JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (CBT)

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JAMB Literature in English Exam papers

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Free JAMB Literature Exam (CBT) Solution 2021

We created this page for JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021 (CBT) Solutions so as to help our candidates with solutions to the following Queries:

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Free JAMB Literature in English Exam solutions

See How To Score 300 in 2021 Jamb

JAMB Literature-in-English CBT Exam Tutorial 2021

Ever wondered how to write this JAMB Literature in English CBT Exam and come out with a good grade?

If your Answers is yes, then here is the best JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021 Solution I will ever recommend to any JAMB Candidate.

Pls take note: Before you can succeed in this JAMB Literature in English Exam, you must understand how the UTME Computer Based Test (CBT) works.

How to Write JAMB Literature in English Exam and Pass without Expo

Like I said before, this tutorial today is for the candidates that are looking for JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021 (CBT) Solutions.

Please, I will advise you to take your time and follow this step by step guide because it will really help you to pass this JAMB Literature in English Exam.

JAMB Literature in English Expos 2021/2021

Below are the best JAMB Literature in English Expos that will help you get your JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (CBT) Solutions without Expo.

First thing to do immediately you get to your JAMB CBT Centre – First Step:

The first most compulsory thing you must do when you get to your JAMB centre is to do your Biometric verification.

This is called “thumb printing” to verify your bio data. The invigilators or supervisors will guide you on how and where to do this.

JAMB Literature Exam papers

Download Jamb CBT Practice App

How to Start Answering your JAMB Questions? – Second Step:

Immediately after your biometric verification, you have to move to the main Exam Hall where your Computer is already set.

At there, you will have to enter your JAMB registration Number in the space provided on the screen to login.

The First thing you will see when you tab on “Login will be the Exam’s instructions. At this point, you need to tab on Start Exam. Once you tab on that, your exam will automatically start.

At this point, you will be able to see your subjects, questions and options to pick from.

How Many Questions will you have to answer during JAMB Exam? – Third Step:

You answer 180 questions all together. You have 60 Questions for Use of English & 40 Questions each for the other three subjects.

JAMB Exam Time – Fourth Step:

You have just 2 hours (120 Minutes) to answer all the given 180 questions.

When Does Your Exam Time Start Counting? – Fifth Step:

Your JAMB Exam time starts counting immediately you have tabbed on the “START EXAM.”


How to know your Exam Spent and Remaining time – Sixth Step:

Your Exam spent and remaining time will be shown counting on your computer screen during the exam.

What will happen if you fail to submit your Exam before your exam Time Finishes? – Seventh Step:

If you are unable to finish your exam or submit it before the given time, then your system will automatically submit all the questions you have answered already and log you out by itself.

How can you Change or Edit an Answer Selected already? – Eighth Step:

If you discover any mistake in your option selection during the exam, then can change or edit it by going back to that question and then select your new option.

Can someone skip any JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers and Them Later? – Ninth Step:

Exactly. You are free to skip any JAMB Literature in English Question and Answer and answer them later before the end of your exam.

 What “to bring” and “not to bring” to your JAMB Exam Center/ Hall? – Tenth Step:

All JAMB Candidates including you are to come to the Exam Center/Hall with “only” your Exam Slip (Your print out slip). This Slip is needed for Verification of your passport, exam center/Venue, Date, time and bio data.

Candidates should never come with Calculator, Phones, bags or any other material that is not needed for the Exam. Calculators will be provided on the screen of Your Computer.

When should you expect your JAMB Result after This Exam? – Eleventh Step:

Originally, it takes about 2 or 3 days to see and receive your JAMB Result notification. In some cases, this may be prolonged especially when JAMB want to take time to review all CBT Centers conducts from their CCTV Camera before they will release the results.

All released results will be sent to candidates via SMS, Emails or you can check yours via JAMB Result portal.

How to Finish JAMB Literature Exam with your Computer in less than 1 Hour.

1: Put the heel of your hand on the table where your mouse is placed and then hold the mouse in-between your thumb and the ring finger.
2: Your index finger should be on the left button of the mouse.
3: Use your Mouse to Move the tip of the arrow onto the screen. The arrow will act as pointing finger on the Exam’s computer screen.
4: Drag the mouse arrow to any question (it will turn to a pointing finger) and use to click on the radio buttons beside the options to select your answer (option).
Example: simple story with a deeper meaning is called?
A. elegy
B. Ode
C. romance
D. allegory
You select one of the best answers by dragging your Mouse arrow to the Radio button beside the options and click on your desired option.

General JAMB Literature in English Expos 2021

Below are some important expo hints on the pattern and where Jamb Literature Questions will come from.

For a better view on the topics that Jamb Literature will be set from, then refer to JAMB Literature syllabus here.

JAMB Literature Exam Focus.

All the Jamb Literature In English Questions will be set from the following branches of literature:

Prose, Poetry and drama.

For a quick help, below are some Jamb Literature in English Hints for you.

Meaning of Literature:

Literature can simply be referred to written works that are considered very good and have lasting importance.

Literature Prose

Prose is a Literature that is written in ordinary language.

Poetry In Literature

Poetry is a Writing in which words are arranged in a rhythmic pattern. Predominantly, sentences are metaphorical.


Fiction is a literature writing that is imaginary and is not true


Fantasy is a kind of literature work that is produced by the imagination of the writer.


Mystery Deals with the solution of a crime

Science Fiction:

Set typically in the future or on other planets.


Ancient stories that usually contains gods and goddesses.

Short Stories:

Stories that deals with few characters and concentrate on the mood rather than the plot.


Teaches moral or spiritual lessons, especially those told by Jesus and recorded in the Bible.


Traditional Stories.


Stories which main characters are animals and intended to teach lessons.


Tale Children’s stories that contains magic or magical creatures.

Tall Tale or Anecdote:

Stories that are told in a humorous and exaggerated mean.


Events or characters that exists or existed in real life. Opposite of Fiction


Story of a person’s life written by another person.


Story of a person’s life written by the same person


Piece of writing that tells a person’s thoughts and opinions about a subject.


A reference work that contains information about many subjects.


Book about a particular subject that is used for study.


Thin book that contains stories, essays, pictures, etc., that is usually published every week or month.


Thin magazine that has many pictures and information about a product, place, etc.


Set of paper that have news stories, information about local events, advertisement, etc.

Research Report:

Reported story that is descriptive about a topic


A book of maps


written work in which someone describe past experiences


Essay in a newspaper or magazine that gives opinons of its editors or publishers

Shown to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement

Lyric Poem:

Poems that expresses deep personal feelings in a way that is like a song

Simple Lyric:

Other Lyric Poetry that does not properly fall into other categories.


Piece of music with words that are sung


Poem made of 14 lines that rhyme in a fixed pattern


A sad poem or song for someone who is dead


A poem in which a person expresses a strong feeling of love or respect for someone or something


Something that is narrated


Slow song about love


Romance Arranged in a rhythmic pattern of beats


Poem that tells the story of a hero’s adventures


Something that is sudden and extreme


A long speech that a character in a play makes to an audience that reveals the character’s thoughts


A short and terse description of characters in a story


Something that is made for the purpose to make people laugh


An event that causes great sadness

Easy way to Answer JAMB Literature in English Questions using Computer keyboard only.

Don’t allow the dragging of mouse to waste your time.Below are simple Computer short cut Keys that you can use to answer your JAMB Literature in English Questions without mouse.The eight keyboard shortcuts keys you can use to answers JAMB Literature in English Questions without mouse are:
Button ABCDPNS and R.
  • A: Press the button A if you want to choose option A as your correct option.
  • B: Press the button B if you want to choose option B as your correct option.
  • C: Press the button C if you want to choose option C as your correct option.
  • D: Press the button D if you want to choose option D as your correct option
  • P: Press the button P if you want to go to your previous question.
  • N: Press the button N if you want to go to your next question.
  • S: If you finish answering the Questions and wish to submit, then you can simply Press the S button on your keyboard to submit your it.
  • R: Press the button R if you want to reverse or undo your Work.

How to Predict Correct JAMB Literature in English Answers 2021

Before I begin, below are some awesome tips for Success in Jamb 2021 CBT (Computer- based exam):

  • There is no point in wasting time when you get to any question that you are not familiar with. Just Proceed to another questions.
  • It is advisable to attempt the questions you are familiar with first before proceeding to attempt more difficult advance and difficult questions so as to help you save time.
  • Sometimes, two options may look right. So be very careful in choosing any option when two options are alike. This kind of questions are usually set to test candidate’s abilities to  know if they actually know what they are doing.
  • If you are writing subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and any other calculative subject, then you should endeavor to always look at the S.I Unit before choosing any option.
  • Question from “use of English comprehension passages” requires answers from the reading passages. So  make sure you read the passage first then read the questions and proceed to picking the answer base on what you read on the passages.
  • Make an educative guess:If it seems there is no more option for you, it is better to make an educated guess for any question you don’t have answers to instead of wasting your whole time on it
  • Pay attention to these words like:“ notsometimesalways, and never”. Answers that contain words like “always” must be irrefutable.
  • Answering questions with “All of the above” and “None of the above”: When you encounter “All of the above” and “None of the above” options, then it is advisable not to select “All of the above” if you are not very sure that any of the answers provided is incorrect. Same is applicable to Questions with   “None of the above” options. Don’t always choose options with “none of the above” If you are not very sure if any of the answer options is correct.
  • Let your guess be based on a positive option.In several occasions, positive options are usually true if there are no negative ones attached.
  • The Correct Option always carry an information Relating to the Question (sometimes contain a phrase from the question”… the better.It has been observed that the correct answer always contain more relating information than the other options that may not be correct. This is a very good hint for you when guessing an answer.

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