NECO Chemistry Practical Apparatus & Answers to Questions 2022/2023 (Complete Solution)

I will be sharing the 2021 NECO Chemistry practical apparatus/specimens, with the available NECO Chemistry practical questions 2021 and NECO 2021 Chemistry practical answers with you guys today.

This page contains the necessary NECO materials for these NECO Chemistry practical questions and answers 2021. The questions will be set from the Chemistry practical specimens that will be provided during the exam.

As our own little effort to help our candidates, we have made it very easy for them to access the recommended Practical apparatus 2021, the NECO 2021 Chemistry Practical questions and answers samples,  so as to give NECO 2021 candidates an idea of what they will/should be doing during the practical exam.

Recommended NECO Chemistry practical Apparatus 2021

Chemistry practical specimens are called apparatus. The practical apparatus include the tools that will be needed to carry out the practical and the chemicals (Different acids and Bases) needed for the practical.

NECO Chemistry Practical apparatus, questions & answers 2020/2021: Get free NECO Chemistry Practical Expo runs NECO GCE...

Below are some of the most important Chemistry practical apparatus and chemicals that will be used for the practical.

  1. One 50cm³ burette
  2. One 20cm³/25cm³ pipette
  3. Apparatus and reagents for qualitative work are:
    • Dilute sodium hydroxide solution
    • Dilute ammonia solution
    • Dilute hydrochloric acid
    • Distilled water
    • Red and Blue litmus paper
    • Barium chloride solution
    • Phenolphthalein indicator
    • Methyl orange indicator
  4. One boiling tube
  5. Five test tubes
  6. Filtration paper
  7. Source of heat

Read down to see how each practice will be carried out and the functions of each of the apparatus and chemicals listed above.

How to Answer NECO Chemistry Practical Questions

There is no other way to get free NECO Chemistry practical answers than to study and know everything by yourself. So for you to be able to answer the NECO Chemistry practical questions, follow the guidelines below:

  • Learn to draw some of the apparatus.
  • Know their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Have an idea of the uses of all the apparatus.
  • Learn how to handle chemicals properly and carefully.
  • Study all the given apparatus and know their functions.
  • Know how to identify specific chemicals by their Chemical formulas.
  • Be able to state the basic precautions to be observed during chemistry practicals.
  • Study and know some immediate approaches to take when someone is exposed to chemical burns.
  • Know all the chemical Laboratory safety measure and wears needed during practicals.
  • Endeavor to go for the exam with your Lab Coat, except when your school might have decided to provide it for you.
  • Pay close attention when carrying out a practical and make sure you take notice of all the actions that take place during the reaction.
  • Observe the behavior of each reactant before, during, and after reaction and take note of the changes that take place (including their color changes).

Practical questions always demand candidates to either state the functions, uses, advantages, or disadvantages of the given specimens. Some questions may require candidates to draw and label one or more specimens.

Here are the basic points where the NECO Chemistry practical questions 2021 will come out from. So this is the best NECO Chemistry Practical answers 2021 clue for you to follow.

Disclaimer: The NECO apparatus listed above has no confirmation of being the actual apparatus for this years’ exam. There are provided here to help you make finding and study them in case they come up again in this year’s exam.

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