JAMB Physics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Today’s Solutions

We have come again with another wonderful package on JAMB Physics questions 2021 and JAMB Physics answers 2021 to help our candidates with more JAMB success package.

After considering that sharing the JAMB Physics syllabus will not be enough for our candidate’s success, we decided to also help them with this free JAMB 2021 questions and answers for Physics.

Any candidates that fail this year’s exam after using this package have his or herself to blame. We have also strived to keep our candidates at the peak of JAMB success.

In fact, our greatest happiness for sharing this JAMB Physics questions and answers expo is to help you score nothing less than 300+.

So if you have ever dreamt of scoring above 300 in this year’s JAMB exam, then this free JAMB Physics questions 2021 along with the JAMB Physics answers 2021 will contribute a high percentage to your overall score.

Possible JAMB Questions and Answers for Physics 2021

These are a few of our sample and possible repeated JAMB Physics questions and answers which we are sure may likely appear in this year’s exam.

Example: Which of the following statements is not correct about steel and soft iron?
A. steel is more magnetic than soft iron
B. permanent magnets are usually made of steel
C. soft iron is more readily magnetized than steel
D. soft iron more readily loses its magnetism than steel

image guide on answering JAMB Physics CBT questions with computer mouse

Below are few other samples and possible repeated JAMB Physics questions and answers which we are sure may likely appear in this year’s exam. See more at the bottom of this page

1. ____ ,_____ , ______ and ______ are derived quantities except?

  1. Area
  2. Volume
  3. Density
  4. Mass
  5. Acceleration

The correct answer is D. Mass

2. Like charges ____ while unlike charges _____ respectively?

  1. Attract, repel
  2. Magnet, nonmagnet
  3. Repel, attract
  4. Positive, negative
  5. Heavy, light.

The correct answer is C. Repel and attract. Note: A is not the correct answer due to the order of the question.

Important 2021 JAMB Preparatory materials:

Topics That JAMB Physics Questions 2021 are set from

99.9% of the Physics questions and answers for the JAMB 2021 CBT Exam will be set from the topics listed below. Use them as your area of concentration.

Classical physics, Modern physics, Nuclear physics, Atomic physics, Geophysics, Biophysics, Mechanics, Acoustics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Astrophysics

Breakdown in the depth of Jamb Questions from each Physics Topics listed above:

Classical Physics Questions: JAMB will set Questions from this branch of physics on the following topics: Laws of motion and gravitation as put forward by James Clark Maxwell’s and Sir Isaac Newton kinetic theories.

Questions from this section will focus mostly on thermodynamics, matter, and energy. The branches of classical mechanics include kinematics, dynamics, statics, statistical, continuum mechanics (which includes fluid mechanics), mechanics, etc.

NOTE: Physics After 1900 are considered to be modern physics and Physics before 1900 is considered to be classical physics.

Modern Physics Questions: Questions Jamb will set from this aspect will focus on the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. This will cover everything about Max Plank and Albert Einstein Theories.

Nuclear Physics Questions: Nuclear physics questions that JAMB Will set will be base on the structures, behaviors, interactions, and constituents of atomic nuclei.

Atomic Physics Questions: Atomic physics questions will test you on questions on the composition of the atom, the arrangement, and behaviors of electrons in the shells around the nucleus. Questions from this topic will test you mostly on electrons, ions, and neutral atoms related questions.

Geophysics Questions: Geophysics questions will come from physics topics that are related to the study of the Earth. All questions from that aspect will be focused on the shape, structure, gravitational force, magnetic fields, and composition of the Earth.

Mechanical Physics Questions: 70% of physics questions in JAMB are set from mechanical physics. Topics in which questions will be set from this a branch include The motion of material objects under the influence of forces.

The Questions will be gotten from the two Sub – Mechanical Physics branches which are:

  • Classical mechanics
  • Quantum mechanics

Acoustics Questions: Not many questions will come out of this Section. But questions that will come out from this section will be base on how sound is produced, transmitted, received, and controlled both in mediums like gas, liquid, and solids.

Optics Questions: Optics questions will be on problems that are related to electromagnetic radiation,  its interactions with matter, and instruments used to gather information due to these interactions.

Thermodynamics Questions: Thermodynamics questions will come from Physics topics that teach and relate to temperature and their relation to energy and work and their Tips as derived from the four laws of thermodynamics.

Electromagnetism Questions: Electromagnetism questions are set from physics topics that study the behaviors of magnets, magnetic fields, electric media, and electrons.

Quantum mechanics Questions: Quantum mechanics questions are set from the branch of physics that talks about atomic and subatomic systems and their interaction.

You will also be tested on your ability to solve remarkably, quantum theory typically probable or statistical calculation of the observed features of subatomic particles, understood in terms of wave functions.

Solved JAMB Past Questions and Answers for Physics 2021

More so, 99% of JAMB Physics questions 2021 are set from JAMB past questions for Physics. Below are samples of our free JAMB Physics past questions and answers.

Below are sample and possible repeated JAMB Physics questions and answers which we are sure may likely appear in this year’s exam.

1. An ammeter is said to be sensitive if ______?

  1. It measures accurate current
  2. It can measure very small current
  3. It measures close to the true value of the electric current.
  4. Detect full current
  5. It can detect electricity

The answer is B. It can measure very small current

2. An electric appliance takes 5A when operated on a 220V supply. Find the cost of operating the appliance for 12hours at 10kobo per kWh.

  1. 1.0 Naira
  2. 1.5 Naira
  3. 150 kobo
  4. N1.32 Naira
  5. 150 Naira

The answer is D. N1.32 Naira

3. Kg.m-3 is the unit of ____?

  1. Momentum
  2. Density
  3. Pressure
  4. Power
  5. Capacitance

The answer is B. Density

  • Use this question to answer questions 4 & 5. A density bottle holds 250g of liquid at 300C and only 248.5g at 600C.

4. Find the apparent.

  1. 1.002012K-1
  2. 1.2012K-1
  3. 0.2012K-1
  4. 0.02012K-1
  5. 0.0002012K-1

The answer is E) 0.0002012K-1

5. Find the the real cubic expansivity of the liquid, if the linear expansivity of the material of the bottle is = 0.000006K-1

  1. 0.0002192K-1
  2. 0.02192K-1
  3. 0.0002012K-1
  4. 0.000006K-1
  5. 0.2192K-1

The correct anwser is A) 0.0002192K-1

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