JAMB Mock Exam Date 2022/2023 and Reprint Slip Date

This page is created with the sole purpose of guiding you on all that you need to know about the JAMB Mock Exam 2021/2022, Exam Date, how to reprint the JAMB mock slip 2021, and how to register..

Have you heard of the JAMB Mock Exam 2021 and wish to take part in it? Will you also want to get detailed information on what the JAMB Mock Exam is all about? If yes, then this article will be a very helpful one to you.

If you are one of the candidates that want to register and take part in the JAMB 2021 Mock exam, then you’ve come to the best 2021 JAMB solution website.

What is JAMB Mock Exam All About?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board introduced the Mock Exam as a way of helping students to practice and know-how the JAMB exam is. The Mock Exam interface is just like that of the real exam.

This Mock exam is a JAMB practice exam and a kind of preparation tutorial exam that gives candidates the clue on how the main exam is and how it will be.

Is JAMB Mock Exam Compulsory?

No!!! The JAMB Mock Exam is not compulsory. Meanwhile, it is recommendable for students who don’t really know much about how the JAMB CBT exam is especially in the computer usage aspect.

As a matter of fact, studentmajor has an exact JAMB CBT App/Software for candidates to take a live JAMB practice exam with their phone or computer for free. Download the JAMB CBT Practice App/Software here.

The next step below will give you all the instructions and guides that you need for a successful JAMB Mock Exam in 2021:

Topics to Cover on this page:

  • JAMB Mock Exam Date 2021
  • When is JAMB Mock 2021 starting?
  • How to reprint JAMB Mock slip 2021

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New Date for JAMB Mock Exam 2021

Recently, Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has shifted the 2021 JAMB Mock Exam scheduled earlier for 20th May 2021.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has scheduled June 3rd as the new date for the 2021 JAMB Mock Exam. See the date from reprinting JAMB Mock Exam slip 2021 below.

The actual date for 2021 JAMB Mock Exam

How To Check your  Mock Exam Venue, Center, Date, and Time – 2021/2022: Like I said up there, “Your JAMB Mock exam venue will be at an approved/accredited JAMB CBT center”.

But how will you know the particular Venue/center, Date, and Time you are writing yours?

The newest and the most reliable method you can use to check your JAMB Mock exam venue/center, date, and time is via your exam slip.

Date For Reprinting Mock Exam Slip 2021

The JAMB board will notify all candidates that have registered for the Mock Exam on when they will get their Exam notification and when they can start reprinting their 2021 JAMB mock exam slip.

The new date for JAMB Mock 2021 Slip reprinting is between June 1st to June 2, 2021.

At the moment, all registered candidates are to reprinting their Mock Exam slip @https://www.jamb.org.ng/examslipprinting1/PrintMockExaminationSlip

How To Reprint Exam Slip.

All registered candidates for the MOCK Exam will have to check their registered email address for your JAMB MOCK exam slip.

If it happens that you can’t find yours in your email inbox, please check your email Junk/Spam E-mail folder because the slip might be delivered there instead of your Email inbox.

If you can still find it there, then:

  1. Visit the JAMB Mock exam slip printing portal here https://www.jamb.org.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/_PrintMockExaminationSlip
  2. Put your JAMB registration number or email address in the space provided and tap on Print Examination Slip.
  3. You can now view and download your JAMB Mock Exam slip.
  4. Then proceed to any cyber cafe and print it out. You will have to go to the Exam Venue with it.

Venues For Mock Exam 2021

Are you still wondering where you’re JAMB MOCK Exam Venue will be? If yes, then think no more.

All 2021 JAMB Mock exam venue will be at approved/accredited 2021 JAMB CBT center across all states.

We believe that all JAMB Mock candidates that will participate in the upcoming exam should have gotten an email or SMS notification to print their exam slip.

Meanwhile, you can visit your JAMB Profile page and log in to your account using your login details to see if further information has been updated on your profile concerning the JAMB Mock Exam slip reprinting.

After you might have reprinted your Slip, you will be able to know your exam venue, date, and time.

13 Hidden Facts About 2021 JAMB Mock Exam

What you should expect from this exam: The only reason (according to JAMB) why they set this Mock exam is to help and test out their system and their candidates and to give them an insight of how the main Exam will look like.

  1. The 2021 JAMB Mock Exam is completely optional. It is not compulsory at all.
  2. This mock exam is not a qualification for the main exam. The fact that you didn’t participate in the Mock Exam doesn’t mean you will not be qualified to write the main exam.
  3. Result obtains from the Mock exam will in no way be added to the scores obtained from the main JAMB exam.
  4. There is no problem for candidates who indicated interest to write the 2021 Mock exam earlier but later change their minds. The decision is yours so JAMB will never penalize you for taking that decision.
  5. Participating and scoring high in the Mock exam doesn’t mean you should not take part in the main Exam.
  6. Scores obtained from these two Exams are totally independent. So failure to participate in the main Exam is at the candidate’s risk.
  7. The questions for the Mock Exam may not necessarily appear in the main exam. Even if they do, they will come in a very different dimension.
  8. The Mock Exam will kick off around 7:00 am at various Venues and CBT Centers and the Exam will be in different sessions.
  9. There will be no makeup for candidates that miss the exam and there will be no penalty for missing the Exam.
  10. The candidate’s venue for the Mock Exam will be within their state of registration.
  11. All participating candidates are expected to come to the Exam venue/center with their JAMB mock exam slip or printout for identification.
  12. Items like Phones, Bags, calculators, and any other materials that are not needed for the exam will not be allowed in the exam center.
  13. Make sure to take your breakfast and arrive at your Exam center very early. You may also need to hold some cash in case of any unexpected.
  14. Candidates must not pay any money for anything, for any reason at their respective exam center. The Exam is absolutely FREE apart from the N700 registration fee!!

After successful Reprinting of your Exam Slip, you can proceed to download the free 2021 JAMB syllabus pdf and get Free JAMB Questions and Answers for all Subjects from the links below.

Hope you found this JAMB Mock 2021/2022 Exam guide very helpful and useful? Please feel free to share this wonderful step by step guide with your friends and colleagues who are also writing this exam.

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