JAMB Syllabus for Physics 2022/2023 and Textbook Download Pdf

From the ideas you will get from this JAMB Physics syllabus 2021, you will be able to blast the upcoming JABB exam with nothing less than your expectation.

If you wish to score at least 250 or something above that in this 2021 JAMB Exam, then you must not do without the syllabus.

Now, you may ask questions like, why is this syllabus so important and how does it contribute to JAMB Exam success? And I will answer thus; the 2021 JAMB Physics syllabus will help you in the following ways:

  • It will help you to know the topics that JAMB will set for the 2021 JAMB Physics exam from.
  • You will also know your area of concentration and the topics that you should read for the 2021 JAMB Physics Exam.
  • More so, you will know the JAMB recommended textbooks for Physics Exam.
  • Additionally, I will also share free JAMB preparation material with you for free as you proceed.

Topics That JAMB Will Set 2021 Physics Questions from

This syllabus has been shortened to the root topics alone to avoid making it too long. To get the complete and detailed breakdown of this JAMB Physics syllabus 2021, scroll down to the bottom of this page to download the syllabus in PDF format.

Download free JAMB Physics Syllabus for 2021/2022 and JAMB physics recommended Textbooks in Pdf (Topics to read & area of concentration).

1. Measurements and Units: Study everything on this topic. Know the basic units of the following:

  • Length
  • Volume
  • Mass
  • unit of mass
  • Time
  • Dimensions
  • Distance
  • Displacement
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Know all the fundamental and derived quantities and their units

And the uses of the following:

  • Beam balance
  • Meter rule
  • Venier calipers
  • Micrometer Screw-gauge
  • Measuring cylinder.

Know the differences between Vectors & Scalars quantities and their examples

2. Motion and Force: This is one of the most important topics in this JAMB Physics syllabus. Be very serious about this topic and try to cover everything under these topics.

3. Gravitational field: Force of Gravity

  • Equilibrium of Forces

More 2021 JAMB Physics Preparation Materials

4. Work, Energy, and Power: Know their respective definitions, sources, uses, and forms

5. Friction: Static & dynamic. Read everything under this topic

6. Simple Machines: Definition, Types, efficiency, advantages, and disadvantages of machines.

7. Elasticity: Read everything under this.

8. Pressure: Know the definition, measurement, variation, application/transmission, types/forms, and units.

  • Liquids at Rest

9. Temperature:

  • Thermal Expansion: Thermal expansivity of Solids, liquids.

10. Gas Laws: Read everything about Boyle’s, Pressure, Charles laws, and van der Waal & ideal gas equations

  • Heat
  • Change of State
  • Vapors
  • Structure of Matter and Kinetic Theory

11. Heat Transfer:

  • conduction,
  • convection and
  • radiation

12. Waves

13. Sound Waves: Including transmission mediums, frequency, characteristics and applications of sound, speed of sound in different mediums, echoes, vibration, reverberation, noise and musical notes and so on;

14. Light Energy: Sources, reflections & refraction of light, frequency, wavelength, and speed of light and the principles of shadows and eclipse formations.

15. Optical Instruments: Study the working principles of;

  • Microscopes
  • Telescopes
  • Projectors
  • Cameras
  • Human eye
  • Sight defects and their corrections

16. Electrostatics, capacitors, electric cells, electric current, and voltage, electrical energy, and power. Also read everything about A. C. and D.C circuits, the principles of conductivity of electricity through liquids, gases, solids and fluids, insulators, conductor and semi-conductors

17. Magnets and Magnetic Field: Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field, Electromagnetic Induction

18. Modern Physics: Everything about the models, properties, and structure of the atom

19. Electronics: Related topics include: the principles of Conductors, insulators, and semiconductors (n-type & p-type) and their types and examples, diodes, transistors in amplification

JAMB Physics Area of concentration:

Physics is different from other subjects and it needs closer attention in choosing answers. For that reason, I will advise you to study and know the following:

  • The S.I Units of all quantities
  • How to convert all parameters to their required units before solving them.
  • Make sure you acquire the skill to objectivity, precision, and accuracy in solving physics questions
  • Know all the necessary laws and theories and how to resolve their formulas and questions.

Free JAMB Physics preparatory material for 2021

JAMB Physics Recommended Textbooks for 2021

  • Essential Principles of Physics by Ike E.
  • Numerical Problems and Solutions in Physics by Ike E.
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Nelson M.
  • Advanced Level Physics by Nelson M.
  • Senior Secondary School Physics by Okeke P. and Co.
  • Comprehensive Certificate Physics by Ogunkoya O. and Co.
  • Download free JAMB Physics syllables for 2021

Download our free JAMB Physics syllables for 2021 in PDF. There is no shortcut to success!!! Of courses, I am sure you might have known that for a long time. So all you need to succeed in this 2021 JAMB Physics exam is preparation! Preparation!! Preparation!

In fact, with this 2021 JAMB Physics syllabus and other preparation materials listed below, you will be able to blast the Exam and score higher than your expectation. Don’t panic about JAMB and never you cross your legs and wait for the JAMB expo. Success only awaits those who work and pray. So study and also remember to pray to God, the giver of success.

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