JAMB Matriculation List 2022/2023 Portal |How to Check Your Name

Before you joyfully dance to your matriculation, have you checked it your name is on the JAMB Matriculation list 2021/2022?

Find out How to check your name on JAMB Matric list 2021 on JAMB Matriculation list portal and what to do if your name is not on the list below

Compulsorily, all JAMB candidates that have been given admission on JAMB CAPS portal are expected to make sure that their names are on the JAMB Matric list 2021.

Note: it is very important for all candidates to confirm their name on the matriculation list. Apparently, only candidates whose names are on Matric list are recognised as bonafide students of the institution they are schooling at.

What is the Meaning of JAMB Matriculation List?

What is JAMB Matriculation List? The JAMB Matric list is an official list of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board that contains the names of candidates whose admissions have been actually confirm and certified.

Note: for the fact that Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has given you a provisional admission on JAMB CAPS portal doesn’t mean that your name will surely be on the JAMB Matric list.

After receiving a notification that you have been offered admission on JAMB CAPS, you have to do the following to add your name on the JAMB Matric list.

What is the Criteria for JAMB Matriculation?

Like I said before, all admitted candidates for the 2021/2022 academic year on JAMB portal are expected to have their names added on the JAMB Matriculation list.

But unfortunately, some candidates may not see their names on the Matric list if they don’t take the appropriate steps.

Basically, there are two simple ways to add your name on the JAMB Matric list for 2021/22 and the two ways are as follows:

  1. Printing of Original JAMB Result: generally, JAMB expect all candidates to pay and print their original JAMB result after seeing their JAMB result notification.

But paying and printing JAMB original result alone will not qualified you for JAMB Matric list, as such, candidates must undergo the second method below to complete it. Print original JAMB result 2021 here

  1. Paying and printing of JAMB admission letter: this is the main criteria for being qualified for the Matriculation list.

All admitted candidates are expected to pay and print their admission letter immediately JAMB has offered them admission on CAPS.

Only candidates who pay for their admission letter 2021 will be included in the JAMB Matriculation List 2021/2022. Print JAMB Admission letter 2021 here.

How To Check Your Name on JAMB Matric List 2021

The following are the simple steps/procedures for candidates to easily check their name on the JAMB Matric list 2021:

  • Visit the official JAMB Matriculation List portal @ https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/checkmatriculationlist
  • Toggle the drop-down and select the year you wrote your exam
  • Secondly, enter your JAMB registration number in the second column
  • Finally, click on “Fetch My Details” to see if your name is on the JAMB Matriculation list.

What to do if your name is not on JAMB Matriculation list?

If your name is not on the Matriculation List, then you are to kindly print your admission letter online as follows;

To be qualified to be on the JAMB Matric list 2021 or for any other year, kindly;

  • Print your JAMB Admission Letter Online @JAMB e-Facility Portal
  • Pay and Print your Original JAMB Result Slip from JAMB e-Facility portal
  • Verify your Admission letter/Result slip with the admission officer of your Institution

By implication, candidates whose names are not on the JAMB Matriculation list will not be able to apply to the NYSC scheme to complete their one year NYSC National service.

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