JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (CBT)

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JAMB Expo For Literature 2021

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Possible Literature-in-English Questions and answers for JAMB 2021

JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers CBT solution expo guide for for 1st 2nd and 3rd batch/set.

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Question one to question four is based on “the Lion and the Jewel” by Wole Soyinka

1. Which of the following characters represented the lion and the jewel in the play?

  1. Sidi and Sadiku
  2. Baroka and Sidi
  3. Lakunle and Sidi
  4. Sadiku and Baroka
  5. Basika and Sidi

The correct answer is B

2. Who made this statement in the play “This is the words of women. At this moment our star sits in the center of the sky. We are supreme”

These words were spoken by

  1. Lakunle
  2. Sidi
  3. Sadiku
  4. Basika
  5. Baroka

The correct answer is C. Sadiku

3. Why is Bala referred to as a fox in the play?

  1. Due to his sexual prowess
  2. Because of his mental prowess
  3. He has a physical prowess
  4. Because of his royalty

The correct answer is A.

4. From the play, Lakunle can best be described as possessing the character trait of being ___

  1. Spontaneous and pompous
  2. Funny and friendly.
  3. Comic and simple.
  4. Absurd and stupid
  5. Bold and decisive

The correct answer is A. Spontaneous and pompous.

Question five is based on “Arms and the Man” by George Bernard Shaw’s.

5. Which of the following phrase best summarizes the main themes in the play?

  1. Love and hatred.
  2. Romantic love and military glory
  3. Peace and heroism
  4. innocence and bravery
  5. Romance and marriage.

The answer is B. Romantic love and military glory. See more solved solutions at the bottom>>>

Topics that JAMB Literature Questions are set from.

There is nothing more to this, if you make use of our JAMB Literature in English questions 2021 provided above and below along with other of our JAMB preparation materials, then you will be able to choose an accurate JAMB literature-in-English answers 2021 to all questions you will come across without waiting for an expo or hopping on JAMB runs websites.

See the topics that the 2021 literature questions are set from here

Quick Hints for you:
Below is quick and accurate hints. The image below is the proper way of handling your computer’s mouse for easy and fast movement.

How to handle JAMB Literature CBT mouse

For example. A simple story with a deeper meaning is called?

A. elegy
B. Ode
C. romance
D. allegory

Select the correct option by dragging your mouse cursor (arrow) to the radio button (the circle) beside the options you want to choose and tick it.

JAMB Past questions and Answers for Literature

Practice more with the following JAMB Past questions and answers for Literature-in-English below from selected Dramas, novels, and prose.

Question 1 and question 2 is based on “Arms and the Man” by George Bernard Shaw’s.

1. The description of Bluntschli’s as “a free citizen” and Raina’s attribute to him “my chocolate cream soldier” reveals his character trait as being _____?

  1. Affectionate and love food
  2. Irresponsible and foodie
  3. Simple but annoying
  4. Natural and strong
  5. Simple and natural

The correct answer is E. Simple and natural

2. Why was Catherine’s portrayed as “a sophisticated lady”?


  1. Of her natural looks
  2. She was a soldier’s wife
  3. She was a businesswoman.
  4. She was a mountain farmer’s wife

The correct answer is A. Of her natural looks.

3. ______ is known as an unrelated incident inserted into a piece of literature work?

  1. digression
  2. prologue
  3. flashback
  4. dream sequence

The correct answer is: A digression

4. Poetry differs from prose fiction because it uses.

  1. rhyme and meter
  2. puns and persona
  3. stanza
  4. injects emotion and sentiment

The correct answer is: C (rhyme and meter)

JAMB Literature Exam Focus and Hints

All the JAMB Literature In English Questions will be set from the following branches of literature: Prose, Poetry, and drama.

For quick help, below are some Jamb Literature in English Hints for you.

Meaning of Literature: Literature can simply be referred to as written works that are considered very good and have lasting importance.

Literature Prose: Prose is a Literature that is written in ordinary language.

Poetry In Literature: Poetry is a Writing in which words are arranged in a rhythmic pattern. Predominantly, sentences are metaphorical.

Fiction: Fiction is literature writing that is imaginary and is not true

Fantasy: Fantasy is a kind of literary work that is produced by the imagination of the writer.

Mystery: Mystery Deals with the solution of a crime

Science Fiction: Set typically in the future or on other planets.

Myth: Ancient stories that usually contain gods and goddesses.

Short Stories: Stories that deal with few characters and concentrate on the mood rather than the plot.

Parables: Teaches moral or spiritual lessons, especially those told by Jesus and recorded in the Bible.

Folktales: Traditional Stories.

Fable: Stories whose main characters are animals and intended to teach lessons.

Fairy: Tale Children’s stories that contain magic or magical creatures.

Tall Tale or Anecdote: Stories that are told in a humorous and exaggerated mean.

Non-Fiction: Events or characters that exist or existed in real life. Opposite of Fiction

Biography: Story of a person’s life written by another person.

Autobiography: Story of a person’s life written by the same person

Essay: Piece of writing that tells a person’s thoughts and opinions about a subject.

Encyclopedia: A reference work that contains information about many subjects.

Textbook: Book about a particular subject that is used for the study.

Magazine: Thin books that contain stories, essays, pictures, etc., that is usually published every week or month.

Brochure: Thin magazine that has many pictures and information about a product, place, etc. Get 2021 JAMB Brochure here.

Newspaper: Set of papers that have news stories, information about local events, advertisements, etc.

Research Report: A reported story that is descriptive about a topic

Atlas: A book of maps

Memoir: written work in which someone describes past experiences

Editorial: Essay in a newspaper or magazine that gives opinions of its editors or publishers

Advertisement: Shown to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement

Lyric Poem: Poems that express deeply personal feelings in a way that is like a song

Simple Lyric: Other Lyric Poetry that does not properly fall into other categories.

Song: Piece of music with words that are sung

Sonnet: Poem made of 14 lines that rhyme in a fixed pattern

Elegy: A sad poem or song for someone who is dead

Ode: A poem in which a person expresses a strong feeling of love or respect for someone or something

Narrative: Something that is narrated

Ballad: Slow song about love

Metrical: Romance Arranged in a rhythmic pattern of beats

Epic: A Poem that tells the story of a hero’s adventures

Dramatic: Something that is sudden and extreme

Soliloquy: A long speech that a character in a play makes to an audience that reveals the character’s thoughts

Character: A short and terse description of characters in a story

Comedy: Something that is made for the purpose to make people laugh

Tragedy: An event that causes great sadness.

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