JAMB Regularization 2022/2023 |Price, Date, Deadline & Fee Portal

Do you wish to learn how to do JAMB Regularization 2021 for direct entry/NYSC? If yes, this page will guide you on all that you need to know about Regularization.

Every person that wishes to do regularization or any interested person that wishes to apply for it but finds the process confusing, should follow this article gradually for better understanding.

Additionally, the complete information on the closing date (deadline), the penalty fee for late registration, and the fee for JAMB Regularization will be made known in this article.

If you have searched for the JAMB regularization login portal, 2021 price, regularization admission letter, regularization print out, regularization list, and regularization for NYSC, then here are the solutions for you.

How Do I know If I am to Do JAMB Regularization?

What is JAMB Regularization? JAMB Regularization is a simple process in JAMB for reconciliation of certificate between JAMB and the institution that issued the certificate and confirmation of graduate’s admission for NYSC mobilization.

On the JAMB website portal, the regularization option is labeled “Late Application”. The process is for candidates with NCE/OND/HND who wish to apply for JAMB direct exam and Graduates awaiting JAMB confirmation for NYSC mobilization.

If you were admitted into the school without writing JAMB, it will mean that you received no admission letter from JAMB when you were admitted.

So the purpose of the regularization is to reconcile the issue of “JAMB data/information”.

For you to know if you are to do JAMB Regularization, follow the steps below:

  • Go to JAMB portal @ jamb.org.ng
  • Navigate to the particular year you wrote your JAMB Exam and select it.
  • Tap on Check Admission Status
  • Enter your JAMB Reg. number and click ENTER.

What to Expect:

If you see your admission details, like the course you studied in ND/NCE/HND, the school you studied in ND/NCE/HND, and your passport, then you don’t need to regularize.

But if you don’t, then you will see a popped-up message that reads “Sorry no admission is given yet” and as such, you need to follow the steps below to regularize.

How To Do JAMB Regularization 2021| Procedures

This step will guide you on how to do JAMB Regularization. Candidates that wish to carry out this process should kindly follow the steps below to do so.

image showing the steps for JAMB Regularization for NYSC and Direct Entry

  • Firstly, create a JAMB profile. Create a JAMB profile here
  • If you have done that already, then login to your JAMB profile.
  • From the landing page, select Late Application”.
  • On selection, your “Transaction ID” will be generated

How to pay for JAMB Regularization:

  • Tap on the Continue button to make your payment online or use the Transaction ID to make payment using other methods.
  • On the online payment page, enter the details of your debit card
  • Click on the Pay button to complete your payment.
  • Immediately after the payment is completed, the status of the payment will be shown on the “My Payment Section”.
  • A confirmation email and SMS will also be sent to you.

Completing the process:

Now that you are done with the payment, tap the “Continue” button to proceed.

Once you click on the “Continue” button you will be taken to a page that will require you to fill in your Exam Year and JAMB Reg Number.

  • Fill in the form that will appear with the required details.
  • Tap on the “Submit” button to complete the process
  • The next step is to print out the “indemnity form” and take it to your institution for Approval.
  • It is left for the institution to submit the form to the JAMB state office.
  • You will receive a notification message immediately after the approved form is uploaded to your JAMB profile.
  • At this point, it will be left in the hands of JAMB to process your application.
  • Your details will be updated immediately after JAMB Approves it.

How Much is the JAMB Regularization fee?

Interested persons that wish to carry out this process will have to pay a non-refundable processing fee of N10,000

Additional charges may come from Remita platform. Moreso, those that carry out their regularization at Cyber Cafe will be charge a service fee.

JAMB Regularization for NYSC 2021 and Registration

How do I check my JAMB regularization? To check and carry out your Direct Entry or NYSC regularization, follow this steps.

  • Visit www.jamb.gov.ng.
  • Select “Students” from the menu.
  • Tap on the “check matriculation list” option
  • Select your JAMB exam year in the first section.
  • Type in your registration number in the second section.
  • Click on the “fetch my details” option to see your details

How long does it take for JAMB regularization?

It takes 24 hours (one day) for the confirmation and approval of the stamped indemnity regularization form by JAMB

How much does it cost to do JAMB regularization?

The regularization fee/price is Ten thousand Naira (N10,000) Only. It cost about Ten thousand Naira (N10,000) to carry out the process.

Is JAMB regularization compulsory?

Yes!! It is compulsory for all graduates to be qualified for mobilization by the NYSC. For graduates to be qualified for NYSC mobilization, they must be cleared by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Can JAMB regularization be done twice?

Yes!!! But you do not have to register for it again except for those who did it about some years back using the old method. Such will be required to re-register using the new method.

Requirements Needed for Regularization

There are no more requirements needed for this process than listed in the above steps. To help better, the following are the basic requirements for the process:

  • JAMB Profile
  • Payment of JAMB Regularization fee of N10,000
  • Indemnity form duly approved by your institution

How do I print my JAMB regularization slip?

  1. Visit the JAMB portal @ jamb.org.ng/efacility/login.
  2. Login with your login details
  3. Select “Admission letter”
  4. Make the required payment
  5. Print out your slip.

Approved Centers for Regularization

There are no special centers for the regularization. But candidates who cannot do this by themselves can visit the nearest cyber café to carry out the process.

Meanwhile, if you wish to contact the JAMB office for other relevant issues and seek personal guidance and assistance, then contact the JAMB office via the following details.

  • Official Site: www.jamb.gov.ng
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Headquarters: Bwari, ABUJA: P.M.B. 189, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Phone Contact: +2348166335513 or +2348123658955

When is the deadline for JAMB Regularization 2021?

There is no specific deadline for this process. All you need to do is to go to the processing website portal to check if the process is still on.

If it is, then go ahead and do it else, wait and keep checking the portal for the next time it will be active for the process.

Finally, even NYSC (Youth Corpers) who wish to do the regularization should also follow the same steps and procedures outlined above.

Do you still have any questions to ask us, Do you still want more clarification? If yes, then use the comment box in the comment section to reach out to us for personal assistance.

  1. I applied for 2 years per time admission in 2016 without jamb and I’m currently doing my HND now which I’m a full-time student I’m about to finish my HND what will I do to be mobilize for NYSC

  2. Please I did jamb regularization in my ND and I just graduated from HND, do I need to do a fresh jamb regularization or my profile will only be edited by jamb? Just confused

  3. I applied for 2 years per time admission in 2016 without jamb and I’m currently doing my HND now which I’m a full-time student I’m about to finish my HND what will I do to be mobilize for NYSC

  4. Mentor, it was jamb that gave me admission for my ND, and I did matriculation list, now due to my age, want to reduce it, I was told, to do another regularization number, not to indicate that have written jamb before,will this not affect me, or decline approval.can I do it twice

  5. Hello Sir, .
    Thank you so much for taking time for you reply.
    I did my ND in port Harcourt.
    It was jamb that offered me admission.
    Doing my HND in Delta.
    In two months time I will graduate from Delta state poly.
    Do I I need to do jamb regularisation?

  6. I didnt include the school i did my ND in my jamb form, i just got the school form n i was given admission
    Im now in HND1 but in another institution.. i don’t know if it will affect me..please

  7. sir I currently summit my Jamb Regularization with Jamb office on 28th of June. pls mentor will my Jamb admission letter be ready before this July ends to meat up with my next batch of Nysc?

  8. My admission with jamb is Human anatomy and I’m currently studying Public Health can I still regularize my jamb for nysc mobilization

  9. Good evening Mentor, please am a student of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Imo State going in for my HND but i bought direct entry form, and i was told that i need to do jamb regularization first and am currently in Lagos state so please can i do it here in Lagos or must it be in Imo state where my school is?

  10. I misplaced my jamb print out and u don’t know d email and I want to do jamb regularization plz wat can I do

  11. I’m due for service as a result of over age, is there something I can do to reduce my age so I can be eligible for service?

  12. I did jamb regularization since March,have submitted my indemnity form to my School ad according to them,they have forward it to jamb headquarter but up till date,I haven’t received any mail from jamb…what could be the problem?

  13. Good morning sir
    Sir please is jamb regularization on presently?
    And is it true that I have to take a document to the school where o did my ND for approval…

      1. Please Mentor i have done my regularization but am using two neco results and the names are Hassan Amir and Hassan Ameer do u think it will affect me?

          1. Please Mentor do you think jamb will regularize me with this different name on my two neco Hassan Amir and Hassan Ameeru

  14. Jam gave me admission but I change the course, have done jmab regularisation but not approved my jamb yet. Now, my name is on nysc Senate list.
    Can I proceed to do nysc registration?? Or i wait for jamb regularisation??

  15. I hope my question is answered…thanks in anticipation!
    So Unknowingly jamb gave me admission in Absu but i studied In Ansu through supplementary,But the same course.
    please is there any need for Jamb regularization?

  16. When is the closing date for the jamb regularization?
    Jamb gave me a different course to what am studying in Kwasu and am in my final year

  17. JAMB gave me admission carrying Agric as course but currently studying LIS in thesame institution, do I need to do regularisation or not?

  18. Please how much is Regularization for now, cause some of my friends told me they did theirs for 16 thousand.

  19. I wrote jamb exam 2008/2009 and my date of birth is not the same with the one in my document. And i to do jamb regulazation now. How can i do it.

  20. Mentor, I was given admission by jamb but later I realized the course I applied for isn’t in the campus I want. So I was advised to do jamb regularization, so that jamb will give me a new admission letter carrying the course that is being offered in the campus I want. Is this possible??

  21. I did my jamb regularization in 2019 and I got a mail of non approval
    I will be going for service next year
    Wht should I do

  22. Hello mentor, I wrote jamb in 2017 and the jamb have me admission but the age I used is above service age can I do jamb regularisation to reduce my age or apply for another jamb registration number.

  23. Sir, please what should I do, I made a mistakes in my date of birth during jamb registration, instead of 1996 I wrote 1995. I wrote my jamb in 2017 please is it possible to do correction of date of birth I will be graduating next year.

  24. I read through the article and I followed up, but the late application bar is not showing up in the home page of the jamb portal,does that mean that the regularization process is not on?

  25. Please l have done my jamb regulization since march 2021 and l was send to re print my regulization slip which l did but till now nothing has been send to my email thou is not just me but so many candidate that did it with me so please l am asking what is happening to jamb office why have we not been approved, this is really frustrating us please you people should approve our regulization so we can mobilize for service.

  26. I did pre-nd program without jamb and was later admitted for my ND program which I was through with in the year 2015/16 and I later right jamb in the year 2017, which I didn’t use for my HND now I want to do regularization, please can I still use the same profile i used for the 2017 jamb?

      1. I wasn’t admitted with any jamb registration, it’s was after a year that i did the jamb exam but I later went for my HND

  27. I’ve done my jamb regularization since February this year. But my pin is taking forever I’ve been Dos tail week in week out all with thesame response that jamb have not tell them to submit. I’m getting worried friends and family are now thinking something is wrong

  28. I wrote jamb 2016 and was given admission by my school then I deferred it till d next year(2017) then when I went for regularization my matriculation number was supposed to be 2017 but d man mistakenly wrote 2016 and I didn’t observe it till after submitting d form..please will it affect me in any way

  29. Please Mentor, I wrote jamb in 2009 and was given admission by jamb but now I cant remember my jamb reg number and all the documents I used to write jamb has been misplaced. Now I want to go for nysc what can I do? Please help me

    1. There are 3 recommendations for u; 1. visit your school (Department) to check if they can go through your profile and give u some basic information about your Admission documents. 2. If you registered your jamb with an email, then login to the email and search mails u received from JAMB. 3. Visit JAMB office in your state to make the complaint. Best of luck

  30. Mentor, if you had been offered admission into polytechnic without sitting for jamb; now does it mean your ND will not be made ready for you without jamb regularisation? or this Jamb regularisation process is mainly graduates without jamb credentials wishing to go for NYSC? please, help.

    1. Jamb regularization is mostly for graduates going for NYSC and those wishing to apply for Students applying Direct entry who didn’t pass through JAMB for their A’Level admission.

  31. Sir pls I wrote jamb in 2018, was addmited into polytechnic not from jamb but was addmited by the school. Now I just applied for direct entry into UNN but under diploma to secure my DEntry pin first till I do the necessary jamb regularization. Pls must I do regularization now or after the DEntry exam

  32. Sir I did my jamb regularization last year November, submitted it to my school for approval
    Our V.C has approved it since December and was taken to student affairs office . The S.A.O. took it to jamb, but jamb hasn’t done anything after then.
    I had to go to jamb office in my state to find out what the problem might be..they told me the forms including other students own have been returned back to various institution
    I requested to know the reason, jamb refer me back to my school.
    I went back to my school and the Student Affairs Officer said that jamb is actually having issues that was why they had to send the forms back.
    I asked him when will jamb take the forms back, S.A.O said jamb didn’t mention a particular time
    Sir since then, I have been waiting and praying. Doesn’t jamb want us to serve our father’s land anymore?
    Please help us the graduates so we can print out admission letter.
    Family is against me just because I have not gone for my service
    I got my statement since November yet jamb hasn’t approved my regularization
    Help us Sir..pleas

  33. I wrote jamb in 2013 and got Admitted in to polytechnic, but was not with the jamb number, now can I use the jamb number to do my reguriasation? And how much will it cost me?,

    1. U can only use it if it was linked to your admission (if JAMB was the one that offered u the admission)

  34. I did my jamb regularization since September 2020, and since then I haven’t gotten an email. My school said d portal is not working,and I’ve missed so many batches of NYSC….please what’s delaying the portal from opening , you people should please help us cause we can’t work without any dismiss letter letter from NYSC and is affecting me badly and the present condition of our country is not helping matters here. Please help me (help unnhs)

  35. I get admission from college and I want to register for direct entry to university they request for jamb I used to enter college and I don’t do jamb is it compurstry for me to have it before I get admission or I may do it later

      1. Hello
        I have the Jamb registration number……I just need to do the regularization so that I can apply for DE

  36. I did my jamb regularization since last year October, submitted to my school, no admission given yet, I went to meet them they told me jamb have not them to bring it, pls how true is this
    What is the date of submission please? I need my jamb admission letter to register for this coming batch B Nysc registration pls answer

  37. Hi, I did my jamb regularization in February and reason for the regularization is that my score was below cutoff because i wrote jamb in 2016. So I used that registration number. I used three names when I wrote my jamb. But when am doing the regularization they made a mistake and wrote two names only. I complained to the jamb staff and he told when the admission is giving I will go back for correction of name and put the name that I didn’t put. Another man told me that since I used three names when I was writing the jamb my admission will contain three names that is not a problem.
    Is a little bit confused and am scared plsss can someone help me and explain my problem for me plsss. Because am scared maybe it will resulted to dig problem for me or should I wait and see what will happen maybe since I used three names when I was writing the jamb so when the admission is out it will contain three names

  38. Mentor the year I used registered for jamb is 05/2/1991 and I have one semester left b4 my clearance the question is that can I meet up for the next batch this year again? Or is must I will do d regularization? Am confused pls

    1. Your school will answer this better. Meanwhile, all candidates that got Admission without JAMB must do JAMB regularization to be qualified for NYSC

  39. Pls I need your help. I graduated 2019 from the University but did not go for NYSC due to the fact that I entered sch through direct entry. And I really want to go for NYSC. Pls what do I do

  40. Pls I have done my regularization Since November 2020
    I am waiting for my changed admission letter on my portal
    My name is Alabi Nafisat Oluwakemi (65727008JB)
    I really need the new admission letter for my NYSC mobilization Please

  41. Good morning… I’ve been offered admission since 2017, but the course i was offered wasn’t accredited then, now it has so we’ll all have to regularize our admission.
    But I’ve been clicking on the regularization option on jamb portal and its been displaying a blank white page for me…Pls what do you suggest I do

  42. Good evening,I went for my jamb regularisation on monday-10th of may,but I was debited twice which 8500+8500=17000 because the lady felt the ist time she tried it that it didn’t go through due to network issues,so she tried it the second time n I was debited twice..pls help me I need my money back.. thanks.i used my friends account to pay for my fees. Emmanuel onokwai.ecobank.acct no:5321113867

    1. Please… Kindly tell your friend to visit his or her bank and report the issue. The bank will issue the person a refund slip to fill and the money might be possible reversed

  43. I wrote my jamb 2017.
    I was given admission by the school.
    Now I want to do jamb regularization.
    When can I do it pls

  44. Helllo, I’m meant to leave with the current NYSC, but the name on my jamb regularization and my school statement of result doesn’t correspond in spelling. Please what should i do?

  45. I went to jamb office in my state for regularization and I was asked to come back by July and by then direct entry form would have closed..what can I do

    1. Kindly return again and pressure them to sort your issue out. Give them reasons why u need the urgent rectification

  46. I have done my jamb regularization since 2years, my institution has returned my documents to jamb back since, I have been waiting for a mail from jamb.
    Please what is going on, I have missed severally batches for NYSC. Another one is coming this May. Why haven’t jamb sent me mail, so I can print my admission letter.
    I’m in pains oooo

    1. Sorry for the inconveniences!! Please kindly visit the JAMB Office in your state to make a complaint. I am sure they will help you out.

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