NECO Biology Practical Specimen, Questions and Answers 2020/2021

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NECO Biology Practical specimens 2020 and Exam Guidelines

2021 NECO Biology practical exam scheme and format: The NECO Biology practical exam is paper 3. The exam contains questions from the specimens that will be made available and candidates are expected to give the correct answers to the questions.

Correct NECO Biology Practical Specimen, questions and answers 2020/2021. Practical expo runs for paper 3. Get solved questions and answers

All specimens are labeled alphabetically ranging from letter A. Candidates are to identify each of the specimens and use them to answer the questions that follow. All specimens will be available throughout the exam and candidates will be given the access to identify them.

Below are the samples of the NECO Biology practical specimens from last year’s exam. They are for sample works. Identify each of them and use them to answer the questions below. Use them to practice effectively for this exam.


  1. SPECIMEN A: Elephant Grass
  2. SPECIMEN B: Grasshopper
  3. SPECIMEN C: Lizard
  4. SPECIMEN D: Housefly
  5. SPECIMEN E: Termite
  6. SPECIMEN F: Spider
  7. SPECIMEN G: Longitudinal
  9. SPECIMEN H: Cashew fruit
  10. SPECIMEN I: Transverse Section
  11. of Tomato fruit
  12. SPECIMEN J: Tridax fruit
  13. SPECIMEN K: Left femur of a
  14. small mammal
  15. SPECIMEN L: Flamboyant flower
  16. SPECIMEN M: Tilapia Fish


  1. Specimen A – Thermometer
  2. Specimen B – Rain gauge
  3. Specimen C – Meter rule
  4. Specimen D – Sweep net
  5. Specimen E – Wind vane
  6. Specimen F – Quadrat
  7. Specimen G – Filter paper
  8. Specimen H – Quill feather
  9. Specimen J – Palm frond(freshly procured)


  1. Specimen P – Male cockroach
  2. Specimen Q – Grasshopper
  3. Specimen R – Small mammal/Rat/Mouse

Sample NECO Biology practical Questions 2020 (for practice purpose)

Use the labeled specimens above to answer the questions below. Note: These questions are for practice purposes only. There may not be the actual questions you will in the 2020 NECO Biology practical exam.

1. List the uses of the following:

  1. Thermometer
  2. Rain gauge
  3. Meter rule
  4. Sweep net
  5. Wind vane
  6. Quadrat
  7. Filter paper

2. What are the botanical names of the following?

  1. Elephant Grass
  2. Grasshopper
  3. Lizard
  4. Housefly
  5. Cashew fruit
  6. Tomato fruit
  7. Flamboyant flower

3. Outline the life-cycle of the following?

  1. Grasshopper
  2. Lizard
  3. Housefly
  4. Termite
  5. Spider
  6. Tilapia Fish

Free NECO Biology practical answers 2020: Here are the free NECO Biology practical answers to the sample questions above. Practice them effectively in case they happened to be repeated in this year’s exam.

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