How to Write an Application Letter to a Bakery in Nigeria

How to write an application letter to a bakery in Nigeria

How to Write an Application Letter to a Bakery in Nigeria- An effective application letter to a bakery can significantly increase your chances of securing your desired job of working at a Bakery. The typical job duties and responsibilities of baker includes mixing of ingredients, cutting and molding of the baking dough, putting and arrangement of dough in pans, setting the oven temperature, decorating and designing the baked goods, applying icing, storage of baking utensils, keeping to the food safety standards while working, replenishing the supply chain, packaging as well as displaying items.

To get your employer’s attention, your application letter is expected to show that hiring your candidacy for the job will be of benefit to the bakery business and you have no opportunity to express yourself more than with your application letter. Here is how to write and structure an application letter to a bakery in Nigeria;

Here is How to Write an Application Letter to a Bakery in Nigeria

1. Let them know about your passion for baking

When writing an application letter for possible employment into a bakery position in a Nigerian Bakery industry, it is highly recommended that you demonstrate your passion for baking and of course your love for the culinary arts. When writing, make use of phrases like “I love to bake” & “I am so much passionate about baking” as this will show your level of enthusiasm for the job.
You should also mention some of the cooking and baking skills that you have acquired including: Dexterity, Good eye-hand coordination, Creativity, Team working skills, Problem-solving orientation, Attention to details, excellent numeracy skills, Stamina and resilience and lastly customer service abilities

2. Talk about an interesting experience you had in baking

Employers are always ready to learn that you have the experience as well as the skills that are required to do the job. When explaining your experience in baking, try as much as possible to list the types of baked goods you can make, as well as other kinds of special techniques that you know how to utilize. If you happened to gain any awards or any form of certifications that are related to baking, try as much as possible to mention them in your application letter.

3. Focus your letter to the job description

The most reliable way to make sure your application letter is meant for a specific job (and this time for a bakery job) you should pay close attention to the details of the job that was advertised. For instance, if you read that an entry-level bakery worker opening is in need of workers with two years of experience in one type of cuisine and with 5 year’s of experience in another type, then try as much as possible to show any relevant experience you have in the areas specified.
If there are any other extra requirements or skills that was required for that job, also let them know on your application letter; this will help make it much more clearer on how you can meet the company’s needs.

4. Proofread your application letter

Proofreading your application letter is the first thing you should do to land an interview opportunity for a bakery worker position . To get a position, it is very necessary to spell-check and double-check your application letter to make sure that there are no errors left in your application letter. If not, you may risk being disqualified even before your recruiter sees your qualifications.

Sample Application Letter to a Bakery

Cherry Zack
5286 6th Street
Sheldon, N 786
(+234) 333-1201
June 15, 2023

Mr. Tambuwal Izogie
Hiring Manager
The Don Bakery
9th Ezegi Street Lagos

Dear Mr. Tambuwal

I am delighted to work as Baker for The Don Directory as my skills & qualifications perfectly suits your job description almost exactly. I offer great knowledge of: greeting customers and answering to their questions, taking orders as well as processing payments, providing exceptional customer service, measuring and combining baking ingredients, make use of blenders, heat sources, as well as mixers to produce baked goods, such as cookies, cakes, & bread. I also have top-notch knowledge and skills in decorating and displaying pastries, cakes, & other bakery products, testing baking ingredients and finished goods, make sure that each item is in accordance with the food safety and quality control regulations. I am good at managing inventory, as well as production levels, cleaning and restocking workstations, sanitizing every equipment as well as preparing for the next shift.

Owing to my driven passion and zeal for baking, I am highly optimistic that you will find my candidacy as a good contender for the job. I will be in touch with your office to seek for any convenient time to attend your interview. If you are in need of any additional details, please contact me at (+234) 333-1201.
Thanks for your time and possible consideration.
Cherry Zack


In applying to secure any job in Nigeria, an employer may be very much interested in what you have acquired as opposed to your achievements. Most employers do not mind employing people who are at the entry levels so long as they are able to present themselves excellently through their application letter. Let your potential employers believe that you are the best choice for the job by presenting them with an application letter that is well-written and well-organized and you should add your necessary qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you say when applying to a bakery?

I am delighted to work as Baker for The Don Directory as my skills & qualifications perfectly suits your job description almost exactly.

How do I write a cover letter for a bakery?

Provide your reachable contact information.

Introduce yourself in the start up paragraph.

Draft a second paragraph with experience & qualifications.

Write a concluding paragraph to express gratitude. …

Review for spelling, grammar, & tone.

Write concisely.

Note a mutual connection

How do I start a mini bakery business?

Pick a bakery format. There are multiple bakery formats that you can select from.

Write down your business plan.

Find the best location.

Get the appropriate licenses as well as establishment permits. …

Register for taxes and get an EIN.

Brand your bakery.

Separate your business finances.

What skills do you need to be a baker?

knowledge of food production methods.

the ability to work well with your hands.

to be thorough and pay attention to detail.

the ability to work well with others.

maths knowledge.

excellent verbal communication skills.

Is baking a hard career?

Baking as a career path is a physically demanding work no . You will have to stand for long hours and you may probably be busy with your hands non stop

How much do pastry chefs make in Nigeria?

NGN 165,000
The estimated additional salary is up to NGN 30,000 on a monthly basis.

Which course is best for baking?

Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts with specialisation in Bakery & Pastry Art Management, BVoc in Bakery and Cookery etc. Majority of the popular institutions of higher learning are offering only Diploma and Certificate courses to aspirants in the field of Bakery and Confectionery.

What is a professional baker called?

“Baker” as a title can stand to be an entry-level job position. But when it comes to “pastry chef”, it is a title that comes with more experience and is accompanied with a more managerial role.


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