JAMB Syllabus for Biology 2022/2023 & Textbooks Download in Pdf

Here is where you will get the free JAMB biology syllabus 2021 for free. This will be the best option for all JAMB candidates that will write biology as one of their subjects.

If you follow what you are about to read properly, then I assure you of a JAMB score from 250 and above.

What will you benefit from this?

As you go through this page, you will be able to get the ideas and insights into the topics that JAMB will set biology questions from and the JAMB biology area of concentration for 2021.

Other helpful information will be on the JAMB recommended textbooks for biology. Apart from that, you will also be able to download other free JAMB practice materials that you can use along with the syllabus for a better result.

Topics that JAMB will set Biology Questions From?

The JAMB biology syllabus 2021 gives a better insight into the topics that JAMB will set biology questions from. So from the 2021 JAMB biology syllabus, you will get the basic JAMB biology topics that you should read.

Download JAMB Biology Syllabus 2021/2022 Pdf with topics JAMB will set Biology questions from, Area of concentration and recommended textbook

Now, the question is what topics should you read for the JAMB biology exam?

Below are the topics that you read for your JAMB biology exam. There are topics that JAMB will set the 2021 JAMB biology exam from and they are topics in the JAMB 2021 biology syllabus as seen in the JAMB 2021 brochure.

OBJECTIVES OF BIOLOGY: Definition, and branches

1. Living organisms: Cell structure

  • Level of organization
  • Cell
  • Tissue
  • Organ
  • Systems
  • Organisms
  • Functionalities, behaviors, adaptations, and Structure of organisms.

2. Evolution:

  • Monera
  • Protista
  • Fungi
  • Plantae
  • Animalia (Invertebrates, and vertebrates)
  • Pisces
  • Amphibia
  • Reptilia
  • Aves
  • Mammalia
  • Flowering plant

3. Nutrition (modes, and types of nutrition), classes of food, food tests, and nutrition process, etc.

4. Photosynthesis (Chlorophyll)

5. Transport in Body System: Including the functions, channels, and materials needed for transportation.

6. Excretory System

Free 2021 JAMB Preparation Materials

7. Circulatory system:

  • Heart
  • Arteries
  • veins
  • capillaries
  • Plant vascular system

8. Respiratory System and organs, their types, and functions.

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration

9. Mechanism of gaseous exchange:

  • Plants
  • Mammals

10. Excretory System: Types, functions, structures, products, and mechanisms (Kidneys, lungs, skin)

11. Skeleton (types & functions)

12. Sense Organs and their functions:

  • skin
  • nose
  • tongue
  • eye
  • ear

13. Reproduction: Read everything about reproduction in Animals, plants, and other Micro-organisms.

14. Growth: Read everything on growth in animal and plants

15. Co-ordination and control (Nervous System)

  • Impulses
  • central nervous system;
  • peripheral nervous systems;
  • Reflex action

16. Hormones: Study all the hormones in animals and plants and their functions.

17. Ecology (Ecosystem): Read everything on this topic including carbon, water and nitrogen cycles

18. Habitats:

  • Aquatic
  • Terrestrial

19. Vegetation:

  • Tropical rainforest
  • Guinea savanna
  • Sudan Savanna
  • Desert
  • Highlands
  • Forests and
  • Grasslands

20. Population density

21. Adaptation: Read everything on this topic:

22. Soil: Study all the types of soils, and their structures and fertility

23. Diseases: Study everything about diseases and infections including their mode of transmission, systems, and prevention methods including STDs.

24. Pollution: Note the types of pollutions, the pollutant sources, types, and how to control them.

25. Natural Resources & Conservation

26. Heredity And Variations (The structures and applications)

  • Variation In Population
  • DNA
  • Heredity traits
  • Physiological variation

27. Evolution: Know the theories of evolution, including Lamarck’s, Darwin’s, Organic theories.

JAMB biology recommended textbooks for the 2021 exam.

Now that you have gotten the idea of the JAMB biology topics to read from the JAMB biology syllabus for 2021 above, the next option is to choose the textbooks that will give you deep insight and comprehensive knowledge of each of the topics above.

According to the JAMB brochure, below are the most trusted and recommended textbooks for the JAMB biology exam. U

se them to study and do well to scroll down to see other free materials you should use along with these textbooks when preparing for your JAMB 2021 biology exam and that will help you to score at least 250 or 300 and above in this 2021 JAMB exam.

  • Senior Secondary School Biology 1-3 by Ndu, Aina J. and Co.
  • Essentials of Biology by Odunfa, S.
  • Biology for Senior Secondary School Biology 1 -3 by Ogunniyi and Co.
  • Modern Biology, SS Science Series by Ramalingam.
  • (Revised Edition) Biology for Senior Secondary Schools by Stan.
  • The Biology for West African Schools by Stone R. and Co.
  • Handbook of practical Biology by Usua, E.

JAMB Biology Area of Concentration

Your area of concentration should be on the topics listed above. But to help you perform better, you also use the following free JAMB Biology preparation materials when studying for your exam to help boost your performance in the exam.

Download free JAMB Biology syllables for 2021

Download JAMB 2021 biology syllabus PDF. Use this JAMB biology syllabus 2021 effectively with other materials listed above and do well to jot out points as you study so that you can use them as references when doing your summary. Download the free JAMB Biology syllabus for 2021.

Please, don’t joke about your exam. If you fail to score high and meet the JAMB cut-off mark of your school, then you will end up doing a JAMB change of institution or course which might make you go for a choice you never planned for.

Finally, try testing yourself with some past questions to see how better you can attempt questions and how good or bad you are doing.

Create room for more studies and pray to God daily for success. Feel free to share your questions and thoughts using the comment box below.

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