JAMB Syllabus 2021/2022 for all Subjects Download Pdf

Welcome to downloading the JAMB Syllabus 2021/2022 in Pdf with the recommended textbooks for all subjects.

This page is aimed at giving JAMB candidates the quickest access to downloading free Syllabus with JAMB Brochure for the 2021 JAMB exam.

The recommended Textbooks for JAMB 2021 subjects and the JAMB Syllabus are for all candidates preparing to write the upcoming JAMB exam and it covers all subjects.

Download JAMB Syllabus for all Subjects in Pdf. With their recommended textbooks to use for studies

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What is JAMB Syllabus all about?

JAMB syllabus is a material that contains the breakdown of the topics that JAMB will set questions from, for each subject.

The syllabus is the best area of concentration for all subjects so as to know the topics you need to read. They are all free to download in PDF format.

Why do candidates need JAMB Syllabus?

JAMB syllabus is the most recommended material for easy and convenient learning and with the syllabus, candidates will be able to:

  • Get detailed information on each subject objectives,
  • Have full knowledge and access to the necessary topics that JAMB will set questions from
  • Know the breakdown contents of each of the topics for each subject.
  • Get hints to the area of concentration for each subject.
  • Know the recommended textbooks to use while studying each subject.


Aim and objectives of this JAMB Syllabuses:

These JAMB syllabuses are designed to entail the breakdown of the topics candidates should read for each subject. Other aims and objectives include; to

  1. Acquire the needed skills to solve any question from any of the subjects.
  2. Develop precise ability and formal reasoning techniques towards tackling any problem in this subject.
  3. Prepare JAMB candidates effectively by giving them hints on where to expect questions from.
  4. Test candidates’ abilities on each subject through the course objectives.
  5. Demonstrate their understanding of the concepts of each of the subjects they are about writing.

Exam Pattern: The 2021 JAMB exam is completely CBT and all the questions are multiple-choice questions (OBJ). Each candidate is to answer 180 questions in 120 Minutes.

The JAMB use of English will have 60 questions while the other three subjects will have 40 questions each.

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Download Free JAMB Syllabus for all Subjects pdf.

Select the subject you want to download the JAMB syllabus for each of the subjects listed below by tapping on each of them.

  1. Download Biology Syllabus Pdf
  2. Use of English Syllabus Download Pdf
  3. Accounting Syllabus Download Pdf
  4. Download Physics Syllabus for Pdf
  5. Literature in English Syllabus Download Pdf
  6. Download Syllabus for History Pdf
  7. Government Syllabus for Download Pdf
  8. Syllabus for C.R.S – C.R.K Download Pdf
  9. Download Commerce Syllabus Pdf
  10. Chemistry Syllabus Download Pdf
  11. Agricultural Science Syllabus Download Pdf
  12. Syllabus for Economics Download Pdf
  13. Download Syllabus for Geography Pdf
  14. Mathematics Syllabus Download Pdf

JAMB Brochure:

JAMB Brochure is one of the best Material that all registered candidates must acquire. It is on this Brochure that candidates can check;

  1. JAMB registration instructions & guidelines
  2. JAMB Compulsory Novel.
  3. Download JAMB Brochure in PDF

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JAMB Textbooks: JAMB recommends textbooks for each subject. You can check the recommended textbooks for your own subjects form the JAMB Brochure.

Free JAMB questions and answers for all subjects: Select each subject below to view its free questions and answers solution for 2021.

  1. Use Of English CBT Questions and solution
  2. Accounting CBT Questions and solution
  3. Physics CBT Questions and solution
  4. Literature In English CBT Questions and solution
  5. History CBT Questions and solution
  6. Government CBT Questions and solution
  7. Geography CBT Questions and solution
  8. Economics CBT Questions and solution
  9. C.R.S/C.R.K CBT Questions and solution
  10. Commerce CBT Questions and solution
  11. Chemistry CBT Questions and solution
  12. Biology CBT Questions and solution
  13. Agricultural Science CBT Questions and solution
  14. Mathematics CBT Questions and solution

Hope this JAMB Syllabus 2021/2022 for all subjects will be helpful and useful to you? Also feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues.

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