Is Energy a Good Career Path

Is Energy a Good Career Path
Is Energy a Good Career Path
Is Energy a Good Career Path
Is Energy a Good Career Path

Are you contemplating choosing a career in energy and wondering whether energy is a good career path? Your worries have come to an end as I will be answering the question “Is Energy a Good Career Path?” in this article. 

So is energy a good career path? 

Yes. Energy involves studying and utilizing renewable and non-renewable sources, which is a profitable career with immense prospects. 

Choosing a career path can be the most challenging decision you will have to make, especially as a young adult. Some people are fortunate to make the right decision early in life and follow-through, while others never seem to find the career they are passionate about.

It gets much more difficult these days, seeing that there is a pool of options to choose from. This complicates the decision-making process and makes a choice tougher, especially with job trends coming and going. 

In this article, I will be showing you what a career in the energy field entails, benefits, and job opportunities in the sector. You can then decide if this path suits your interest and skillsets.

Why Energy is a Good Career Path?

There are several beautiful reasons why I believe energy is a good career path. You will be doing yourself a world of good if you consider joining a career path in energy. Some of the benefits of pursuing a career in energy include:

  1. Future relevance
  2. Career options to choose from
  3. Opportunity to work abroad
  4. Energy experts are in high demand
  5. It is a lucrative career option

Future relevance 

One fascinating thing about the energy sector and its careers is its enduring relevance. Although forms of energy can lose relevance, as seen in the oil and gas sub-sector, which has begun to lose relevance as better, cleaner renewable energy sources are being exploited today. The energy sector cannot go extinct as long as the human race exists.

Career options to choose from

The various renewable and non-renewable energy forms are responsible for the vast number of career options available in the energy sector. These days, solar energy careers are flooding the energy space. Solar PV installers and engineering technicians are in high demand and will still be in a decade to come. 

Opportunity to work abroad

The highest employers of energy engineers and technicians globally are multinationals. This automatically means that your next job in the energy sector is high-paying with juicy benefits.

Energy experts are in high demand.

The need for sustainable energy keeps energy experts in high demand. Also, the diverse forms of energy and their peculiarities make available various open job roles for those in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recognizes that energy jobs such as Wind turbine service technicians and solar PV installers rank second and fifth in the top twenty occupations with the highest projected percentage increase in demand within the next decade.

It is a lucrative career option.

Energy staff gets good remuneration packages alongside other benefits. There are also so many opportunities to exploit within the field. Renewable energies such as solar and wind have gained popularity and public support recently, creating some of the best-paying jobs in animation.

Top 15 high paying jobs in the Energy sector [Watch Video]

Knowing that energy is a good career path, these are some of the high paying jobs in the sector:

  1. Materials engineer
  2. Atmospheric scientist
  3. Chemical engineer
  4. Petroleum engineer
  5. Aspects of Energy
  6. Architectural manager
  7. Environmental engineer
  8. The power plant operator, distributor, and dispatcher
  9. Nuclear technician
  10. Drilling supervisors
  11. Wind Farm Site Manager
  12. Green construction Manager
  13. Solar project developer
  14. Solar power plant operator
  15. Renewable energy consultant


Are energy jobs in demand?

Absolutely! Energy jobs are in high demand. Despite the series of changing energy policies, clean energy such as wind and solar have become a big source of employment.

Is renewable energy a good career choice?

As renewable energy gains political and public favor, it has become a great potential for jobs now and in the future. There are numerous job opportunities to exploit here as well. 

What careers deal with energy?

All careers with the mainstream, non-renewable energy, and renewable sectors comprise the available career options. A few examples include nuclear engineers, mechanical engineers, Industrial machinery technicians, Gas plant operators, Electronics engineers, Solar PV installers, Power plant operators, etc.

Is energy engineering a good career choice?

It is a great career choice as there is a demand for energy engineers, especially in the face of global warming and the need to reduce the amount of energy consumed

What are the best career options for Energy Engineers?

The best career options for energy engineers include green building engineers, energy systems engineers, and alternative/renewable energy engineers.

What opportunities are available for an energy career?

Some of the biggest energy companies in the world are the largest employers of energy engineers and technicians. There are almost no small energy firms as they are capital intensive and require high-level expertise to function optimally.


It seems like I went ahead of myself to explain why energy is a good career path. Well, now you have it – some information on the Energy field to help you make the best career decision. Consider that you need to choose between the mainstream and the unorthodox energy sub-sectors, depending on your interests, preferred learning path, and skillset.

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