic and financial obligations centers on payment of taxes, levies, water rates, electric bills, and protecting financial crimes.

Civic/political obligations: The civic and political obligation centers on the responsibilities that rest on the civic and political aspects of our lives and that of the state.

Social obligations: Social obligation of a citizen involves the citizen’s involvement in festivals and other activities organized by the government such as;

  • Independence day
  • National sports festivals
  • Children’s day and so on.

4. List 4 causes of Road accidents that you know

  1. Drinking and driving
  2. Over-speeding
  3. Making calls while driving
  4. Carelessness while walking along busy roads.

Try answering the following questions by yourself

1. (a) Define is citizenship education?
(b) Mention four roles of citizenship education in society.

2. (a) Explain inter-communal conflict.
(b) Outline four ways to resolve inter-communal conflicts in Nigeria.

3. In what five ways can the legislature contribute to the development of democracy in

4. (a) What is democracy.
(b) State 4 ways to promote democracy in Nigeria.

5. (a) Explain the term Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
(b) State four reasons for the introduction of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights (UDHR).

NECO 2021 guidelines for Civic Education exam

My strong advice is for you to check the topics that NECO will set 2021 Civic Education questions from in the civic syllabus. You can view the NECO 2021 syllabus for Civic Education here for free.

Make sure you study with the syllables material using your textbooks. Also, do well to use NECO past questions and answers for Civic Education to uncover all the sample questions you should be expecting.

Practice all the necessary civic questions you come across and never hope on the expo. Combining all this together will help you to score higher without waiting for the expo because the expo might be fake and illegal.

Also, go to the exam hall early enough and make sure you go there with all the necessary materials (like a pen, pencil, ruler, etc.) That you will use for the exam.

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