JAMB Agric Science Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (CBT)

This is a quick JAMB Agric Science Questions and Answers 2021 expo for first, second, and Third batch writing their exam today. Please keep this for yourself if you are one of the candidates writing this exam today.

Please note: The JAMB Agricultural Science Questions 2021 differs per each candidate and each set. This simply means that your questions and that of your neighbor will not be the same, neither will that of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd sets (morning, afternoon, and evening batch) be the same.

So be careful of the JAMB Agric Science Expo questions you get to avoid getting answers that are not yours. Below is an example of how the JAMB Agric questions will appear on your exam screen:

Food for animals is simply known as _____?

A. Fodder
B. Hay
C. Straw
D. Silage
Free JAMB Agricultural Science Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (CBT) Expo solution guide for first, second & third batch with past questions
Simply drag your mouse arrow to the radio button beside the options (and it will turn to a pointing finger), then tick on your desired option.

JAMB Agricultural Science Answers 2021 Expo Runz

JAMB Expo runs site had been making a lot of promises to 2021 JAMB candidates, promising of sending them their correct JAMB Agric Science Questions and Answers 2021 before the exam. But check it out yourself, where will they get this question and how will they know the questions that are yours.

Be wise and never fall a victim. Instead of relying on JAMB Agric Science Expo, I will advise you to see the materials below and I bet you, you will score nothing less than your expectations.

Free JAMB Agric Science Exam materials:

2021 JAMB Agric Sample and possible Questions  2021 and Answers

Now, these are some JAMB 2021 Agric Sample questions for 2021. The questions are JAMB possible Questions for Agric Science.

1. Which of these is the commonly practiced agriculture in Nigeria?

  1. Commercial agriculture
  2. Subsistence agriculture
  3. Farming agriculture
  4. Animal agriculture
  5. Crop agriculture

The correct answer is B.

2. The rearing of livestock and crops on the same piece of farmland is known as:

  1. Animal farming
  2. Animal-crop farming
  3. Mixed farming
  4. Crop-animal Farming
  5. Combination of farming

The correct answer is C

3. Planting of more the one type of crop on the same piece of farmland is known as?

  1. Mixed farming
  2. Multiple cropping
  3. Mixed cropping
  4. Mono-cropping
  5. Multi-cropping

The correct answer is C

4. The meat obtained from Goat _____?

  1. Pork meat
  2. Chevon
  3. Mutton
  4. Beef

The correct answer is B

5. ____ is the meat obtained from sheep?

  1. Pork meat
  2. Chevon
  3. Mutton
  4. Beef

The correct answer is B

6. Which of the following is the meat obtained from pig_____?

  1. Pork meat
  2. Chevon
  3. Mutton
  4. Beef

The correct answer is A

7. Which of these best defines weathering?

  1. The gradual disintegration of rock
  2. Formation of rock
  3. Molten magma
  4. Eruption of rock

The correct answer is A

8. Which of this farm practice is common in the northern region of Nigeria

  1. Irrigation
  2. Drainage
  3. Bush burning
  4. Mixed farming

The correct answer is A

9. One of the benefits of bush following is____?

  1. Boosting of yield
  2. Regain of soil nutrients
  3. Testing of soils outcomes
  4. Makes tilling essay during plantation.

The correct answer is B

10. Which of this is commonly practiced by subsistence farmers

  1. Crop rotation.
  2. Bush fallowing
  3. Mono-cropping
  4. Mixed-cropping

The correct answer is D

See more 2021 JAMB Agric science Sample and possible Questions from the past questions below.

JAMB 2021 Agric Science Past Questions.

Here is the JAMB agric past questions and answers that candidates should make use of when studying for their exam.

1. Aquaculture is the study of

  1. Aquatic life
  2. Fish only
  3. Living things
  4. Reptiles

2. A botanist is a person that studies about_____?

  1. Animals
  2. Plants
  3. Living organisms
  4. Cells

3. Zoology is the study of_____?

  1. Life
  2. Animals
  3. Plants
  4. Human body

4. Which of this is the primary function of the skeleton?

  1. Housing
  2. Support
  3. Beauty
  4. Weight

5. Human respiratory organs include the following, except___?

  1. Lung
  2. Pharynx
  3. Arteries
  4. Trachea

6. Which of this organ regulates sugar in the body

  1. Pancreas
  2. Lungs
  3. Oesophagus
  4. Veins

7. The following are the benefits of Agriculture except?

  1. Food
  2. Raw materials
  3. Esthetics
  4. Income
  5. Employment

8. Which of the following is not a problem of agriculture in Nigeria

  1. Capital
  2. Consumers
  3. Education
  4. Machines

9. All of the below agricultural products are commonly gotten fro the northern part of Nigeria, except

  1. Onions
  2. Beans
  3. Potatoes
  4. Cocoa

10. A crop that completes its life cycle (from germination to yield and death) within two years is known as ____?

  1. Annual
  2. Bianniel
  3. Perenial
  4. Dicotyldon

Kindly use this material effectively. Although there is not the actual JAMB Agric Science Questions 2021 you were looking for, following the layout guide above will give you a better insight on how to get free JAMB 2021 agric answers 2021 for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd sets and batch writing their exam on daily basis.

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