JAMB Commerce Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Today Batches Expo

We have the possible JAMB Commerce questions and the correct JAMB Commerce Answers 2021 to the possible questions for (first, second, and third batch) candidates writing their exam today.

This material will give you insight into the JAMB Commerce Questions and answers 2021 and the possible expo solutions for all the batches writing their exam today.

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Pactice JAMB Questions and Answers for Commerce 2021

2021 JAMB Commerce Answers to Practice Expo Questions: Firstly, let’s start with the necessary practice JAMB 2021 Commerce questions and answers for this paper.

Below are sample questions to practice with. Each question has its own correct answer at the bottom of the options.

JAMB Commerce Questions and Answers Solutions guide for first (1st), second & third Batch (2nd & 3rd set) free correct expo.

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1. Which of this is not a commercial occupation?

A. Trading
B. Banking
C. Advertising
D. Warehousing
E. Politics

The answer is E. Politics. So drag your mouse pointer to option E, and tap on the radio button beside it to select E as your answer.

2. International trade is divided into_____, _____ & _____, except?

  1. Export
  2. Import
  3. Intrapot
  4. Entrepot

The answer is C. Intrapot

3. Which of these is not a function of commerce?

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Risk bearing
  3. Exchange of goods and services
  4. Provide raw materials
  5. Increase in standard of living

The answer D. Provide raw materials

4. _____ is security and protection against loss.

  1. Commerce
  2. Warehousing
  3. Insurance
  4. Marketing
  5. Profit

The answer is C. Insurance

5. Which of the following is not a type of industrial occupation?

  1. Industrial occupation
  2. Constructive occupation
  3. Manufacturing occupation
  4. Extractive occupation.

The answer is A. Industrial occupation

6. Service occupations are sometimes classified as _______?

  1. Tertiary occupation
  2. Secondary occupation
  3. Primary occupation
  4. White-collar job
  5. Trade occupation

The answer is A. Tertiary occupation

7. A hypermarket is____?

  1. An international market
  2. Large supermarket
  3. Medium supermarket
  4. A local market
  5. A market in the city.

The answer is B. Large supermarket

8. The following are documents involved in the transportation of goods, except

  1. Consignment note.
  2. Air waybill
  3. Bill of landing
  4. Delivery note
  5. Container

The correct answer is E. Container

9. Which of this is not a commercial course

  1. Banking and finance
  2. Insurance
  3. Business-economist
  4. Marketing
  5. Economics

The correct answer is C. Business-economist

10. Which of this is not a principle of management?

  1. Span of control
  2. Division of labor
  3. Unity of direction
  4. Sales of goods
  5. Scalar chain

The answer is D. Sales of goods

Helpful Preparatory materials for JAMB Commerce

JAMB Past Questions and Answers for Commerce Exam practice

Practice more with the JAMB Commerce past questions and answers below and make sure you take proper notes of them because they may likely appear in this exam.

Free JAMB Commerce expo on past questions and answers

Download JAMB Syllabus for Commerce 

1. The two forms of promotions are ____and ___?

  1. Consumer and trade promotions
  2. Premium and discount promotions
  3. Special and premium promotions
  4. Trade and premium promotions
  5. Publicity and trade promotions

The correct answer is A. Consumer and trade promotions.

2. “SPAN OF CONTROL” is also known as _______?

  1. Managerial span
  2. Subordinates control
  3. Span of management
  4. Business span.

The correct answer is C. Span of management

3. The transformation of raw materials into finished products is an example of ___?

  1. Primary products
  2. Secondary products
  3. Direct products
  4. Tertiary products
  5. Consumers products

The correct answer is B. Secondary products

4. Which of the following is a function of a department store ____?

  1. The offering of a wide variety of goods
  2. Sell on “cash on the delivery basis”
  3. Selling only household products
  4. Can only sell one type of product at a time
  5. Engaging a few lines of business

The answer is A. Offering of a wide variety of goods

5. The following influences the choice of a means of transport, except _____?

  1. Value of goods
  2. Distance
  3. Urgency
  4. Weather condition
  5. Brand of vehicle.

The answer is E. Brand of vehicle.

6. The rate at which a country’s currency is converted into another country’s currency is known as ____?

  1. Conversion rate
  2. Converting rate
  3. Exchange rate
  4. Bank rate
  5. Terms of trade

The correct answer is C. Exchange rate

7. Which of these requires acceptance before it can be valid?

  1. Bill of exchange
  2. Letter of credit
  3. Promissory note
  4. Cheque
  5. Way-bill

The answer is A. Bill of exchange.

8. Hull insurance covers?

  1. Non-payment of freight
  2. Damage to the body of the ship
  3. Injury to the crew of the ship
  4. Damage to the cargo
  5. The goods in a ship

The answer is B. Damage to the body of the ship

9. The four factors of production include the following, except ____?

  1. Capital
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Land
  4. Price
  5. Labour

The answer is D. Price.

10. The following are the functions a wholesaler performs to the manufacturers, except ____?

  1. Suggesting price for products
  2. Financing
  3. Information dissemination.
  4. Bulk breaking
  5. Market research

The answer is A. Suggesting price for products

General JAMB Commerce Expos and Area of Concentration 2021

Below are the hints topics where JAMB 2020 Commerce questions are set from… Use them as an expo to discover the topics you should be reading.

You can see the detailed topics which JAMB will set commerce 2021 questions from in the commerce syllabus for 2021 JAMB here.

Introduction To Commerce: Questions from this topic will be focusing on the Meaning, the scope, the functions, and the History of Commerce.

Occupations: You will be tested with questions that are related to types of occupation, direct & indirect Services, Production, and industrialization.

Similarly, you see questions on factors of occupation, relationship b/w production and exchange, primary, secondary and tertiary production…

Business Questions: Business questions will require you to know the objectives of a business. Know the Forms of Business Units which are:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Public and Private Limited Liability Companies,
  • Public Enterprises
  • Cooperative Societies;

Formation, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of the businesses;

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