JAMB Syllabus for Literature 2021/2022 & Textbooks Download PDF

One of the most reliable materials for the 2021 JAMB candidates who will write Literature as one of their subjects is the JAMB Literature Syllabus for 2021 and the recommended Literature Text/Novel 2021.

If you are one of the JAMB candidates writing this subject, then I will strongly recommend you to make use of this syllabus.

You will be able to Download Pdf the JAMB Literature in English Syllabus 2021 as you read down.

Note: the content on this page covers both the JAMB Literature area of concentration which are the topics that JAMB will set the 2021 Literature questions from and the JAMB recommended Literature Novel/Text 2021.

JAMB Literature Area of Concentration (Topics Questions will be set From)

Below the syllabus shown below is the JAMB Literature recommended textbooks/novels 2021, and other relevant material that will help you to pass the exam.

All the 2021 JAMB Literature questions will be set from the topics contained in the Literature syllabus.

Download free JAMB Literature in English Syllabus and Recommended textbooks

To get a better result and prepare well for 2021 JAMB, I will advise you to use this syllabus along with past questions and answers.

With this JAMB Literature syllabus for 2021, you will be able to get all the relevant information regarding the JAMB literature exam (ranging from the area of concentration to the topics JAMB will set literature questions from).

If you can study effectively with this syllabus, then your result will be a better and impressive one.

So, make use of this syllabus if you want to know the contents of each of the topics in JAMB literature in English, and do well to take short notes anytime you are doing your study.

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Download JAMB Literature in English Syllabus 2021 PDF

Below are the topics that JAMB will set Literature questions from. Please, treat these topics as very important because they are the only reliable Literature Area of concentration to work with.

You will also have access to the recommended JAMB Literature textbooks and Novel as you read down. Also, read to the end to download free JAMB Literature in English Syllabus 2021.

1. Poetry Topics under poetry.

Firstly, study all types of Poetry. The major types of Poetry are blank Verse sonnet, ode, lyrics, elegy, ballad, panegyric, epic, etc.

Also know the basic poetic devices which are the structure, imagery, sound, diction, and persona. Sound as a poetic device include:

  • Rhyme or Rhythm,
  • Repetition,
  • Pun,
  • Onomatopoeia, etc.)

2. Prose

Area of Concentration Under Prose 2021

Start by knowing the different types of Prose. Basically, there are three types of Prose which are fiction, non-fiction, and fiction.

Under fiction, we have sub-topics like novel, novella or novelette and short stories. While for Non-fiction, we have sub-topics like biography, autobiography, memoir, and faction deals basically with the combination of fact & fiction. Also, understand all the narrative techniques in prose and the basic textual Analysis

3. Drama Topics of Focus in Drama

Under Drama, candidates should endeavor to know the different types of dramas (Tragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy, Melodrama, Farce, Opera, etc.) and their definitions.

Secondly, candidates should also know the different techniques drama setting and staging (Characterization, Dialogue, Flashback, Mime, Costume, Music, Dance, Décor & scenery, Acts & Scenes, Soliloquy & aside, and Figures of Speech)

Also, study to know how to Interpret prescribed texts in drama. Know the following contexts (Theme, Plot, Socio-political context, and Setting)

Literary Principles & Literary Appreciation

The basic terms in literary principles are:

  • Foreshadowing,
  • Suspense,
  • Theatre,
  • Monologue,
  • Dialogue,
  • Soliloquy,
  • Symbolism,
  • Protagonist,
  • Antagonist,
  • Figures Of Speech,
  • Satire,
  • Stream of consciousness, also do well to study and take note of all the literary principles

JAMB literature Text for 2021 (Recommended Novels).

Below is the list of the recommended JAMB literature Text (Novels, Dramas, Prose) and so on, for 2021 candidates.

Following the Recent Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) update, the JAMB Recommended Text/Novel for Literature 2021/2022 till 2025 has been updated as follows;

Scroll Left To View Complete Table

Drama Text Text Title Author
1. A midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare
African Drama Text Title Author
1. Let me Die Alone John K. Kargbo
2. The Lion and the Jewel Wole Soyinka
Non-African Drama Text Title Author
1. Look Back in Anger John Osborne
2. Fences August Wilson
African Poetry Text Title Author
1. Black Woman  Leopold Sedar Senghor
2. The Leader and the Led Niyi Osundare
3. The Grieved Lands Agostinho Neto
4. The Song of the Women of my Land Oumar Farouk Sesay
5. Raider of the Treasure Trove Lade Wosornu
6. A Government Driver on his Retirement Onu Chibuike
Non-African Poetry Text Title Author
1. The Good-Morrow John Donne
2. Caged Bird Maya Angelou
3. The Journey of the Magi T.S. Eliot
4. Do not Go Gentle into the Good Night Dylan Thomas
5. Binsey Poplars (Felled 1879) G.M. Hopkins
6. Bat David H. Lawrence
African Prose Text Title Author
1. Second Class Citizen Buchi Emecheta
2. Unexpected Joy at Dawn  (2018 Edition) Alex Agyei-Agyiri
Non-African Prose Text Title Author
1. Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
2. Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte

Free Preparation Materials:

JAMB Literature in English Recommended Textbooks For 2021

  • Naked Soles by Gbemisola
  • The Penguin Book of English Verse by Hayward, J.
  • New Poetry from Africa by Johnson, R.
  • Oxford Anthology of English Literature, Vol. II, by Kermode, F.
  • West African Verse, by Nwoga D.
  • A Selection of African Poetry, by Vincent, T. & Senanu, K. E.
  • Poems of Black Africa by Soyinka, W.


  • A Glossary of Literary Terms, by Abrams, M. H. (4th Edition)
  • Dictionary of Literature, by Emeaba, O. E.
  • Understanding Unseen, by Murphy, M. J.

Others Materials along JAMB Literature-in-English Syllables

Apart from the JAMB Literature syllabus, recommended textbooks and novels, other materials that will help you to score better in this exam are listed below and they can be downloaded for free.

That was the free JAMB Literature in English Syllabus 2021 and area of concentration which the topics that JAMB will set the 2021 Literature questions will come from and all was brought to you by studentmajor.com.

I am sure you have known the topics you should read for your 2021 JAMB Literature-in-English Exam?

If you need more from us, use the comment box below to reach out to us and do well to share this information with other candidates that you know.

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