How to Write an Application Letter to a Nursery and Primary School

how to write an application letter to a nursery and primary school

How to Write an Application Letter to a Nursery and Primary School – Most nursery and primary school teachers are required to work with children of the age of 3 through 5 to about 11 or 12 years old and they help these children in developing their basic abilities and social skills. The work activities and daily routine of a typical nursery and primary school teacher include creating lesson plans, giving children different learning opportunities, reporting their actions to their respective parents, supervision of children works/actions , and organizing the activities done by these children.
An excellent Nursery and Primary School Teacher cover letter is expected to boldly highlight some or majority of these skills and traits as they are needed to strive teaching small children; early childhood development experience, being patience and having a caring personality, you should be creative and have supervisory skills. Usually, bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education may be needed.

How to Write an Application Letter to a Nursery and Primary School

If you are drafting an application letter to apply for a teaching job in a primary or nursery school, then you are encouraged to read through this guide:

1. Start the letter by writing your address, contact information, and date.

When you Begin to writing your application letter for a teaching job to work at a nursery or primary school, you must first your address and contact information as that will be what your recruiters will use in communicating with you. With these contact details, it will be more easier for employers to reach out to your candidacy if you are qualified. So make sure to include your contact details and address in the application letter.

For clarity sake, your contact details together with your contact address should look like this when you are writing the application letter:

39 Eastland Lane,
Maryland Estates,
14th April 2023.

You should also also add the school’s address after your own address. And make sure that it appears like this in your application letter:

Peter Pauls,
Head Teacher / College Administrator,
Solid Base International School.
Ikorodu, Lagos.

2. The letter should be addressed to the right recruiter

You are expected to address your application letter to the main person who will be processing your applications when you are applying to get a teaching job in Nigeria. It is much recommended that you directly address the right person in your application letter rather than using phrases like “Hiring manager” or the popular one “to whom it may concern”.

Prior to submitting your application, should have done some research to learn about the right person that you should actually address your application letter to. You can get this done by simply visiting the school’s website to learn more about the right person that you should address. You can also use the “contact us” menu to get in contact with the school to find out the officer who is in charge of recruitment.

3. Introduce yourself briefly in the 1st paragraph and you should let them know where you got the notice of job vacancy.

Begin the introduction of your application letter by letting them know about you. You can begin by letting them know about where you got the job advertisement notice, then go ahead to talk about why you wish to get the position.
Also, let them know what makes you the best candidate who is well suited for the position. You may also add details about yourself that would let the recruiter have deeper understanding of your candidacy and let them know how you fit into the organization.

4. Let them know about your education status & other certifications that will make you the most outstanding candidate for the job.

Teaching is a well reputable profession, and as such the educational qualification that is required and the certifications will help you in determining if you would secure the job. Every recruiter needs to hire a teacher who is well qualified to teach their student, and also anyone that is to teach should be certified .

5. Talk about any experience that you have had in teaching and the achievements that you have gained in the industry so far.

When it comes to securing job to teach in any primary or nursery school, your experience is highly regarded. which may include your teaching experience . All these details must be provided to your application letter which will be given to the employer as it provides ideas of your expertise in teaching.

6. You are to include your teaching techniques & values.

It is perfect that you specify how you will like to teach, and let them know about the values you should comply with as a nursery and primary school teacher. This shows more about who you are as a child educator. You should also let them know about the details on how you have set the value which you should abide by when you teach students.

7. You are to conclude with a positive ending sentence.

It is perfect that you end your letter politely and they should be positive enough. This should show your appreciatory words to the reader for choosing you for a role.

Example of an Application Letter Template For a Nursery and Primary School Teacher

[Candidate’s name]
[Candidate’s phone number]
[Candidate’s email address]
[Date of Application]

[Recipient’s name]
[Recipient’s title]
[The Institution name]
[Recipient’s address]

Dear [Recipient’s name],

[In the start-up paragraph, let them know about where you got the job vacancy notice, you should also explain the job you’re applying to secure and plainly give the reasons why you’re interested in it. Summarize your reasons for being the most suitable person for the job]

[In the application letter second paragraph, let them know about your educational background and link this qualifications to the role you are applying for.]

[In the following paragraph (third paragraph), inform them about any relevant work experience (or experiences) that you have had.]

[In the fourth paragraph, let them know about your teaching style to describe how it could fit in with the recruiting school, then you can show a little detail about your personality].

Your concluding sentence can come this way ” I appreciate your consideration for this position, and I look forward to hearing from you concerning any further details on the role. I am glad to provide answers to any extra questions and clarification which you may have”

[Candidate’s name]
[Candidate’s email address]
[Candidate’s phone number]


If you want to write an application letter for a teaching job, first start by including your address, contact information, and date making sure that you are addressing the letter to the right person. You should also introduce yourself in the beginning paragraph and don’t forget to talk about where you got information on the job vacancy, talk about your educational qualifications and other certifications that may make you the most qualified person for the job. Also let them know about your experience in teaching and all the achievements that you have attained so far in the industry and in relevant fields. Note that you should conclude with a positive closing sentence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an application letter for a nursery?

Review the job posting.

Create a header.

Write an introduction.

Describe your education and experience.

Include your most important skills.

Conclude your cover letter.

Proofread and edit the document.

How do I write a simple application for teaching?

Address it to a specific person.

Open with a summary.

Outline your education.

Highlight previous work experience.

Describe your teaching style and values.

Include a polite and optimistic closing

What are 5 personality traits of a good teacher?




Active Listening.

Lifelong Learning.

Free of Bias.

What are the 4 categories of teachers?

Reporter, Expert, Mentor, Role Model

What should I do as a first time teacher?

Stay caught up.

Never underestimate the efficacy of an exit pass.

Make friends fast.

Get comfortable with data


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