JAMB Syllabus for Mathematics 2022/2023 & Textbook Download Pdf

With this free JAMB Mathematics Syllabus 2021, candidates will be able to have ideas on the topics that JAMB will set Mathematics questions from. So this JAMB 2021 Mathematics Syllabus is more like your area of concentration.

JAMB Mathematics is all about calculation! Calculation!! Calculation!!! Getting to know the topics that JAMB will set the 2021 Mathematics questions will help you to prepare better for the exam ahead of time.

If you do well to use this mathematics syllabus for JAMB 2021 as your reference material whenever you want to study for the upcoming 2021 JAMB exam, your height of success will be unpredictable.

Like I said, using this syllabus along with the JAMB recommended mathematics textbooks listed below will boost your performance.

JAMB Maths Syllabus and Area of Concentration 2021

To help you better, we have created 7 different JAMB mathematics study materials that will support you more. You can use these materials alongside the syllabus anytime you are studying.

Download JAMB Mathematics Syllabus 2021/2022 Pdf. Hot topics JAMB will set Math questions from +Area of concentration & recommended textbooks

Combining all these materials when doing your studies will help you to cover all the topics that JAMB mathematics questions will be set from listed below.

7 free JAMB mathematics study materials:

Topics That JAMB Mathematics Questions will be set From

These are the topics that 2021 JAMB mathematics questions will be set from. This mathematics syllabus for JAMB 2021 is just a rough listing one.

The complete topics and their breakdown are in the JAMB 2021 Mathematics syllabus PDF format which can be seen and download at the bottom of this page.

Number bases and Operation:

Topics to Cover:

  • Study and know how to convert numbers from one base to another
  • Learn the basic number of bases operations
  • Know how to convert numbers base 10 and vice versa.

Modular Arithmetic: Topics to Cover:

  • Modulo Arithmetic.
  • Addition of modulo arithmetic
  • subtraction of modulo arithmetic
  • multiplication of modulo arithmetic

Basic operations: Topics to Cover

  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Approximations
  • Significant figures.
  • Ratio
  • Proportions
  • Rates

Percentages Operations: Topics to cover

  • Percentage error
  • Profit and loss
  • Interest and lost
  • Discount
  • Commission
  • Simple and compound interest

Indices: Topics to study:

  • Standard form
  • negative indices
  • Fractional indices.

Logarithms: Topics to study

  • Indices and logarithms
  • Rules of logarithms
  • logarithms table
  • Antilogarithms (antilog).

Sequence and Series: Topics to study

  • Patterns
  • A.P
  • G.P

Sets: Topics to read:

  • Universal sets
  • finite set
  • infinite sets
  • subsets
  • empty/null sets
  • Disjoint sets.

Set notation

  • complement
  • Union
  • Intersection

Venn diagrams

Logic and Logical Reasoning: Topics to read:

  • True statements.
  • False statements
  • Truth table
  • Negation of statements
  • Simple statements

Surds: Topics to study:

  • Simplification of surds
  • Rationalization of surds
  • Basic operations of surds

Matrices: Topics to study

  • Matrices
  • Determinants
  • Types of matrices.
  • Identification of order and notation

Basic operations of matrices:

  • Addition of matrices.
  • Subtraction of matrices.
  • Multiplication of matrices.

Financial Arithmetic: Topics to cover:

  • Calculation of depreciation
  • Computation of amortization.
  • Solving Annuities problems

Variation: Important topics to cover

  • Expression of direct variations
  • Application of inverse and partial variations.
  • Solve practical on joint variations.

Algebraic: Topics to cover

  • Factorization
  • Formation of algebraic expressions
  • Solving algebraic expressions problems
  • Evaluating algebraic expressions
  • Expansion
  • Binary Operations

Linear Equations:

  • Linear equations and Simultaneous linear equations

The subject of a Formula

  • Substitution
  • Relation
  • Change of a subject of formula in an equation

Quadratic Equations: Cover the following

  • Study how to solve quadratic equations
  • Know how to form a quadratic equation from a given root.
  • Learn how to apply quadratic equation solutions
  • Quadratic functions
  • Graphs of Linear equation

Explained JAMB Mathematics Syllabus for 2021

Number bases: Study and know how to convert numbers from one base to another, and learn how to solve binary numbers problems.

Fractions, Percentages, Decimals, and Approximations: Read everything on this topic such as significant figures, how to do simple interest calculations, how to calculate percentage errors, know how to calculate profit and loss percent. Other sub-topics under this topic include proportion and rate, ratio, and taxation.

Indices: Know all the laws of indices and how to write numbers in their standard form.

Logarithms: Understand all the laws of logarithm and how to solve problems in logarithm.

Surds: Read everything under this topic.

Sets: Study and know how to solve all set problems and its applications including that of Venn diagrams.

Algebra: Cover this topic effectively and intensively

Polynomials: topics to cover under polynomials includes the change of subject of formula and everything on the factor and remainder theorems

Simultaneous equations: Read everything under Simultaneous equations and how to solve simultaneous equation problems.

Variation: Study about the direct, inverse, joint, and partial variations and the percentage increase and decrease.

Inequalities: Read everything under inequalities and learn how to solve all the problems under this topic.

Progression: Study and solve problems under arithmetic progression (A. P) and geometric progression (G. P)

Matrices: Study everything under matrices and determinants.

Angles and lines: Learn how to construct and identify angles and lines, polygons, etc.

Mensuration: Know all the measurement instruments and their uses and the fundamental measurements and units of area, length, base, height, circumference, diameter, etc.

Loci: Cover as much as you can under this topic.

Geometry and Trigonometry: Read everything under this topic.

Calculus: Topics to cover under Calculus should include maxima & minima, differentiation, integration, rate of change and their Application

Mathematics of data presentation: Candidates should read and learn to solve all problems, and how to present data on a histogram, pie chart, frequency distribution, and bar chart.

Statistics: know how to solve and find the mean, median, and mode of grouped and ungrouped data. Study how to measures and interpret the measurement of location, dispersion, cumulative frequency, deviation, range, mean, standard deviation, and variance.

Probability: Read everything under this topic.

Combination and Permutation: Learn how to solve simple combination and permutation problems.

Download JAMB Mathematics Syllables 2021 in PDF

Recommended Textbooks For JAMB Mathematics 2021

  • A distinction in Mathematics by Adelodun A.
  • Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary by Anyebe, J.
  • New General Mathematics (1-3) by Channon, J., and Co.
  • Further Mathematics by Egbe.
  • Algebra and Calculus by Ibude, S.
  • New School Mathematics by David -Osuagwu, M. et al (2000)
  • Further Mathematics Project (1-3) by Adegun M. and Co.

Study Principles:

  • Go through the entire syllabus thoroughly.
  • Collect related study materials from different sources including textbooks.
  • Visit different websites and textbooks to make contribution studies.
  • Make notes on every topic you read. This will help in various ways.
  • Make important points and remember those points. Also, make sub-points of those main points and store them up.
  • Form Abbreviation for yourself and use them to memorize.

Having too many textbooks around will give you a burden and leave you nowhere. It is advisable to find a solution to all problems you come across. After completing your preparation, try to jot down the important points which you have learned in your practice notebook.

We are hoping that the combination of this free JAMB mathematics syllabus 2021 with the free recommended JAMB 2021 mathematics textbooks and the free 2021 JAMB mathematics study materials listed earlier, all candidates will be able to know the topics that JAMB will set Mathematics questions 2021 from.

And that will help candidates to know their area of concentration which will help them study very well for the upcoming exam.

Feel free to talk to us using the comment box below and do well to share this JAMB mathematic syllables with other candidates you know.

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